Larian’s Massive Co-Op RPG, Divinity: Original Sin, Launches

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After a successful million-dollar crowdfunding campaign and several months of rigorous play on Steam Early Access, Larian Studios is excited to officially launch its biggest and best role-playing game to date, Divinity: Original Sin. Available now for just $39.99, Divinity: Original Sin delivers just about everything you could ever want in an RPG, including co-operative play, turn-based combat, deep character creation, crafting, the ability to talk to animals, an extensive adventure editor and… well, just watch the Feature Trailer to see it all.

About Divinity: Original Sin
Divinity: Original Sin goes back to the roots of memorable and beloved cRPGs, featuring isometric, party-based gameplay; turn-based combat; gripping dialogues; choice and consequence; enthralling story; profound character and party development; a big interactive world filled with characters and items; free exploration… There is one main goal, and how you get there is completely up to you. Of course, everything is more fun with a friend and so is Original Sin: drop-in, drop-out multiplayer takes care of that, both online and locally.

Key features

Become part of a reactive, living and open world. Explore diverse environments, find myriad creatures and tons of desirable items.
Experience gripping, party and turn-based combat. Manipulate the environment and use skill & spell combos.
Play in co-op multiplayer and engage in co-op dialogues. Shape your relationships with your partner that will influence the game.
Unravel a deep and epic story, set in the early days of Rivellon. Taking place well before Divine Divinity and The Dragon Knight Saga, Divinity: Original Sin presents you with a familiar world in another era.
Classless system lets you shape your character any way you want. Endless item interaction and combinations take things to another level of freedom.
Create your own adventures and share them online. With Original Sin you’ll get the powerful Divinity Engine Toolkit used by the game’s designers, along with the Cow Simulator 2014 mod.

Celtic Heroes: Android Expansion – Carrowmore Tunnels

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The number 1 ranked FREE MMO on GooglePlay; 3D MMO Celtic Heroes launches the next expansion on Android


Glasgow, June 2014 – Today, One Thumb Mobile is pleased to announce the newest free expansion for Celtic Heroes on Android is ready for download. Carrowmore Tunnels, is the second section of the vast cave system that players have started exploring in the previous expansion of Fingal’s Cave.

Home to some of the strangest and most fearsome creatures in Celtic Heroes, including the reptilian Boggan tribes, the enormous Gloom Trolls, and the barbaric Firbolg, Carrowmore Tunnels brings an array of fresh and exciting new quests, in addition to the fabled Dragon Lord armour set.

Carrowmore Tunnels will also allow players to band together against the ferocious raid dragon; Mordris. Mordris has slept in her lair for countless years, but now she has awoken and her presence has caused the Boggan, Trolls and Firbolg to prepare for battle once more.

Paul Simon, Executive Producer at One Thumb Mobile speaking about the Carrowmore Tunnels Update explains: “The team has been hard at work bringing the remaining game assets over to our new Destiny Engine and Carrowmore Tunnels is the last big piece of that puzzle with more than 70 levels of gameplay and end game content. In addition, the update also includes audio improvements to our player skills and a new offerwall for players to earn free premium currency.

“After release, the team will continue to polish the game experience, test our migration plan and prepare for release of the Destiny Engine on iOS.

“We’ve been flooded with amazing feedback on our recent Shadows over Beltane event and we’re planning another small update in July with a series of rare bosses, improving quests and raid boss loot in addition to a few other surprises that we can’t speak about just yet!”

Celtic Heroes is a vast and challenging free mobile 3D massively multiplayer online game. Players can choose from five customisable character classes, each with a unique arsenal of skills, and journey through the lands of Dal Riata, working together with other mobile gamers from around the world in their quests to become true Celtic Heroes.
Celtic Heroes is FREE to download on Android and iOS devices.

Please find assets here.
For further information please visit
About One Thumb Mobile
Founded in 2006, One Thumb Mobile is a pioneer in the mobile entertainment market. The company has developed mobile games and apps for some of the world’s largest companies and license holders including Visa, Honda, Nissan, Liverpool FC, Star Trek and Telefonica.
Based in the heart of Glasgow, One Thumb Mobile has specialised in the most technically challenging projects, from sports-based apps, real-time location-aware social networks and real money online gambling games, to large-scale massively multiplayer games and promotional apps for global brands.
The company is now fully focused on creating massively multiplayer online games for mobiles and tablets, with the 3D MMORPG Celtic Heroes, available on iOS and Android devices, as its current flagship title.
Set in a mythical Celtic world, Celtic Heroes challenges thousands of online players to work together to battle fearsome enemies and experience the magic and excitement of Celtic lore and legend.
Find out more on the One Thumb Mobile website:


About Unity:
Unity is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content; easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing community.

AuraLab announce the funding launch of Karma

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24 June 2014 – Moscow, Russia – AuraLab today is thrilled to announce the launch of their IndieGoGo campaign for the surreal and psychedelic game – Karma. Incarnation 1.

Karma. Incarnation 1 is a classical point-and-click adventure jam-packed with original humour and brain-bending puzzles. The game tells the story of a creature named Pip who is incarnated in the form of a cute-yet-brutal worm, living in a truly surrealistic world.

Being naive and not knowing much about this reality, Pip is willing to talk to flowers and stones just as much as he is ready to swallow whole another representative of local fauna.

Get ready for a psychedelic tale of good and evil driven by the laws of Karma.

‘We have finished pre-production of Karma and have completed a huge percentage of development already, we’ve a lot of final conceptual art done and working prototype but we still have an incredible amount of work to do – animations, programming and testing,’ said Andrey Sharapov – CEO of AuraLab, ‘Being a small indie studio we would like to stay independent and as such we’re not funded by a publisher or investor, so we’re looking to crowdfunding to help support the development!’

AuraLab strongly believe in the principles of karma and would like to help make the world a better place. With this belief, the team is confident that good deeds make the world respond in kind..

The team decided that part of the revenue from sales of the game will be donated to the wildlife rescue fund WWF, to help save endangered species and fund research.
About the game:

No text dialogue whatsoever!
Alternative ways of progressing through quests: by being good or evil, the player opens additional storylines as they progress!
The main character changes his appearance depending on the path he’s chosen and key characters react on his looks differently. This too opens alternative story lines that make playing through game again and again fun in different ways
This opens alternative storylines, thus making playing through the game again and again fun in many ways
Astral vision – Pip, the main character, can see through his inner eye – it’s a special ability which allows him to perceive the spirit world at any moment of the game.
Within this astral plane he’ll find additional creatures and actually hints on how to sucessfully complete the quests
Unique & original sound track by Zmeiraduga band.
About AuraLab

AuraLab is a small indie team of industry professionals in game development, producing, game design, animation and visual arts.

Each member of the team (except the musicians) have previous experience at major game-development studios. We have formed AuraLab to create and release Karma – a true indie adventure which we have all dreamed of creating.

Developers Interview (IGG video) –
Cartoon (Karma 1 series) – video with developers commentary (IGG video) –
Cartoon (Karma 1 series) –

Galaxy Run Adds a Marathon of Fun – Update Adds Nine Free New Levels Daily

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Update Adds Nine Free New Levels Daily

NEW YORK – Jan. 21, 2014 – Like an interstellar marathon runner, Spiel Studios does not want the Galaxy Run to stop, so the developer has delivered a free update that adds nine new levels daily to the iOS single-screen auto-runner.

Each of the three Galaxy Run worlds –, Perseus (Deep Space), Drak-Nok (Desert Planet) and Aquarian (Blue World) — will receive three new levels every day.  Players access them via the bonus section that unlocks when the player completes that particular world, which adds hours of play onto the already available 360 levels.

“The response to Galaxy Run has been overwhelming; the title has received great feedback from the players and has a passionate fan base across all age groups” Mohit Sureka, CEO, Spiel Studios, said.  “Our community expressed a desire for more content, so we decided to go above and beyond their expectations and deliver more content daily. The players will be able to download new levels directly from our servers, everyday!”

Spiel Studios is also developing a level editor through which players can create and share their own designed levels and build a community. The Level Editor will be released later this year.

Galaxy Run can be downloaded at the App Store.

To learn more about Spiel Studios, please visit


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Inspired Platformer Reimagines Classic Monsters and Retro Gameplay Bringing Old-School Challenge to New-School Players

Edison, NJ – October 22, 2013 – Midnight City, the recently founded indie label of Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of games for the mass market, is proud to announce Scientifically Proven’s Blood of the Werewolf will be slashing its way onto Steam (PC) on October 28. Classic 2D platforming partnered with a stylistic reimagining of horror’s most iconic creatures and monsters provides an old-school challenge with new-school flair.

Developed as an homage to the hardcore platformers of yesteryear, Blood of the Werewolf harkens back to a time where perseverance and dedication were the hallmark traits of arcade and console players; a time when games dished out unrelenting savagery on player characters, but were met by the stalwart resolve of an entire generation. Blood of the Werewolf focuses on the precision, memorization and timing aspects of games that have taken the back seat for far too long. Simply put, Blood of the Werewolf seeks to put the “game” back in video games with challenging gameplay and rewarding results in the quest for mastery.

Blood of the Werewolf centers on Selena, a woman leading a dual life as a loving wife/mother and one of the last werewolves alive. Her husband murdered, her child kidnapped, Selena sets out with nothing more than a crossbow and a thirst for vengeance. Traverse ten exciting levels and five boss battles as you seek out your son, held captive by the one and only Dracula. Experience dynamic gameplay using Selena’s crossbow to thwart enemies from a distance, while bringing the fight up close and personal in werewolf form – instantly transforming by the light of a full moon. Full air controls add to precision jumps – with a special double jump for werewolves only. Fully upgradeable weapons and hundreds of hidden collectables await you along your journey. Discover ancient talismans to unlock the true power and potential of your werewolf abilities. Online leaderboards track your best time, number of deaths and level ranks to support bragging rights and competition with friends. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for fireflies; they often lead to special hidden surprises!

Blood of the Werewolf is rated T and will release on Steam for PC via digital download on October 28, 2013 for $9.99.

Blood of the Werewolf is also planned for console release in Q1 2014.

For more on Blood of the Werewolf, please visit our Steam page:
For more information, please visit our website:
For more on Scientifically Proven, please visit: and follow @BotWerewolf for updates.


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BURLINGAME, Calif. – SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 – Tecmo Koei America is proud to announce a number of exciting titles currently under development for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the PlayStation®Vita handheld system, and slated for release in the first months of 2014.

Following a ground breaking success in Japan where its current sales stand well over the 400,000 mark, an impressive feat for an original IP, Toukiden: the Age of Demons is now being localized for release in North America for the PlayStation®Vita handheld system.

In Toukiden, players can customize characters, weapons and armor and form a group of hunters to take down the destructive Oni- demons of varying strength and size who have invaded the world through cracks in space and time. This visually stunning game boasts an extensive character creation mode, six non-player characters beautifully designed by Atelier Ayesha artist Hidari, and six different weapon types, each of which can be forged and upgraded to the player’s preferences. Toukiden: The Age of Demons, is set against a backdrop inspired by various historical periods of Japan, while it also features 200 characters based on both fictional and historical Japanese figures, whose souls help players strengthen their team and defeat their enemies. To keep updated on Toukiden: The Age of Demons news please follow us on:

The latest instalment in the long-loved Atelier series, Atelier Escha & Logy™: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, is a direct sequel to Atelier Ayesha™: The Alchemist of Dusk and will be released in North America in early 2014 for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

For the first time on PlayStation®3, Atelier series players can choose if they will follow the story of Escha or Logy, a novelty that offers a unique story perspective and gameplay experience. Escha’s story is a delightful tale of the everyday adventures of an alchemist that Atelier series’ fans love, whereas Logy’s story follows a darker approach filled with traditional RPG elements and focused on world exploration. Stay up to date with Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky on

From the producer of Fatal Frame comes the re-imagining of the classic Tecmo title ‘Tecmo’s Deception’, first released in 1996 on the PlayStation®. The Deception series uniquely focuses in giving players a taste of what it’s like to play on the side of evil by using a wide variety of imaginative traps to exact revenge on their adversaries.

Deception IV: Blood Ties is being developed for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the PlayStation®Vita handheld system and is, much like its predecessors, a strategy focused action series where players control a main character that defeats enemies by luring them into imaginative traps. For more news on Deception IV: Blood Ties please follow us on


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Fueled by a strong start for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and the continued strength of games such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Nintendo 3DS™ finished August as the best-selling video game system in the U.S. for the fourth consecutive month. More than 6.47 million units of Nintendo 3DS software have been sold so far in 2013, an increase of nearly 30 percent over the same time frame last year.
Other highlights for August include:

- Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for Nintendo 3DS launched on Aug. 11 and sold nearly 190,000 combined physical and digital units.

- Pikmin3 for Wii U™ launched on Aug. 4 and sold more than 115,000 combined physical and digital units.

- New Super Luigi U™ for Wii U launched in stores on Aug. 25, after two months as a digital-only download, and has now sold nearly 120,000 combined units.

- So far in 2013, nine Nintendo 3DS games have sold at least 250,000 combined physical and digital units. These include:




Launch Date

2013 Sales

Lifetime Sales

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon


863,000 units


Animal Crossing: New Leaf


739,000 units


New Super Mario Bros. 2


406,000 units

1.85 million units

Fire Emblem Awakening


390,000 units


Mario Kart 7


352,000 units

2.84 million units

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity


298,000 units


Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D


268,000 units


Super Mario 3D Land


265,000 units

2.86 million units

LEGO® City Undercover: The Chase Begins


264,000 units





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This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo eShop on Wii U™
Pokémon Rumble U – Battle your way through enemies and experience an epic adventure. The world of Pokémon Rumble U is split into several areas with fearsome bosses. Get ready to take on multiple battle stages using all 649 Pokémon as you progress through each area – you’ll have to be victorious in each one to continue. You can also purchase Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figures to help you on your journey. NFC Figures can be scanned using the Wii U GamePad controller to receive in-game Pokémon. NFC Figures are optional and sold separately. They are not required to complete the game. Visit for more details.

Rayman® Legends – Conquer a new platforming adventure in the biggest Rayman® game ever created. Use the Wii U GamePad to take out enemies, manipulate platforms and cut ropes to clear a path. Rayman Legends is available on Sept. 3.

Virtual Console™ on Wii U
The Legend of Zelda – It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this. In The Legend of Zelda, the original masterpiece that started it all, help Link™ collect the captured pieces of the Triforce, rescue the princess and thwart Ganon’s evil plans.

Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS™
Wario Land3 – Smash, bash and crash your way through more than two dozen gigantic levels in search of hidden keys, treasures and mystical music boxes. Become Fat Wario, Zombie Wario, Vampire Wario and other zany forms. Seek out the 100 treasures to reveal secrets, open new levels and power up Wario with even more abilities.

Nintendo eShop Sale
BIT.TRIP SAGABIT.TRIP SAGA, the Nintendo 3DS game that morphs all six BIT.TRIP games into one, is on sale for a limited time starting Sept. 1. Experience the challenge of the rhythmic galaxies through the head of CommanderVideo, and ride along with him as he completes his mission and returns home. Download the game at a discounted price of $4.99 until 9 a.m. PT on Sept. 15.

To view this week’s Nintendo Download in its full graphical version, please visit:

In addition to video games available at retail stores, Nintendo also offers a variety of content that people can download directly to their systems. Nintendo adds new titles weekly to the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U system as well as the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL systems, to the Nintendo DSi™ Shop for the Nintendo DSi system and to the Wii™ Shop Channel for the Wii console.

The Nintendo eShop is a cash-based service and features games, applications and videos. Users can add money to their account balance by using a credit card or by purchasing a Nintendo Prepaid Card at a retail store and entering the code from the card. All funds from one card must be redeemed in either the Wii U eShop or the Nintendo 3DS eShop, respectively. They are not transferable and cannot be divided between the two systems.

The Wii Shop Channel offers games and applications and uses Wii Points™, which can be purchased via the Wii Shop Channel. The Nintendo DSi Shop offers games and applications and uses Nintendo DSi Points™, which can be purchased in the Nintendo DSi Shop. A Wii Points Card™ and Nintendo DSi Points Card™ can be purchased at retail locations. All points from one card must be redeemed in either the Wii Shop Channel or the Nintendo DSi Shop, respectively. They are not transferable and cannot be divided between the two systems.

Remember that Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo DSi feature parental controls that let adults manage some of the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit,, or



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The Series’ Debut on Nintendo 3DS Offers More To Do Than Ever Before

REDMOND, Wash., June 6, 2013 – The gates of Animal Crossing: New Leaf will open when the game launches for the Nintendo 3DS system on June 9, inviting residents to move in and, in a series first, become mayors of their own personalized towns. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is based on the real-world calendar – no two days in the game are the same – and includes features new to the series like customizing specific pieces of furniture, visiting a tropical island, swimming in the ocean and even sharing personalized homes with friends.

“Residents of Animal Crossing have never had it so good,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “With a host of new features and a game that changes every day, players will find themselves visiting Animal Crossing: New Leaf for a long, long time.”

A Mayor’s Life

As mayors of their towns, players make decisions that will directly affect how their towns grow and function. Players can set ordinances, such as keeping their shops open later if they find themselves playing the game mostly at night, and also select public works projects to build, including bridges, benches, streetlamps and clocks. In addition to being mayor, players are also residents, and can earn money to spend at local businesses on Main Street, get to know their neighbors and collect myriad items like insects, fish, fossils and fruit, some of which can be donated to the town museum for visitors to admire.

Once players get accustomed to their new life in the town, Tortimer, the town’s former mayor, will visit and invite them to the tropical island where he now lives. The tropical island is a new feature in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that lets players search for unique items and take mini-vacations with up to three other friends who also own the game. While visiting the island, they can participate in a tour featuring a fun mini-game. They can even rent a wetsuit and dive into the ocean to catch underwater creatures or just leisurely swim around and enjoy the sights.

More to Customize, More to Share, More to Discover

Animal Crossing: New Leaf expands on the remarkably deep customization that fans love. Like previous Animal Crossing games, players can customize almost everything in the game, including their homes’ interior design and clothes, as well as patterns for clothing, wallpaper and carpets. But in this game, players can also adjust the specific look of thousands of individual pieces of furniture, including new types of wall items like clocks, shelves and lamps, and decorate the exterior of their houses with new mailboxes, doors, façades and stepping stones. Players can even create custom fashion designs at the Able Sisters’ Tailor that can be turned into QR Code patterns to be shared with others. The amount of customizable options is nearly endless.

Players can play locally with other Animal Crossing: New Leaf fans who also own the game, share Friend Codes to travel to other players’ towns, go on a tropical island tour via a wireless broadband Internet connection with friends or up to three other random players from all over the world, or tag fellow players using the StreetPass feature to add their personalized houses to the Happy Home Showcase.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is constantly evolving and changing. Certain items can only be found at a certain time of day, and certain events can only be experienced during special in-game holidays on the calendar. There’s something new to do every day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Also releasing on June 9 is a special Nintendo 3DS XL system featuring designs from Animal Crossing: New Leaf that comes pre-installed with the new game, which is perfect for players who want to check on their bustling towns without having to carry around a Game Card. The charming system will retail for a suggested retail price of $219.99.

For more information about Animal Crossing: New Leaf, visit

Remember that Nintendo 3DS features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit

About Nintendo: The worldwide pioneer in the creation of interactive entertainment, Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, manufactures and markets hardware and software for its Wii U™ and Wii™ home consoles, and Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo DS™ families of portable systems. Since 1983, when it launched the Nintendo Entertainment System™, Nintendo has sold more than 4.1 billion video games and more than 654 million hardware units globally, including the current-generation Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, as well as the Game Boy™, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi™ and Nintendo DSi XL™, Super NES™, Nintendo 64™, Nintendo GameCube™ and Wii systems. It has also created industry icons that have become well-known, household names such as Mario™, Donkey Kong™, Metroid™, Zelda™ and Pokémon™. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo’s operations in the Western Hemisphere. For more information about Nintendo, please visit the company’s website at


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Team NINJA today revealed new information for NINJA GAIDEN® SIGMA 2 PLUS, the highly anticipated sequel to its PlayStation®Vita launch title that will be available on February 26, 2013. Faster, bloodier, and more beautiful than ever, NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 PLUS brings the legendary action franchise to new heights with a deep cast, new costumes and weapons, exciting boss battles, and the introduction of the Hero play style that will give Ryu Hayabusa an edge in every fight. While gamers eagerly await the game’s arrival in stores, Team NINJA is sharing new images and information on characters, bosses, costumes, weapons, and gameplay to take players deeper into the ultimate ninja experience.

The addition of the popular “Hero” play-style first featured in NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA PLUS gives every player a chance to play like a hero. With this mode selected, Hayabusa will get temporary advantages when his health runs low, including auto-block, auto-evade, increased damage, and a higher chance to dismember enemies, allowing gamers the chance to turn around a tough situation without interrupting the fast-paced action.

NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 PLUS features a strong cast of characters, led by Ryu Hayabusa:
Ryu Hayabusa: A young ninja of the Hayabusa Clan, Hayabusa is forced to face off with his long-standing rivals, the Black Spider Ninja Clan to prevent the resurrection of the Archfiend.
Momiji: The last Dragon Shrine Maiden and an elder sister figure to the children of Hayabusa Village. In addition to her ceremonial duties, she has trained to the rank of a full-fledged kunoichi.
Sonia: The alias of a CIA secret agent who attempts to track down Hayabusa to warn him of the plot to resurrect the Archfiend.
Muramasa: A legendary master swordsmith and the owner of Muramasa’s Weapons and Tools, Muramasa also owns an antique shop in Sky City Tokyo.
Elizébet, Ruler of Blood: The Queen of the Greater Fiends is deeply connected to the Black Spider Ninja Clan and works with Genshin on his schemes.
Dagra Dai: This evil priest was originally a human philosopher who underwent a horrific transformation to become the Archfiend’s Infernal High Priest.

Players can look forward to a variety of memorable boss battles in the game. Team NINJA today unveiled images of the following pantheon of villainous bosses:
Genshin: The enemy of the Hayabusa clan has joined causes with Elizébet, Queen of the Greater Fiends, in his quest to take out Hayabusa and his father.
Alexei, Ruler of Lightning: One of the Four Greater Fiend Lords, he smites enemies with lightning-fast shocks and charges. Players should focus on evading his attacks before counterattacking.
Volf, Ruler of Storms: Another Greater Fiend Lord, this lycanthrope werewolf’s immense strength means most of his attacks cannot be blocked. Players should jump or evade attacks and go in for damage as he recovers.
Zedonius, Ruler of Flame: This Greater Fiend Lord attacks Hayabusa with high-damage hellfire and relentless close-range attacks. The key to beating him is reading his next move carefully.
Black Dragon: After losing to Hayabusa once before, the massive Black Dragon is summoned by Elizébet to exact its vengeance with a devastating variety of attacks.

To face this murderous array of bosses, Hayabusa will employ an arsenal of deadly weapons. The legendary Dragon Sword is his most trusted weapon, providing deadly attacks and combos even at Level 1. The nunchuck-like Vigoorian Flail mercilessly assaults all enemies within reach, the Kusari-gama gives players a far-reaching weapon, and the Eclipse Scythe can slice through surrounding enemies with immense swings. The other playable characters are also well equipped, from Ayane’s Fuma Kodachi short swords to Momiji’s Heavenly Dragon Naginata and Rachel’s Inferno Hammer.

NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 PLUS brings the most intense, action-packed ninja adventure to PS Vita with stunning graphics, new modes, and plenty of blood. In the game, iconic super ninja Ryu Hayabusa returns to the Sigma series to battle from Tokyo to New York as players encounters vicious enemies while building an awesome arsenal of ninja weaponry. The action lights up the Vita’s impressive OLED screen with upgraded graphics and the game features an all-star cast with signature characters from previous installments. An intuitive control system uses the PS Vita’s front and rear touch screens and motion controls to give players full control, and the game features all the costumes from the PlayStation 3 version of the game as well as new outfits.

NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 PLUS is developed by Team NINJA and published by Tecmo Koei. The game has been rated “M” (Mature) by the ESRB and will be available for an MSRP of $39.99 (USD).

For more news about Team NINJA, visit, and don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @TeamNINJAStudio.

TECMO KOEI AMERICA CORP. is a publisher of interactive entertainment software for current generation consoles, handhelds and digital download content based in Burlingame, California. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of TECMO KOEI HOLDINGS CO., LTD., headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. TECMO is best known for the Dead or Alive®, Ninja Gaiden®, Tecmo Bowl®, and Fatal Frame® series. KOEI is best known for its Dynasty Warriors® and Samurai Warriors® franchises. On April 1, 2009, TECMO KOEI HOLDINGS CO., LTD was established as a result of the TECMO, LTD. and KOEI Co., Ltd. merger.

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