(Book) “The Lost Fountain” by Peter Sacco – What If A Centuries’ Old Legend Is The Basis For A Miracle Cure – Will This Twelve-Year Old Pass The Test Of Faith?

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Houston, TX, October 20, 2011 – Do you believe in miracles? What if a miracle was the only thing that could save your younger brother’s life? Such was the dilemma for Noah, a 12 year-old boy whose faith is put to the test. And because he believed he was the cause of his brother’s illness, he embarks on a mission determined to find the cure. Peter Sacco’s latest book, The Lost Fountain (Inkwater Press) is a beautiful tale of adventure, mystery and hope that is a must read for young adults.

Noah’s brother is inflicted with Progeria; an extremely rare, fatal genetic condition whose symptoms cause early aging and premature death. There was no way that Noah caused it, but he is bound and determined to be the one to find the cure. Together with his two friends the three set out to find the fabled Fountain of Youth – believing that if they find it, they will be able to turn back time and save Noah’s brother.

A beautiful story that is both inspirational and uplifting, The Lost Fountain is divided into four parts; beginning with why Noah believes he caused his brother’s disease and the not-so-clear direction he takes to identify his sense of guilt and remorse for believing he is the cause. Readers then get to share in the thrills and adventures that Noah and his friends encounter on their physical and emotional journey to find the Fountain of Youth and, finally, the perfect resolution he makes with his family, friends – and himself.

When the boys set out on their adventure, they have the ghost of Ponce de Leon on their side; the Spanish explorer who was originally associated with the legend of the Fountain of Youth. What they don’t know is that they are in a race to find the fountain with a greedy and unscrupulous archeologist who is hot on their trail.

The Lost Fountain is a beautifully uplifting story of hope and faith with inspiring messages of goodness for today’s children and youth.

Peter Sacco’s qualifications blend real-life lessons with fantasy in this children’s story. As well as a talented author, he is a psychology professor who lectures at universities in both the U.S. and Canada. He knows first-hand the affect this debilitating disease can have on a family. While the book does a superb job of teaching children empathy for childhood diseases, it also brings much-needed awareness to the disease itself. In fact, the author is generously donating one-half of the royalties from his book to the Progeria Research Foundation of America. Of note is that Sacco’s story is based on an actual young boy who suffers with Progeria and who happens to be the nephew of Audrey Gordon, Esq., the president and executive director of this outstanding foundation.

Peter Sacco is a regular resident expert on several television programs and was the host of Mental Health Matters for two years. He is the author of many international, popular-selling books. He was the former Editor-in-Chief of Vices: The Magazine for Addictions, Habits and Well-Being, and author of over 500 magazine articles. Peter is a recipient of the Award of Excellence in Teaching and is an in-demand lecturer who specializes in relationships, criminal psychology, addictions and mental health.

Peter is currently working with a co-author on a series of books involving Noah and his friends and their discoveries of historical, ancient and lost sites that educators have praised as “Indiana Jones for Kids meets a Spiritual Harry Potter!” Please visit this talented writer at his website: