Tragedy for Dennis Trillo’s friend during vacation in Boracay

September 10, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

In an article featured on the Philippine Entertainment Portal, on Tuesday, September 8, tragedy hit Dennis Trillo as his friend dies during a vacation at Boracay.

Actor Dennis Trillo’s good friend Jollybee “JB” Borbajo, an entertainment road manager joined Dennis at a trip to Boracay.  A place that Dennis had wanted to visit and vacation for a long time.

With an event for Discovery Shores inviting Dennis Trillo, the actor was overjoyed to go to work in the area but also have fun with friends.  The group went to an area called Station I, a rock formation on the shore.  But with overcast, they didn’t expect so much heavy rain but the area had heavy rain and big waves.

JB slipped from the rock and fell in the water, Dennis jumped to save him and grabbed on to his friend who needed help.  But they were separated in the water and were pounded near the rocky formations cutting Dennis Trillo near the waist while JB hit his head.

Both were moved back up onto safer ground and Dennis tried to revive his friend but the damage JB suffered to the head was too great.

According to the article, when a friend of Dennis was asked of how he was doing, he has only spoken twice about the incident and is distraught and shocked.  According to friend of Dennis, “He was crying all the while I was talking to him.  He was crying and he was asking why it happened… He had a lot of questions.  He is confused because they were all having fun and all having a good time.  It was his first time in Boracay and to have a vacation in Boracay and he’s always look forward to going there.”