m.o.v.e – DIVE INTO STREAM (a J!-ENT WORLD GROOVE CD Single Review)

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“m.o.v.e returns to their synth pop, electronica roots with another ‘Initial D’ related theme song for their 29th CD single ‘DIVE INTO STREAM.’”

ARTIST: m.o.v.e


LABEL: avex tune

CATALOG #:  AVCT-30129


RELEASE DATE: July 2, 2008


  3. 蒼穹のflight
  4. DIVE INTO STREAM (Instrumental)
  5. KEEP ON MOVIN’ (Instrumental)
  6. 蒼穹のflight (Instrumental)

The pop trio m.o.v.e and the manga/anime series “Initial D” has a long history together as music of m.o.v.e has been featured on the anime and video game series based on street racing and drifting.

m.o.v.e’s 1998 CD single “around the world” (their second CD single) was used as a theme for the anime series and from that point on, seven more songs would be used as an opening or ending theme for “Initial D” and ten years later, they are back with another theme but this time for the Playstation 3 video game “Initial D: EXTREME STAGE”.

This CD single returns the group to their original roots by featuring more synth-based electronica pop courtesy of member t. Kimura, rap by Motsu and vocals by Yuri.

“DIVE INTO STREAM” features that original style captured by songs such as “around the world” or even “DOGFIGHT” with the fast synth-based music and fast uptempo beat.

The coupling track “KEEP ON MOVIN'” is another upbeat track, vocally almost like a ballad that incorporates more synth-based music but almost in a ballad style way, t-kimura utilizes an electric piano style of playing in the background.  Overall a cool track!

The second coupling track “蒼穹のflight” is another song reminiscent of their past works.  Upbeat, synth-based and utilizing electric guitar.

The CD single features the lyrics to the tracks and a mini-flyer that contains information on other m.o.v.e recent releases.

Fans of m.o.v.e, especially their original style of music and fans of “Initial D” will no doubt enjoy this CD single.  It’s full of that synth pop, high-energy music that you would expect from an “Initial D” related song.

For me, the song was alright.  It didn’t hook me like “DOGFIGHT”, “Blazin’ Beat”, “Gamble Rumble” or even “around the world” has done, where I simply fell in love with the balance of the music, Yuri’s vocals and Motsu’s hip hop.  Everything just melded together right.  It’s not that “DIVING INTO STREAM” didn’t, I just found it good, not great.  But I really did enjoy the musical arrangement for “DIVE INTO STREAM” and actually listened to the instrumentals quite a bit.

I did enjoy “KEEP ON MOVIN'” and it’s hard to call it a ballad but I can see t-kimura or even motsu remixing this track, especially making a ballad version of it and could see the guys pulling that off.  It’s a very cool song and enjoy t-kimura’s inclusion of the piano playing and I enjoyed “蒼穹のflight” a lot as well.

I do have to say that I am a bit disappointed that there is not one remix on this CD single.  It’s one thing I tend to look forward from the group is some sort of remix of their songs on the single but there are none.

In fact, I was surprised there is no CD+DVD release as well.  Would like to see some promotionals for the new video game at least.

But enough of my nitpicking.  All in all, it’s a pretty good CD single.

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