Press Q&A with animator and director Hiroshi Nagahama (J!-ENT Interviews and Articles)

In Japan, Hiroshi Nagahama is well-known for directing animated films such as “Mushishi”, “Detroit Metal City”, “The Flowers of Evil” and most recently for 2017, Nagahama directed “The Reflection”, which he co-created alongside with Stan Lee. A hardcore comic book fan, Nagahama was a special guest at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington and J!-ENT’s Michelle Tymon participated in the press Q&A […]

Our J!-ENT 2014 ANNUAL is now available!

Each year, we release a J!-ENT annual issue that deals with Asian pop culture and also our event coverage throughout the year.  It’s our most popular feature that we do each year and for 2014, our latest issue is now available. This issue features interviews with manga artists Rinko Ueda, Art Q&A with Range Murata, Hiroshi Nagahama, interviews with Elisa, […]