The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Friends to the Finish (a J!-ENT Children’s DVD Review)

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“The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Friends to the Finish” is charming, fun and also featuring life lessons and cool adventures that will  surely, entertain your children!

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DVD TITLE: The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Let’s Get Rolling

DURATION: 110 Minutes

DVD INFORMATION: 1:78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, 2.0 Stereo



RELEASE DATE: February 12, 2012

Written by Adam Beechen

Directed by Don Kim

Production: Hasbro Studios, Nelvana and Pipeline Studios, Inc.

Featuring the voices of:

Stacey DePass as Boomer

Fabrizio Fillipo as Digger

Darren Frost as Rowdy

Gabriel Giammaria as Chuck

Gabriel Giulliani as Handy

Lauren Holly as Haulie

Lyon Smith as Rally

Joanna Vannicola as Biggs

Dale Yim as Soku

Charming, fun and also featuring life lessons that will entertain your children, the CG-animated series “The Adventures of Chuck & Friends” has a new DVD series titled “Friends to the Finish” featuring a total of ten episodes as Chuck & Friends, with their big imaginations, take on obstacles together.

One of the popular children’s shows currently airing on the Hub’s daily block for children known as “HubBub”, “The Adventures of Chuck and Friends” focuses on a little dump truck named Chuck.

His parents include his mother Haulie (a forklift who runs a repair center) and his father Porter (a big rig that runs a retail store) and his big brother Rally, a race truck, which someday Chuck hopes to be.

While Chuck is a good friend to his buddies Rowdy ( a garbage truck), Handy (a tow truck) , Digger (a backhoe), Biggs (a monster truck) and Boomer (a fire truck), he can also sometimes be selfish.

But together, they make a great team and taking part in various adventures.

“The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Friends to the Finish” comes with the following ten episodes:

  • Race to the Race – Rowdy’s friends help him out of the mud just before the big race.
  • The Best – Chuck and his friends compete for a giant trophy.
  • Chucks Big Break – Chuck tries to show off his abilities to Rally’s coach.
  • Game On – The boys decide to play with each other after their video game breaks.
  • Revving Up Rally – Chuck helps his brother Rally regain his confidence after he falls into a slump.
  • Grandpa Treadwell – Chuck can’t await for his grandfather to arrive.
  • Chuck Backs Up – Chuck doesn’t get his checkup and now he is stuck on reverse.
  • Need For Speed – Chuck and friends try to speed up their toy cars with science.
  • Vertie’s Stunt School – Uncle Vertie teaches Chuck and friends some new tricks.
  • Dancing Wheels – The guys meet Chassie.



“The Adventures of Chuck & Friends” are presented in 1:78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, 2.0 Stereo.  While the concept is similar to Disney’s “Cars”, “The Adventures of Chuck & Friends” was designed for children in mind.   Featuring bigger cars such as dump trucks, big rig’s and more, the style of the characters are similar to the big toys vehicles that young children play with and of course, the eyes and mouths on them.

The CG animation for the series is very good for a children’s series.   Audio is clear and understandable and for the most part, children should enjoy the look of this series.


There are no special features.

“The Adventures of Chuck & Friends” features Hasbro’s entry to children’s animated series that feature adventure, fantasy but also showcasing teamwork among the many characters featured in the CG-series.

And with Hasbro’s involvement, you know that this series is going to be loved by children because there is a toy line behind it.   And because there characters are vehicles, there is no doubt that the series is targeted towards boys (who would most likely want their parents to buy them the toys), but also can be enjoyed by the girls.

For parents wondering how this series compares to other children’s series, I can easily say that it is similar to children’s shows that a feature a lot of imagination, adventures but also episodes showcasing one’s emotions and knowing to work as a team.

Also, it helps that each character has their own personality.    Rowdy is a garbage truck that likes to have fun and get dirty, Boomer is a fire truck and good friend of Chuck’s, but at the same time, whenever a plan doesn’t seem to work, he is the first to have that gut feeling.  There is also Flip, the acrobatic truck and Biggs, the monster truck and much more colorful characters that your children will see in this latest DVD release!  No doubt that the many characters will also have children excited for the toy line.

As for the DVD release of “The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Friends to the Finish”, there are ten episodes featured on the DVD and each episode lasts about 10 minutes.  There are no special features, but there is a coloring sheet on the reverse of the DVD cover.

Overall, “The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Friends to the Finish” is a charming and lighthearted children’s CG animated series.

If your children love the “Cars” movies or if you are looking for a safe DVD to keep the children busy for a short time at home or during a commute, “The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Friends to the Finish” is recommended!