Dora the Explorer: Dora Loves Boots (a J!-ENT Children’s DVD Review)

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The latest “Dora the Explorer” DVD titled “Dora Loves Boots” focuses on Dora and Boots friendship and how Dora is always there to help her good friend.  Featuring four safe, educational and fun DVD’s that younger children will love!

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DVD TITLE: Dora the Explorer: Dora Loves Boots

DURATION: 92 minutes

DVD INFORMATION: Full screen format, Dolby Digital – English Stereo

COMPANY: Nickelodeon/Paramount


RELEASE DATE: December 27, 2011

Created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes and Eric Weiner

Executive Producer: Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes

Story Editor: Rosemary Contreras

Supervising Producer: Jeff DeGrandis

Producer: Miken Wong

Featuring the voices of:

Caitlin Sanchez as Dora

Regan Mizrahi as Boots

Jean Carlos Celi as Tico

Matthew Gumley as Benny

Marc Weiner as Swiper/Map

Dora loves helping Boots… from riding his first bike to finding his missing boots and more!  You can help him too on these 4 fantastic friendship adventures!

Do you have a child who absolutely loves “Dora the Explorer” or a parent who wants to give their toddler an educational animated show on DVD?  With “Dora the Explorer: Dora Loves Boots” with four episodes that will help children learn the important of friendship, Spanish language and counting and problem-solving skills.

Included on this DVD are:

  • Boots’ First Bike – Boots is ready for his first big-kid bik!  Help Dora take him on an adventure to the Bike Shop.
  • Bouncy Boots – Boots can’t wait to get his boots back from the Shoe Shop, but when he gets bouncy boots instead, Dora and you need to help him on a bouncy adventure.
  • !Vacaciones! – It’s vacation time!  Help Dora and Boots pack up to meet Diego and Baby Jaguar for a night at the Rainforest Campground.
  • The Big Red Chicken’s Magic Wand – Big Red Chicken accidentally breaks his magic wand after turning Boots into a chicken! Help turn Boots back.


“Dora the Explorer:  Dora Loves Boots” is presented in full screen and in Dolby Digital stereo. Animation features vibrant colors and dialogue is clear and understandable. Picture quality is good as these are newer episodes.

But overall, this is for the children and the picture and audio quality is colorful and vibrant. Some CG is utilized for the backgrounds and for the most part, picture quality is very good.


“Dora the Explorer:  Dora Loves Boots” comes with no following special features:


“Dora the Explorer:  Dora Loves Boots” comes with a sheet with a code for a free phone greeting (for, so you can surprise a child with a phone call from Dora!

“Dora the Explorer:  Dora Loves Boots” is a fun release for children and also parents who want to find DVD’s that can be educational for children. My young son literally grew up in his young toddler years watching Dora and through this series, it was very helpful in helping him develop skills on decision making and also learning a little Spanish. And I’m a true believer that these educational children’s shows is one of the reasons why he is doing so well in school.

I can easily remember watching him and seeing him really get into the series and taking part in the challenges.

Where most of the “Dora the Explorer” TV shows have been instrumental in teaching children Spanish and counting as well as teamwork, the same can be said about this latest DVD. And these four episodes focus on Dora’s friendship with Boots and how she helps her good friend out.

As for special features, unfortunately, this DVD doesn’t have any but you do get a free paid code that allows Dora to call your child.

Overall, “Dora the Explorer:  Dora Loves Boots” is great for parents or relatives looking for a DVD release for younger children. It’s a safe, educational and your kids will love it!