Kiznaiver (a J!-ENT Anime on Blu-ray Disc Review)

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If you are looking for an anime series that is short but yet has a solid storyline with cool animation, definitely give “Kiznaiver” a chance!

Image courtesy of © TRIGGER, Mari Okada. All Rights Reserved.

TITLE: Kiznaiver

DURATION: (12 Episodes) 300 Minutes

BLU-RAY INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition (16×9), Japanese and English Linear PCM, Subtitles: English

COMPANY: Aniplex of America Inc.

RATED: Suggested 13 and Up

Release Date: December 26, 2017

Originally Created by Mari Okada

Original Character Design by Shirow Miwa

Directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi

Series Composition: Mari Okada

Music by Yuuki Hayashi

Character Design: Mai Yoneyama

Art Production by Masanobu Nomura

Anime Production: Trigger

Featuring the following voice talent:

Hibiku Yamamura/Natasha Strickey as Noriko Sonozaki

Yuuki Kaji/Ryland Strachan as Katsuhira Agata

Junichi Suwabe/Michael Adamthwaite as Kazunao Yamada

Kōtarō Nishiyama/Hans Wackershauser as Yoshiharu Hisomu

Mie Sonozaki/Jennifer Cameron as Mutsumi Urushibara

Misaki Kuno/Katrina Salisbury as Nico Niyama

Nobunaga Shimazaki/Scott Roberts as Tsuguhito Yuta

Rina Satou/Lori Bachynski as Honoka Maki

Tomoaki Maeno/Lucas Gilbertson as Hajime Tenga

Yuka Terasaki/Caitlynne Medrek as Chidori Takashiro

An original TV anime series by acclaimed animation studio TRIGGER (Kill la Kill) and the renowned writer Mari Okada (Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, The Anthem of the Heart).

The story is set in Sugomori-city, built in a reclaimed land, which was once prosperous as a futuristic city. Katsuhira Agata, a high school boy who is living in the city, has a strange body which can feel no pain at all and he doesn’t know why. Before summer vacation, by the guidance of a mysterious girl named Noriko Sonozaki, he is chosen as a member of “Kiznaiver,” a group of people who share pain. Then he finds his classmates who are also connected as “Kiznaiver,” however, they originally belong to different groups that never got along.

Sonozaki says, “This is an experiment to guide the world filled with wars to peace.” Following her words, they have to face various trials.

One summer story of boys and girls who have to share each other’s wounds begins.

From Trigger (“Kill la Kill”), Aniplex and Crunchyroll comes a collaboration that would lead to the anime series “Kiznaiver” written by Mari Okada and features the directorial debut of Hiroshi Kobayashi.

The 12-episode anime series aired on April – June 2016 and now the series will be available on Blu-ray courtesy of Aniplex of America Inc.

“Kiznaiver” begins with an introduction to Katsuhira Agata, an apathetic and emotionless person who suffered something in his past, which changed him for the worst.  He is often bullied and beaten up because he doesn’t care, and because he shows no emotion when being hit, it angers his bullies even more.

He often gets an earful from his childhood friend Chidori Takashiro, who had loved Katsuhira when he used to smile and show emotion but she has been concerned for him since he had changed.

Meanwhile, while getting beaten up, he is rescued by Hajime Tenga.  An impulsive person, who bullies the bullies and protects people he cared about.  But even when rescuing Katsuhira, Hajime is shocked by the lack of emotion from Katsuhira, especially when he was getting beaten and bullied.

One day, a mysterious girl named Noriko Sonozaki, who lacks human kindness and also is emotionless appears to Katsuhira and tells him that his high tolerance to pain and his submissive nature is what leads to him being bullied.  Noriko pushes Katsuhira down a flight of stairs.

When Katsuhira awakes, he is inside an underground hospital facility along with Chidori, Tenga and several others.

Noriko appears and tells them the true nature of the city they live in, Sugumori City and how it was actually created to test a large-scale experiment known as the Kizna system, which connects people through shared pain and suffering, both physical and emotional.

Those who are connected to the Kizna system are known as Kiznaivers.  And Katsuhira and his classmates that they have been selected to become Kiznaivers.  And sharing each other’s pain which allows them to build relationships and bonds with other different people.

But will these individuals, who are very different from each other, actually bond with one another?  And what is the mysterious connection that Noriko has with the other Kiznaivers?


“Kiznaiver” is presented in 1080p High Definition (16:9). Colors are vibrant and backgrounds are extremely detailed. Character designs are well-done and I like the overall look and style created by Trigger. I didn’t notice any banding issues while watching the series.


“Kiznaiver” is presented in Japanese and English Linear PCM.  Voice acting are well-done on both soundtracks and dialogue is crystal clear through the front channels.

Subtitles are in English.


“Kiznaiver” comes with the opening and ending credits.


“Kiznaiver” comes with a slipcase and six collectible pin-up cards.

For those who are looking for an entertaining, sci-fi and short anime series, will no doubt want to check out “Kiznaiver”.

A series about a group of people who find out they are Kiznaiver and were experimented on for world peace via the Kizna System, which connects people through shared pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally.

And we start to see how each of these individuals are suffering through some sort of pain.

The series main protagonist, Katsuhira Agata, is apathetic and barely has any emotions.  While others have certain issues which each episode slowly tries to deconstruct each person and show how they tried to hide their pain, but learn that they need to confront the inner struggle that they deal with, head on.

As one would expect, these individuals are all different in background and style, if I have to make any comparisons, I would like to think of it as a sci-fi “Breakfast Club”, where people are annoyed by each other but slowly become friends.  In the case of “Kiznaiver”, they have a shared pain that they feel from other individuals and are forced to endure it.

As the first eight episodes focuses on the main kiznaiver group, it’s episode 9-12 that explores the mysterious connection that Noriko has with Katsuhira and the others.

For the most part, the anime series is fascinating, as anime series don’t solely focus on character emotions and inner pain as a collective, especially when their pain somehow affects the city they live in. But I did enjoy the series for having a refreshing storyline, cool voice acting (for both Japanese and the English dub) and overall art design.

While the series looks and sounds great in HD, unfortunately the Blu-ray set is lacking when it comes to the special features (just the opening and ending theme only).  But you do get a slipcase and collectible pin-up cards.

Overall, if you are looking for an anime series that is short but yet has a solid storyline with cool animation, definitely give “Kiznaiver” a chance!


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