South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season (a J!-ENT Blu-ray Disc Review)

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Once again, Trey Parker and Matt Stone pull no punches with this latest season of “South Park”.  This time, the characters of South Park take on Facebook addiction, “Jersey Shore”, Tiger Woods’ sexual addiction, the Food Network and also celebrating their 200th episode and bringing back the 200 celebrities characters they offended.  If you enjoy and love the series, you’re definitely going to enjoy this audacious and hilarious fourteenth season of “South Park”.

Images courtesy of © 2011 Comedy Partners. All Rights Reserved. COMEDY CENTRAL, SOUTH PARK and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Comedy Partners. TM, ® & Copyright © 2011 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

TITLE: South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season

DURATION: 308 minutes (14 episodes)

BLU-RAY DISC INFORMATION: 1080p High Definition, Dolby TrueHD: English 5.1,, Dolby Digital English 5.1, English Stereo

RATED: NOTE RATED (Note: Episodes have Crude Content, Language May Offend)

COMPANY: Comedy Central/Paramount

RELEASE DATE: April 26, 2011

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone


Trey Parker (voice of Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh)

Matt Stone (voice of Kyle Broflovski, Leopold ‘Butters’ Stotch, Kenny McCormick)

Mona Marshall (voice of Sheila Broflovski, Linda Stotch)

April Stewart (voice of Liane Cartman, Sharon Marsh, Britney Spears, Wendy Testaburger, Principal Victoria)

All fourteen uncensored episodes from South Park’s fourteenth season are now available in this exclusive three-disc set. Join the boys as they publish award-winning novels, struggle with a ban on fried chicken, fight off an invasion from New Jersey, and reveal the true identity of Mysterion. For them, it’s all part of growing up in South Park!

When an animated series continues for so long, you often hear, “this series is not as enjoyable as before” or “the series has lost its magic” and for “South Park” creators, Trey Park and Matt Stone, I’m sure that it’s not an easy to task to maintain the humor, come up with something fresh, new and relevant to today but also to give what their finicky fans want each year.

Back then, “South Park” could rely on its characters and focus on Stan Marsh and his relationship with girlfriend Wendy, Kyle Broflovski being a Jew, Kenny McCormick being poor or his many untimely deaths and as for Cartman, everything audacious that you can think of.  And there was only so much the creators can do by focusing on these characters’ own storyline that they began to introduce more and more characters and sure enough, people started to love the character of the naive Butters Stotch, the handicapped young comedian Jimmy Valmer and the handicapped Timmy who keeps yelling out his own name.

But it’s those episodes that are bold and unexpected that wins the fans over and it’s those episodes that takes pop culture that are so relevant to people today and really mess with it.  From going after Tom Cruise, Britney Spears to Director Steven Spielberg and Director George Lucas or taking on the popularity of “World of Warcraft”, for the fourteenth season of “South Park”, Parker and Stone continue that formula by taking on topics such as the fans of NASCAR racing, the people of New Jersey (ala “Jersey Shore”), the popularity of Facebook, hoarding, medicinal marijuana and more.

“South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season” also takes a step forward with its overall look and incorporates more CG with the usual animation we are used to seeing from the series.

But if there is one thing for sure, this latest season of “South Park” continues to press the button on how far a TV show can go on television, will doubt offend many (as well as entertain many) and if you are a loyal fan of the series, you will no doubt laugh hysterically and enjoy these latest 14-episodes.

“South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season” features a total of 14-episodes on two Blu-ray discs.  Included are:

Disc 1:

  • Episode 1401 – Sexual Healing – When the rich and successful men want to have sex with many women (due to Tiger Woods), the nation’s top scientists must stop the epidemic.  But meanwhile, the boys of South Park Elementary are diagnosed as sex addicts.
  • Episode 1402 – The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerBalls – The boys are given one of the most notably banned books of all time as a reading assignment but feel that the book is not as vulgar as the things they say in their own personal lives.
  • Episode 1403 – Medicinal Fried Chicken – Cartman feels there is a crisis in South Park when all of his favorite fried chicken restaurants become medicinal marijuana shops.
  • Episode 1404 – You Have 0 Friends – Everyone is into Facebook except Stan, in which his family and friends start to make him join FB.  Meanwhile, when Kyle friends a person who has 0 friends, Kyle starts to notice that all his friends remove him because of it.
  • Episode 1405 – 200 – It’s the 200th episode of “South Park” and 200 celebrities led by Tom Cruise file a class action lawsuit against the town of South Park.
  • Episode 1406 – 201 – Part two of the 200th episode special as Mecha Streisand tries to destroy South Park.
  • Episode 1407 – Crippled Summer – Jimmy and Timmy go to summer camp at Lake Tardicaca and are prepared to take on their rivals Nathan and Mimsy.  Meanwhile, Towelie has a drug addiction.

Disc 2:

  • Episode 1408 – Poor and Stupid – Cartman wants to be a NASCAR driver but he thinks it’s not possible because he doesn’t fit the criteria of being poor or stupid.
  • Episode 1409 – It’s a Jersey Thing – When a Jersey family moves to South Park, more Jersey people start to move to town and the people of South Town prepare for war.  Meanwhile, Kyle and his mother have a secret.
  • Episode 1410 – Insheeption – Stan is sent to the counselor for having a hoarding disorder.
  • Episode 1411 – Coon 2: Hindsight – The Coon has started at team known as Coo and Friends, but when Captain Hindsight grabs all the headlines, Coon becomes jealous.
  • Episode 1412 – Mysterion Rises – Mysterion takes over Coo and Friends and must save the people from the Gulf from the dark lord, Cthulu.
  • Episode 1413 – Coon vs. Coon and Friends – Coon shows that he is more evil than the dark lord, Cthulu and takes revenge against his former teammates.
  • Episode 1414 – Creme Fraiche – Randy becomes so sexually obsessed with the Food Network that he becomes the school’s chef.  Meanwhile, his wife Sharon starts to use the shake weight.


“South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season” is presented in 1080p High Definition and continues to be a colorful and vibrant series.   The colors continue to be bold as last season on Blu-ray but if there is one thing that I did notice with this latest season is the use of more CG, especially in the 200th and 201st episodes and the “Poor and Stupid” episode, there is a good amount of CG utilized but granted, you can see the banding on the gradients but personally, I don’t think fans are going to quibble about the banding at all.  If anything, they will be satisfied with the vibrant colors and how crisp and clear everything looks in HD via Blu-ray.


As for audio, audio is presented in Dolby TrueHD English 5.1 , Dolby Digital English 5.1 and Stereo. You’ll definitely hear good use of the surround channels on the more action-driven episodes such as the 201st episode with Mecha Streisand or the accident prone Cartman competing in NASCAR but the audio was clear in dialogue but definitely more of an improvement compared to last season’s release when it comes to surround channel use.  And as usual, the opening theme is also crisp and clear but for the most part, for the fans who have never heard “South Park” with a lossless soundtrack, they will definitely be pleased to hear (and also see) the difference from watching it on television.


“South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season” comes with the following special features:


  • Mini-Commentary – Note: Mini-Commentary is accessed by selecting setup.  Although not a full commentary for every episode, each episode does have a mini commentary by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The two definitely give insight to every episode and what prompted to have the storyline and what was in their heads at the time.  Really good insight from the minds of Parker and Stone.
  • Deleted Scenes – (6:05) Featuring deleted scenes from the series (some fully rendered, others that are sketches).


  • Bonus Episode: #1302 “The Coon” – For those who missed the 13th season and missed the introduction of Cartman’s superhero persona “The Coon”, this episode is included so people can understand what is going on with the three “The Coon” episodes in season 14.

“SOUTH PARK” is one of those series that I’ve watched since my college years that I can’t seem to stop watching. No matter how far the series goes, how offensive the series may get, I don’t really get upset. It’s because the series is known for pushing the button and taking things as far as Comedy Central will allow them.

Of course, on this Blu-ray (and also on the DVD) edition of “South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season”, these episodes are uncensored and are filled with profanity. But it’s what makes “South Park” the type of series it is and personally, I find it refreshing to have an animation targeted for adults and with this latest season, Trey Parker and Matt Stone definitely dared to go farther in surprising people with its content.

If anything, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been good at taking what is popular at the moment and crafting a story around it.  From Tiger Woods’ infidelity and sex addiction, the popularity of Jersey Shore and how they view a woman like Snooki, people’s addiction to Facebook and NASCAR and there are no punches pulled, the in-your-face comedy especially uncut is so hilarious, over-the-edge and no doubt people are going to be offended.  But it’s already something that is expected for “South Park” and if you enjoy comedy that pushes the button, gets foul-mouthed and is mature, you’ll definitely enjoy this latest season of “South Park”.

Perhaps my favorite episodes are the “You have 0 Friends”, “It’s a Jersey Thing” and “Creme Fraiche”.  It was absolutely hilarious to see how far they would go when taking on the topic of “Facebook” and “Jersey Shore” but the final episode of the season, “Creme Fraiche” was surprising.  For one thing, showcasing Randy’s obsession with the Food Network (in a sexual manner) and doing it with kids around (so wrong…) and of course the hilarity of women using the “Shake Weights” but in this case, how it squirts out liquid when you reach the daily workout goal was just funny.

And I know there are people out there get so offended with “South Park” and I’m not going to defend it.  You either love the comedy or you don’t.

For me, after all these years, while some seasons have their good years and bad years, there are many “South Park” episodes that still manage to make me laugh and I continue t0 be amused with the episodes that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are able to create and see what else they have in their heads in terms of creativity and creating something unique and bolder than any previous episode.

A lot of the episodes from the fourteenth season has generated plenty of comments of “oh, crap…that is so f’d up”. But it’s all about comedy and if one is sensitive to these jokes, then “South Park” is definitely not for them. But for those who have been long time fans, part of the enjoyment of the series is seeing how far Parker and Stone can go.

For those debating whether or not to get the Blu-ray or DVD release, you do get the better PQ with the more vibrant colors and lossless audio track, plus you do get the mini-commentaries as well via Blu-ray.  Granted, the series is not exactly the most detailed animated series in the world but still, the mini-commentaries do give you excellent insight on the mindset the guys were in when creating the show and I have found that to be intriguing and fun to listen to.

And with this latest release, for special features, you also get the deleted scenes and a bonus episode of last season’s “The Coon”.  And for those who want to enjoy the series uncut and uncensored, this Blu-ray release (and the DVD as well) are the way to go!

Overall, I’ve found the 12th season of “SOUTH PARK” entertaining. I found the series entertaining then and entertaining now and no signs of slow down. If anything, each year, the crew manages to push the button. Of course, for those who take this series a bit too seriously, “SOUTH PARK” is not a series to take seriously, it’s a series you just want to sit back, laugh and be surprised of what Parker, Stone and crew have prepared for you.

Fans can definitely prepare for some surprises in this fourteenth season of “South Park” and even more of the “oh, crap that’s really f’d up!” moments.   If you really enjoy “South Park”, you will definitely enjoy “South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season”.

Denis Leary and Friends Present: Douchebags & Donuts (a J!-ENT DVD Review)

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Provocative humor that only Denis Leary can deliver his way, his style for a special night benefiting the Leary Firefighters Foundation.  Joined with comedians Whitney Cummings, Lenny Clarke and Adam Ferrara, “Denis Leary and Friends Present: Douchebags & Donuts” is a hilarious Comedy Central film on DVD worth checking out!

Images courtesy of © 2011 Comedy Partners. All Rights Reserved. COMEDY CENTRAL and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Comedy Partners. TM, ® & Copyright © 2011 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

DVD TITLE: Denis Leary and Friends Present: Douchebags & Donuts

DURATION: 99 Minutes

DVD INFORMATION: Color, Widescreen, Closed Captions, Dolby Digital

COMPANY: Comedy Central/Paramount

RATED: Not Rated (Explicit Content. Warning: This program is recommended for mature audiences only. It contains adult language and situations.)

RELEASE DATE: January 18, 2011

Executive Producer: Denis Leary, Jim Serpico

Produced by Frank Garritano, Bartow Church

Directed by Joe Perota


Denis Leary

Lenny Clarke

Whitney Cummings

Adam Ferrara

The Enablers feat. The Rehab Horns

Live from New York’s Town Hall, this comedy film features an amazing night of comedy and music with stand-up from Denis Leary, Lenny Clarke, Whitney Cummings and Adam Ferrara, and musical guests The Enablers featuring The Rehab Horns.

When it comes to comedian Denis Leary and his support for firefighters, the comedian has done his job in helping provide fire departments with equipment, technology and training.

In 2000, Leary started “The Leary Firefighters Foundation”  and raised $10 million and created partnerships to help fire departments throughout the country and filling the gaps between the limits of government funding and helping these departments acquire the tools necessary to maintain the highest level of public safety.

In 2010, Leary along with comedians Lenny Clarke, Whitney Cummings and Adam Ferrara along with musical performances by the Enablers feat. the Rehab Horns joined together for  a hilarious night to raise money for his foundation but also recorded as a Comedy Central special airing on January 16th with a DVD release to follow on January 18th.


“Denis Leary and Friends Present: Douchebags & Donuts” is presented in widescreen and Dolby Digital.  For a film, the performance features a pretty cool set design and wonderful lighting.  Camera angles for the performances were well done as it features close ups, full body shots, audience reactions and edits were perfect and not dizzying.    Audio was clear and understandable and good use of surrounds to hear the audience laughing, gasping and having fun throughout the night.  Audio is primarily center and front channel driven but overall, PQ and AQ on DVD are pretty solid.


“Denis Leary and Friends Present: Douchebags & Donuts” comes with the following special features:

  • “Fuck You” – (3:18) A musical performance of “Fuck You” by Denis Leary and the Enablers (feat. the Rehab Horns).
  • Traditional Irish Folk Song – (2:38) A musical performance of a traditional Irish Folk Song done the Denis Leary way with the Enablers (feat. the Rehab Horns).
  • Snapshots from the Road – (10:49) Featuring photos and video clips from Denis Leary and friends traveling around the United States.  We see the comedians having fun in the travel bus, in their green room and various clips from their performances throughout the U.S. and backstage footage during and after the special.
  • Detours on the Road to Comedy – (5:10) Featuring several short clips of Denis Leary, Lenny Clarke and friends in various parts of the country on the travel bus or in the green room joking around.

As usual with Denis Leary, you can expect a provocative yet hilarious night but in this special, Leary is not just a comedian, he is also a singer with a few musical numbers featured  throughout the special.

Leary kicks off with his jokes on the Catholic pope and he and the band The Enablers feat. the Rehab Horns sing “Amen” poking fun on Catholic priests who are pedophiles and then begins his routine on America’s douche bags

From his rant on the Catholic church and their pedophile priests, George Reker (the head of anti-gay coalition group, psychologist and a South Baptist Minister) who was embroiled in a gay scandal when he allegedly hired a gay man as a travel companion.

Leary then tears on celebrities showcasing their mugshots.  Featuring troubled football player Lawrence Taylor, actress Heather Locklear, Rush Limbaugh, actor Mel Gibson and his favorite mugshots which are James Brown and Nick Nolte, humorously discussing their arrests and their mug shots.

Then Learn starts discussing the various supplements that people are taking such as Alli, Cymbalta, Requip, Wellbutrin and Viagra and even talking about Brad Pitt having to learn various languages for the different adopted children he has.  Leary as usual is provocative, blunt and can give a crap of what people thinks.  Hilarious then and hilarious now, a wonderful performance once again for Denis Leary.

Following Leary is comedian Whitney Cummings.  Many people caught Whitney on the David Hasselhoff Roast on Comedy Central and she was absolutely fearless as she really went full force on the celebrities that night (to the point where the celebrities were seething in anger at some points during her comedic tirade).  For “Douchebags & Donuts”, Cummings delivered in her performance especially for the female audience as she tears up on men, from comedy on sex toys, how men look, men’s penises and how disgusting men are, needless to say… she’s one comedian that is quickly becoming a big star from Comedy Central and you just never know what’s going to come out of her mouth.  Fearless, hilarious and definitely a pretty solid followup to Leary’s comedy.

Comedian Lenny Clarke, a close friend of Leary who has appeared on “Rescue Me” (as Uncle Teddy) was a surprise as we got to see a slim down version of the man.  The comedian still can deliver in his angry man routine as he talks about his weightloss, doing weight watchers, the difference of parenting now and then and his Mexican adventure in TJ for a “donkey show”.  Clarke is still hilarious and also gave a solid performance for the night!

Leary follows with another musical act with his song “Douchebag”, a song about people that he hates.

The final comedian for the night features Adam Ferrara, who talks about his mother worrying about President Obama because he’s Black, panic attacks and the love of his life.

Overall, “Denis Leary and Friends Present: Douchebags & Donuts” was fun and entertaining comedy film.  The DVD version features additional musical performances, snapshots from the road and detours on the road to comedy with behind-the-scenes with Leary, Clarke and members of the band.

I’ve watched this DVD several times now and found Leary’s performance to be the best.  I’ve watched his comedy before and the man still has it!  And to watch him tear it up on the stage and rant on celebrities and those who he considers as “douchebags” was very hilarious!  And also, Whitney Cummings, Lenny Clarke and Adam Ferrara were fine additions for the night and delivered in their own way and their own style.  So, the audience got four different styles of comedy performances for the night, and for the most part, I enjoyed this comedy film.

If you are wanting a hilarious special with provocative humor, definitely give “Denis Leary and Friends Present: Douchebags & Donuts”a try!

Louis C.K. – Hilarious (a J!-ENT DVD Review)

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One of the most entertaining Comedy Central DVD’s I have seen thus far!  Louis C.K.’s comedy makes sense, makes you laugh and makes you want even more!   One of the best comedy films I have seen in the last decade. “Hilarious” is highly recommended!

Images courtesy of © 2011 Hilarious, Inc. All Rights Reserved. COMEDY CENTRAL and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Comedy Partners. TM, ® & Copyright © 2011 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

DVD TITLE: Louis C.K. – Hilarious

DURATION: 84 Minutes

DVD INFORMATION: Color, Widescreen, Closed Captions, Dolby Digital

COMPANY: Comedy Central/Paramount

RATED: Not Rated (Explicit Content. Warning: This program is recommended for mature audiences only. It contains adult language and situations.)

RELEASE DATE: January 11, 2011

Written, Edited and Directed by Louis C.K.

Executive Producers: Dave Becky, Louis C.K., David Bernath, Cheryl Jenowitz

Producers: Michelle Caputo, Shannon Hartman

Director of Photography: Paul Koestner

Consulting Producer: Mike Berkowitz

Music by Mark Rivers


Louis C.K.

In this unique and dynamic live concert experience, Louis C.K.’s exploration of life after 40 destroys politically correct images of modern life with thoughts we have all had… but would rarely admit to. Louis C.K.: Hilarious, premiered at The Sundance Film Festival as the first stand-up concert film presented at Sundance and has received rave reviews confirming why Louis C.K. is the most respected comedic voice of his generation.

Louis C.K. is one of the hottest comedians in America right now.  And if there is one word to describe Louis C.K.’s comedy, it would be “Hilarious” and what a fitting word as it is also the title of his comedy film.

With a hilarious comedy shown on FX titled “Louie” (he also had a show known as “Lucky Louie” on HBO), Louis C.K.  has had a string of success as a writer for the “Late Show with David Letterman”, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, “The Dana Carvey Show” and his well-known work for the “Chris Rock Show” which was nominated for an Emmy Award three times and has earned him an Emmy for “Best Writing in Variety or comedy Series” in 1999 and also a nomination for his work on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and his 2008 special “Chewed Up”.

He is also known for writing and directing Chris Rock’s “Pootie Tang” and most recently appeared as a character in the hit NBC comedy sitcom “Parks and Recreation”.

With the success of his three comedy DVD’s “Live Houston” (2003), “Shameless” (2007) and “Chewed Up” (2008), Louis C.K. returns with his fourth comedy DVD “Hilarious” (2010).

“Hilarious” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival as the first stand-up concert film presented at Sundance and have received rave reviews.

Louis C.K. explores life after 40 and discussing in his standup of things that gets on his nerves such as people complaining about technology, divorce, dating women at 40, being a father, raising children and more!


“Louis C.K. – Hilarious” is presented in widescreen, Dolby Digital and closed captions.  Lighting was well-done, stage production was kept simple and focus is primarily upper-body shots.  There are a good number of camera angles focusing on Louis C.K., not many camera angles towards the audience but for the most part, editing was well-done and not dizzying with many short cuts.

Speaking about the camera angles, typically I dislike performances that don’t show the audience reaction.  I feel it’s important to show the audience gasping, laughing, shocked, etc.  But this is probably one if not the only performance where I agree with the editing in not showing the audience reaction.  The camera is focused on Louis C.K. and that is all that is needed.   He knows how to work the audience to his advantage and no need for extravagant stage backgrounds, everything is kept to the basics and it works!

As for PQ, picture quality is good for DVD and audio is clear and understandable.


“Louis C.K. – Hilarious” comes with no special features.

When it comes to stand up comedy, if anyone is in their 30’s or older, you can easily relate to the comedy of Louis C.K.

His comedy for “Hilarious” focused on everyday topics that people can relate to.  From impatience, aging, divorcing, being single and dating again, being overweight, traveling and an excellent second half as Louis takes on raising children.

And there are few comedy DVD’s that I rewatch over and over again and Louis C.K.’s “Hilarious” is one of the them.  I have watched this DVD for the fifth time since I have received it for review and the jokes are still hilarious.

Although the concert audience is not seen, you can tell by the reactions when Louis talks about a joke and hearing those shocked gasps and those who just laugh with that sense of “Oh, man that was f’d up!” type of reaction.  Louis C.K. knows quite well how to work the audience and for this comedy film, he did a fantastic job!

But as I have talked about how I love about “Hilarious” the movie, what about the DVD?  Unfortunately, this is one of the few Comedy Central DVD’s where there are no special features.  After enjoying the film, I was all excited to see if there were any deleted scenes and there were none!  As Louis would joke about people who get all upset about losing wi-fi or not getting good cell phone coverage, I was bummed out that there were no special features on the DVD.

Nevertheless, despite the lack of special features, I still believe this is one of the best comedy films that I have seen in the last decade.  Louis C.K.’s comedy is infectious, crazy, hilarious and everything he speaks of, people can relate to.

From being upset at losing cell phone coverage, losing wi-fi in an airplane, those who are divorced and getting back to dating, being overweight and having a child who talks back at you, these are just a few examples of what you can find in his performance and many jokes that will make you laugh.  In fact, the joke about making breakfast for his daughter and her daughter being a ball of anger shouting for French Toast, wanting syrup, wanting her dad to cut it and just seeing how he takes something so ordinary in a parent’s life and just making it so damn funny!  Once again… Hilarious!

A great start for 2011 for Louis C.K. and Comedy Central and definitely a comedy DVD worth owning!


Roast of David Hasselhoff: Extended and Uncensored (a J!-ENT DVD Review)

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Another hilariously, brutal Comedy Central Roast.  Definitely an enjoyable roast featuring crazy, yet tense moments worth watching over and over again!    If you enjoy naughty/mature comedy, the “Roast of David Hasselhoff: Extended and Uncensored” DVD is recommended!

Images courtesy of © 2011 Comedy Partners. All Rights Reserved. COMEDY CENTRAL and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Comedy Partners. TM, ® & Copyright © 2011 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

DVD TITLE: Roast of David Hasselhoff: Extended and Uncensored

DURATION: 71 Minutes

DVD INFORMATION: Color, Widescreen, Closed Captions, Dolby Digital

COMPANY: Comedy Central/Paramount

RATED: Not Rated (Explicit Content. Warning: This program is recommended for mature audiences only. It contains adult language and situations.)

RELEASE DATE: January 11, 2011

Executive Producer and Director: Joel Gallen

Executive in Charge of Production: Mike Rothman

Executive in Charge of Production for Comedy Central: Elizabeth Porter


David Hasselhoff

Seth MacFarlane

Pamela Anderson

Whitney Cummings

Greg Giraldo

Gilbert Gottfried

George Hamilton

Hulk Hogan

Lisa Lampanelli

Jeffrey Ross

Jerry Springer

The Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff, featuring Roast Master Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), was an unforgettable night of sexy, dirty, intoxicating jokes and jabs — nothing was Hoff limits. Roast Master Seth MacFarlane and a dais of top comedians and celebrities honored The Hoff in proper roast fashion. Roasters included: Pamela Anderson, Whitney Cummings, Greg Giraldo, Gilbert Gottfried, George Hamilton, Hulk Hogan, Lisa Lampanelli, Jeffrey Ross and Jerry Springer.

For generations, David Hasselhoff has entertained the masses.   From “Knight Rider” to “Baywatch” and “America’s Got Talent” (and has since moved on to “Britain’s Got Talent”), the man known as “The Hoff” has also wowed millions of music fans (in Germany) with his music.

And now this pop culture icon is being respected the Comedy Central way via the “Roast of David Hasselhoff” hosted by “The Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane and stars Pamela Anderson, Whitney Cummings,  Gilbert Gottfried, Greg Giraldo (in one of his final appearances on television before his death), George Hamilton, Hulk Hogan, Lisa Lampanelli, Jeffrey Ross and Jerry Springer.

Featuring the hardcore roasters Lisa Lampanelli, Jeffrey Ross,  Gilbert Gottfried, Greg Giraldo and Whitney Cummings, it was quite an interesting night to say the least as last year’s honorary roastee Pamela Anderson joins her former “Baywatch” co-star as well as an unusual cast who don’t know Haselhoff all that well such as George Hamilton, former wrestler Hulk Hogan and talk show host Jerry Springer.  But as usual with the Comedy Central Roast, as much as the night is all about roasting “The Hoff”, everyone also will endure the brunt of being roasted as well.

As the TV airing of the “Roast of David Hasselhoff” could only show so much due to the number of mature-themed jokes, those who loved the TV special will no doubt enjoy this extended and uncensored version on DVD.

If you are a fan of David Hasselhoff (of a person who dislikes his acting/singing), “Roast of David Hasselhoff” is a hilarious, tense and enjoyable special in which the jokes are unleashed on “The Hoff” and also the fellow roastees and it’s open season for everyone on stage.


“Roast of David Hasselhoff: Extended and Uncensored” is presented in widescreen and in Dolby Digital.  There are no subtitles but there is closed captions.

The camera does a good job in showing the faces of those being roasted, the faces of the audience laughing to the jokes (or shocked by them).  No dizzying edits but capturing the night quite well.  Lighting was well-done.  Also, capturing some of the words between roasters who showed signs that they were slowly getting ticked (such as Whitney Cummings really tearing on Pamela Anderson and Hulk Hogan).

But the presentation this time around was very good.  I really do hope that Comedy Central considers bringing out the roasts for Blu-ray as they are one of the finest specials and production was well-done.  But on DVD, still a solid release PQ and AQ-wise that are up to par with the awesome DVD releases from Comedy Central/Paramount.


“Roast of David Hasselhoff: Extended and Uncensored” comes with the following special features:

  • Behind the Scenes – (6:57) The roasters are interviewed before the show is starting and talk about what they have in store for the roast.
  • Red Carpet Interviews – Featuring the following interviews:

– David Hasselhoff – (1:15) Adam Devine interviews David Hasselhoff before the roast.

– What Sex Position is “The Hoff”? – (1:33) Roasters and celebs talk about what sexual position “The Hoff” is.

– Favorite David Hasselhoff Song – (1:21) Adam Devine asks the roasters and celebs what their favorite David Hasselhoff song is?

– Hayley and Taylor Hasselhoff on Living with the Hoff – (1:14) Adam Devine talks with the Hoff’s daughters Hayley and Taylor.

– Who Would Win in a Tag Team Match? – (1:34) Adam Devine talks about who would win in a tag team match…Hoff’s team or Lisa Lampanelli’s team.

  • The Hoff’s Post-Roast Reaction – (1:04) David Hasselhoff talks about his reaction to the roast.
  • Roasters Wrap Up – (1:30) The Roasters are interviewed about how they felt about their participation in the Roast.

“Roast of David Hasselhoff: Extended and Uncensored” continues the hilarious and often tense roasting of a celebrity since the “Roast of William Shatner” and “The Roast of Pamela Anderson”.   When I first found out that the next would be David Hasselhoff, how perfect is that!

I’m not going to BS because I was a fan of “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch” and similar to William Shatner and his acting on “Star Trek”, the same can be said about the Hoff and his shows.  The acting may not have been all that great but they were enjoyable shows to watch.

But what I liked about this year’s roast was that they kept the talents to a few.  Each getting their own face time and no one left out.  I will say that I found some celebs featured in the special as a surprise.  Hulk Hogan is usually not the person you look at and think…”comedy” but I suppose it gave comedians a chance to really roast him (especially his use of the “feathered boa”).  George Hamilton, another Hasselhoff-eque actor and Jerry Springer, the TV host… you wonder how in the hell these guys would even be as fellow roasters but they did pretty good, yes and even Hulk Hogan managed to deliver.

But the night was driven by the comedy of yearly roasters Lisa Lampanelli, Gilbert Gottfried, Greg Giraldo and Whitney Cummings.  Lampanelli can really dish it out but what was surprising was to hear Gilbert Gottfried dishing on Lampanneli in perhaps one of the most memorable roasting of a roaster for any of the Comedy Central roasts.  Greg Giraldo was off-the-cuff as usual and on target with his no-hold barred approach but possibly the biggest shock was Whitney Cummings with her scathing roasts of Pamela Anderson and Hulk Hogan.  If she went on longer, I think these two could have done a tag-team and really gone after Cummings because her roasts were brutal.  But they were good sports and managed to hold it all in.  Despite Pamela Anderson’s roasting last year, it was evident that the roasters had even more to say about her vagina.

But this night was about the Hoff.  Of course, his battle with alcoholism was a major topic for the roast but he managed to grin, bare it and took it with stride.  He was a real trooper and despite the roast, he got the final word on everyone by singing to them.

The DVD had a good amount of special features, especially what took place before and after the roast.  Once again, if you watched the special on television, if you want to see more, you definitely want to catch this DVD as it features the extended and uncensored version. It’s also important to note that since this was probably one if not the final appearance by Greg Giraldo on television and in a Comedy Central-related special shot months before his death, to pay tribute as part of the Comedy Central family, the roast features a short picture tribute to him as well as an insert (included in the DVD case) in memoriam to the comedian.

But what can I say about this roast… David Hasselhoff was a perfect choice this year and found the “Roast of David Hasselhoff: Extended and Uncensored” extremely enjoyable and hilarious!

Similar to Shatner, you know that the roasters would be having a field day and no matter how scathing the jokes were, they managed to hold up well from beginning to end and overall, it was an awesome roast and for those who enjoy mature/naughty comedy, this roast is definitely recommended!

Gabriel Iglesias – I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live From El Paso (a J!-ENT Blu-ray Disc Review)

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If you thought that Gabriel Iglesias’s last comedy Blu-ray release was hilarious, his second Blu-ray release, “I’m not Fat…I’m Fluffy” is fantastic!  Awesome comedy from beginning to end from one of today’s top comedians in America.  Gabriel doesn’t need to use sex or profanity in his routine to be funny, this comedian will entertain you and make you laugh!  Overall, “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live From El Paso” is highly recommended!

Images courtesy of © 2009 Fluffy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. COMEDY CENTRAL and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Comedy Partners. TM, ® & Copyright © 2009 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

TITLE: Gabriel Iglesias – I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live From El Paso

DURATION: 69 Minutes

BLU-RAY INFORMATION: 1080i High Definition,  Dolby Digital: English 5.1, English Stereo, Subtitles: English/English SDH

COMPANY: Comedy Central/Paramount

RATED:  NOT RATED (Parental Advisory.  Explicit Content.  Warning: This program is recommended for mature audiences only.  It contains adult language and situations.)

RELEASED: January 11, 2011

Executive Producers: Gabriel Iglesias, Pat Buckles, Robert Hartmann, Stu Schreiberg

Photographer: Lencho Guerra

Graphic Artist: Eddie Aguilera


Gabriel Iglesias

Martin Moreno

Noe Gonzales

Gabriel Iglesias returns to the stage in this all-new comedy special in front of a packed house at the historic Plaza Theater in El Paso, Texas. Go to the restroom before you watch this and be ready to watch it again and again. I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy will be a classic!!!

The comedian known as the “Fluffy Man”.  Gabriel Iglesias is one of the hottest comedians out there.  Latino flair and hilarious delivery, from his voice impressions to jokes about his weight or personal issues, he knows how to get the audience laughing from beginning to end.  There is no slow down in deliver, Iglesias is just hilarious!

Iglesias is known from being the finalist of the fourth season of “Last Comic Standing” in 2006 but in 2007, it was the success of his 2nd special Comedy Central 2007 DVD  “Hot & Fluffy” (which sold over 300,000 copies) which would propel Gabriel Iglesias as a comedian that can sell out live performances and also comedy DVD’s.

Earlier in the year, Iglesias released a double album CD titled “We Luf Fluffy” from performances from 2006 & 2008 and in November 2009,  his DVD “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live From El Paso” was released and I gave it a favorable rating and I felt it was one of the top 3 comedy DVD’s released in 2009.   And now, “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live from El Paso” gets the HD treatment.

The tracklist on this Blu-ray are as follows:

  1. Return to El Paso
  2. Nickelodeon
  3. Oh Hello No!!
  4. I Hear the Bell
  5. New Daddy
  6. I Do Voices Everywhere
  7. Obama
  8. My Girl
  9. Cop Story 1
  10. USO
  11. Copy Story 2
  12. Cakes and More Cakes
  13. Dropping Frankie Off
  14. DDR
  15. Disney
  16. Car Was Stolen

On the Blu-ray, “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live From El Paso”, Iglesias is literally on top of his game delivery joke after joke.  From sharing stories of his return to El Paso and talking about a time he got drunk and ended up at an alternative gay bar to his first major gift from Nickelodeon to jokes about his personal life with his girlfriend and her son, Gabriel Iglesias’s performance is just hilarious and magnificent.    This time around, because of the family experiences that he has to share, these are situations that people can relate to and again, the voices he does is just top notch as he is able to switch voices on command and just be surprised when you hear it.

But you could tell that his relationship with his girlfriend’s son Frankie has brought new life to his routine and the fact that he can take those personal experiences and make them funny is just what makes the “Fluffy Man” so wonderful to watch on stage and he doesn’t have to get nasty or profane to make the audience laugh.


“Gabriel Iglesias – I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live From El Paso” is presented in 1080i High Definition, widescreen. There are several angles closeup, stagewise, behind the audience and from a stage angle to showcase the audience at the front.  But overall, editing is well-done and stage setup is simple with pretty cool looking for the backdrop at the Plaza Theatre in El Paso, Texas.  Simple and clean. Lighting is well-done and for the most part, editing is good, no quick cuts to make the viewer dizzy.  Overall, a job well-done.


“I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live From El Paso” is presented in Dolby Digital English 5.1 and audio is clear and understandable.  Wish it was lossless but overall, the audience can be heard quite well.  Personally, I had my receiver set on stereo on all channels to have a more immersive soundscape.


“Gabriel Iglesias – I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live From El Paso” comes with the following special features:

  • Deleted Scene: High School Reunion – (7:45) A deleted scene in which Gabriel had to stop his routine because parts of the towel (lint) was all over his face and thus it hurt the pacing.  But Gabriel manages to take the situation and make it humorous for the audience.
  • Fluffy’s Friends Hit the Stage: Martin Moreno – (4:59) Martin jokes about getting older and also today’s young Latino guys who are wearing tight pants, tight shirts, plucking their eyebrows and how they are looking effeminate.
  • Fluffy’s Friends Hit the Stage: Noe Gonzalez – (4:09) Noe’s comedy is more adult-oriented.  Noel jokes about his size and the concept of size.
  • Onstage Q&A With the Fans – (8:07) Gabriel Iglesias answers questions from his fans.


“Gabriel Iglesias – I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live From El Paso” comes with an embossed slipcover case.

Gabriel Iglesias is definitely one of the most entertaining comedians today.  Where Latino comedians such as George Lopez and Paul Rodriguez represented the 80′s and 90′s, Gabriel Iglesias is a comedian that entertains people of all ages.  From jokes about video games and his family to jokes about sweating on stage and how it starts to smell like chicharones.

He just makes you laugh and laugh some more and this is what I found most interesting, this is probably one of the few Comedy Central videos that I have watched in my years of review Comedy Central comedy DVD’s (and now Blu-ray), if not the first where the comedy routine is quite clean (and for those who follow Comedy Central comedy DVD’s, finding a title with very little to no profanity is rare).  Granted, he may be saying certain risque things in Spanish but in English… overall, it’s a clean routine and he’s one of those comedians that can still be funny without having to resort to a profanity-driven act.

If anything, this is a comedian who cares about his fans and he tells everyone straight up, if you see him at a restaurant, say hi.  How he is onstage and in real life are the same person and the fact that he gives that Q&A after his performance in order to get the fans a chance to know more about him, goes to show how Iglesias is a class act.  Positive personality but knows how to make the audience laugh…he’s a talented comedian.

Also, I have to say that “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live from El Paso” was a performance where he manages to keep the same excitement going from beginning to end.  His delivery is smooth, continuous and for the most part, just fantastic.

There’s nothing negative about “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live From El Paso” Blu-ray at all.  If anything, it’s great to see Comedy Central now releasing these comedy releases on Blu-ray and they selected one of the best Comedy Central video releases to kick things off!

If you thought “Hot & Fluffy” was a hilarious Blu-ray release, then you have to give “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy: Live from El Paso” a try because this is a fantastic comedy release on Blu-ray and I’m quite confident that you will love this release!

Highly recommended!

Back From Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison (a J!-ENT DVD Review)

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If you grew up watching Sam Kinison and loved his comedy, this is one hell of a documentary featuring today’s top comedians paying respects to Kinison nearly 20-years after his death.  Featuring past comedy clips, his “Wild Thing” music video and live performance and more.  “Back from Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison” is definitely for fans of his comedy and an awesome Comedy Central DVD release!

Images courtesy of © 2010 Robert Small Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

TITLE: Back From Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison


DURATION: 60 Minutes

DVD INFORMATION: Widescreen, Dolby Digital

RATED: Parental Guidance: Explicit Content.  Warning: This program is recommended for mature audiences only.  It contains adult language and situations.

COMPANY: Comedy Central/Paramount

Released Dated: November 16, 2010

Directed by Robert Small

Executive Producer: Robert Small, Bill Kinison, Bill Schwartz

Executive Producer for Worldwide Biggies: Albie Hecht

Produced by Carrie Weprin

Co-Producer Pat Buckles

Consulting Producer: Sue Flinker

Editors: Matt Davis, Steven Rosenthal

Assistant Editor: Sharon Perlman


Sam Kinison

Denis Leary

Chris Rock

Norm MacDonald


Lenny Clarke

Jay Leno

Kathy Griffin

George Lopez

Richard Belzer

Lewis Black

Paul Profenza

Ron White

Pauly Shore

Carol Leifer

Bill Kinison

Craig Gass

Marc Maron

Rodney Dangerfield

Judy Tenuta

John Lovitz

A star-studded cast of comedians including Chris Rock, Jay Leno, Ron White, Kathy Griffin and Denis Leary gather to pay tribute to the man who turned rage into an art form. Filmed in part at Sam Kinison’s familiar Los Angeles stomping ground The Comedy Store, this documentary weaves performance footage and interviews to offer some fresh perspective on a truly original voice in comedy.

Sam Kinison is one of the most well-known comedians who tackled on subjects and wouldn’t hesitate to tell audiences how he felt about them.  Known for comedy of screaming and delivering controversial humor, Kinison was among one of the few people at the time during the late ’80s who would take subjects that were sensitive to a lot of people and rip on them.

From his jokes on marriage, religion, homosexuals, AIDS… nothing was off-limits, Kinison would take on these subjects without giving no care of what people thought.  A style that made him popular among many comedians and also his love for rock music, he would also earn the respect of the rock stars of the ’80s.

Sam Kinison was one of the most respected comedians who lived life the way he wanted, wild and crazy and there probably will never be a comedian like him ever again.  He was truly an original comedian and with such a long life ahead of him, while things were going great for the comedian, Sam Kinison and his newly married wife Malika Souiri were struck by a 17-year-old drunk driver in April 1992.  While his wife survived, Kinison was killed.

A life cut short 18-years-ago, Comedy Central will be celebrating Kinison’s life in a special titled “Back From Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison” in which his comedian friends and celebrity friends share their memories of Sam Kinison and what they loved about him.  The special tribute documentary features comedians and talents such as Denis Leary, Chris Rock, Norm MacDonald, Ice-T, Lenny Clarke, Jay Leno, Kathy Griffin, George Lopez and many more.


“Back From Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison” is presented in widescreen.  Picture quality differs as you get a combination of modern interviews and old clips of classic Sam Kinison live performances from the ’80s.  But for the most part, this is a pretty cool documentary/tribute in which picture quality is for the most part pretty good.


“Back From Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison” is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround and 2.0 Stereo.  The DVD is center and front channel driven.


“Back From Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison” comes with the following special features:

  • Stories from the Comedy Store – (12:33) Featuring a celebration of Sam Kinison’s life by Bill Kinison, Craig Gass, Marc Maron and Pauly Shore doing standup at the Comedy Store.
  • Music – (10:06) Featuring Sam Kinison performing “Wild Thing” Live and the original music video of Kinison’s “Wild Thing”.
  • Additional Stand-Up – (17:06) Featuring Sam Kinison stand-up comedy routines for: Bigger than Me, Donating to Aids Research, Extended Cocaine Bit, Friends When You’re High, Jesus’ Wife, Leper Whore, Sam’s Moving Idea and Swallowing

When I was a teenager, Sam Kinison was a comedian that I absolutely loved watching.  This man was not afraid to tackle subjects that may be too taboo for the masses but he did and the audience gravitated towards his comedy because a lot of what he does say is quite logical while others who dislike his comedy look at him as insensitive and comedy of hatred.

But this was how things were during the ’80s and ’90s.  Unlike today in which a comedian can easily be scrutinized for talking about things that are wrong or not politically correct, back then, comedians didn’t touch those subjects but Kinison did.  And he did it with a style that no one can ever copy with the same amount of flair, this man would literally scream his head out and audiences would be wide-eyed and surprised.  This is Kinison’s comedy and his delivery was well-paced, starting off slow until he launches his tirade on the audience and you can’t help but laugh.

I remember one of my favorite HBO young comedian special in which Kinison took part of and he was talking about the kids that were starving in Africa and Kinison would talk about how the kids starving and are very depressed and seeing the commercials of how cruel.  He starts off sincere But then he slowly begins his tirade of how he wished the film crew could at least give the kid a sandwich.  And then starts screaming how the director would want to make sure these kids look hungry while shooting and telling his crew not to feed them and literally getting the audience laughing.

He then goes into world hunger and says if you want to stop world hunger, stop giving them food.   You hear this awkward silence and he continues that the drivers would continue to drive U-HAULS full of food to those countries for 34 years and then Kinison would unleash and start screaming that it would occur to the drivers that world hunger wouldn’t happen if these people would just pack up and move where the food is.  Kinison would then start screaming “YOU LIVE IN A DESERT!  YOU LIVE IN A FU**IN DESERT!  UNDERSTAND YOU LIVE IN A DESERT! NOTHING GROWS OUT HERE!  NOTHINGS GONNA GROW OUT HERE!” and then he would become sincere again and crouch down and say, “see this here.. it’s sand.  This is sand.  It’s sand.  You know what it’s going to be in 100 years…. IT’S GOING TO BE SAND!  YOU LIVE IN A FU**ING DESERT!  GET YOUR KIDS, GET YOUR SH*T, WE’LL MAKE ONE TRIP AND TAKE YOU TO WHERE THE FOOD IS!  WE HAVE DESERTS IN AMERICA, WE JUST DON’T LIVE IN THEM ***HOLE!”.

It was trademark Kinison style and I can’t think of anyone who can replace him.  And that’s what I love about this tribute to Sam Kinison, seeing all these comedians complimenting, thanking Sam Kinison for what he contributed to comedy.

Comedian Chris Rock would talk about how when he was just starting out and doing comedy acts at 1-2 am, he could hear Sam Kinison laughing and how the comedian took him out for dinner and would tell him how he loved his act.   Kathy Griffin would compliment his comedy and although she wouldn’t vote for him if he ran for office, she loved his comedy. And there are many comedians on this tribute that pay their respect to Sam Kinison and very rarely do you see top acts all taking part in a documentary.

I can also remember in his comedy acts, he would be joined by two beautiful women (scantily clothed) and then he would go on a tirade by calling the ex-girlfriends of guys who had been cheated on and join them in a screaming tirade on the women.  Because Sam Kinison has had marriages in which the woman would cheat on him, his thoughts on marriage would play out in his comedy acts.  It was insane but the crowd loved it and definitely a memorable moment.

The documentary also touches upon how Sam emulated televangelist and how religion would be part of his act.  And he would unleash on religion especially these televangelist which were on the forefront in the ’80s and ’90s due to the Jim Bakker scandal (interesting enough, he dated Jessica Hahn, who had an affair with Bakker and she even appeared scantily clad in his “Wild Thing” music video).

And speaking of the music video, we also get to learn in this tribute of how he got involved in the rock n’ roll world and he was introduced to a world of excess.  At that time of his life, he would drink a lot and was quite hardcore in doing drugs.  And the comedians who knew him talked about his involvement.  Also, we learn some details of those who did drugs with him and also some details of what took place behind-the-scenes of that “Wild Thing” music video which shocked even me because I always thought how awesome it was to see a music video with Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Skid Row, Billy Idol and other rockers together cheering on Sam Kinison singing and getting down with Jessica Hahn.

But the tribute would also go to discuss his sobriety but also when he got clean after he was arrested for substances.  Or so you thought.  This was an interesting part of the tribute because even more myself, I believed he was clean and sober but learning from this tribute and learn that it was part of his sentence where he had to give anti-drugs messages.  Chris Rock even talked about how he would talk about being clean on stage, he would catch Kinison snorting coke and look at Chris Rock and tell him “The important thing is that they think your clean”.

And “Back From Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison” also includes a segment of his two ladies Sabrina and Malika (who he eventually married) and how he was a man who literally got a lot of sex, to a man who could care less about being politically correct and wanted to be outrageous and wanted people to be shocked by what he would say but still laugh at his comedy.

For me, that’s what I loved about Sam Kinison’s comedy.  Taking topics that people would dare touch and make humor out of it.  From world hunger, drug use, religion, homosexuality, serial killers going after rappers, he didn’t care and he knew that there would be people protesting his comedy acts but he could care less.  It was a different time from today, where comedians are now held accountable for what they say and are targeted by people on the Internet and the media watchdogs but back then, that was what made his comedy acts so special and so unique and he is definitely a comedian that could never be duplicated.

As for this tribute documentary, I absolutely loved it!  I grew up watching Sam Kinison and there are a lot of things I didn’t know about the man but the documentary definitely gives us an idea of how he was on stage and also off-stage.  Comedy Central also includes some of his performances in the special feature but also the music video and his live performance of “Wild Thing”.

If you grew up during a time when Sam Kinison was around delivering his style of comedy, looking back, you realize how unique this comedian really was.  And as mentioned, rarely do you see many top comedians coming together for a tribute documentary, from late night hosts/comedians Jay Leno and George Lopez, Dennis Leary, Chris Rock, Kathy Griffin and many, many others who have had a chance to work with Sam Kinison or had that opportunity to get to know him and to pay their respect to him nearly 20-years-later after his death.  It goes to show how special of a comedian Sam Kinison truly was.

Definitely recommended!

Bo Burnham – Words Words Words (a J!-ENT DVD Review)

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Controversial, smart and clever comedy by young comedian prodigy Bo Burnham.  If you are a big fan of his comedy work on YouTube, “Words Words Words” is a comedy DVD that is definitely for you!

Images courtesy of © 2010 Comedy Central. All Rights Reserved. COMEDY CENTRAL and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Comedy Partners. TM, ® & Copyright © 2010 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

DVD TITLE: Bo Burnham – Words Words Words


DURATION: 63 Minutes

DVD INFORMATION: Widescreen, Closed Captions

COMPANY: Comedy Central/Paramount

RATED: Explicit Content Warning: This program is recommended for mature audiences only.  It contains adult language and situations.

RELEASE DATE: October 5, 2010

Directed by Shannon Hartman

Written and Performed by Bo Burnham

Executive Producers: Bo Burnham, Dave Becky

Producer: Michelle Caputo


Bo Burnham

The internet (and soon to be movie, TV, radio, etc.) phenomenon, Bo Burnham, brings you his first one-hour stand-up special Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words from the House of Blues in Boston. Before he reached his 18th birthday, Burnham entered the mainstream consciousness with internet videos of him playing uproarious songs with ingenious wordplay and bad puns. This stand-up special will surely not disappoint!

For a 19-year-old, Bo Burnham has accomplished quite a bit as a teenage comedian.  As a musician who can play guitar and a piano, he also was involved in theatre and attended NYU’s Tisch School of Arts.

But since his debut on YouTube back in 2006 (and eventually doing even better on, videos that were meant for his brother in college became big hits as he would play his guitar and play an electric piano and wrote mature-themed songs which were controversial as he would sing about white supremacy, disabilities, ethnicities, homosexuality and playing off racism and say things that comedians would not touch.  Call him an equal opportunist, no one is spared from his comedy and expect to see him say things controversial when it comes to race, gender, sexuality and religion.

And next thing you know, he was signed in 2007 by the Gersch Agency’s Douglas Edley, the same agent who represents Drew Carey and Dave Chappelle.

At 19-years-old , Bo Burnham is like a mix of Eminem and the sensitivity of Andrew Dice Clay, people are going to love the dark comedy and people are going to hate it.  His comedy, aside from its controversy, the words show his education as what comes out of his mouth is smart and intelligent. He knows that his jokes are going to get people riled up but that is what people love about his comedy and now he has had a concert DVD, comedy albums and is now set to release his new comedy DVD “Words, Words Words” from Comedy Central.

Bo’s comedy presentation features random storytelling and Bo performing on the guitar or playing the piano and singing.    A style that has earned him several comedy awards and many events booking him all over the country.  But despite the popularity, Bo Burnham has his fans but he has also received protests by students at colleges where he is performing.  Although he has said his satire has well-intention, whether Bo Burnham believes the things that come out of his mouth is debatable but the fact is that there are people who love his blunt comedy and those who are sickened by it.

“Words, Words, Words” is Bo’s first special live from Boston and features lie, uncut and uncensored footage.  The comedy track listing for Bo Burnham’s new DVD are:

  1. “What’s Funny”
  2. Girlfriend
  3. Racial Humor
  4. “Men & Women”
  5. One Man Shows
  6. “Ironic”
  7. Binary Reality
  8. “Words, Words, Words”
  9. A Prayer
  10. How Do We Fix Africa?
  11. Haikus
  12. Sonnet
  13. Shakespeare
  14. “Rant”
  15. Theoretical D**K Jokes
  16. Statistics
  17. “Art is Dead”
  18. Traditional Stand-Up
  19. “Oh Bo”
  20. “I’m Bo Yo” Encore
  21. “Love is” Encore


“Bo Burnham – Words Words Words” is presented in widescreen.  Stage is small enough to hold his piano, guitar, chair and a few other things.  He’s not a comedian that moves around a lot but for the most part, camera angles were fine.  You get a closeup of Bo, camera from behind aimed at the audience and another camera set behind the first few rows.  But the majority of the footage are closeups or when he plays an instrument.

Picture quality for the DVD is good and lighting for the show was well-done.  It would have been nice to see audience fan reaction but for the most part, the video of his Boston show was well-done.


“Bo Burnham – Words Words Words” is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.  There is a good amount of surround usage for the crowd ambiance but for the most part, dialogue and music is clear through the front and center channels.

There are no English subtitles but closed captions are included.


“Bo Burnham – Words Words Words” comes with two music videos:

  • “Words, Words Words” Music Video
  • “Oh Bo” Music Video

Bo Burnham is definitely a comedian of the Internet age.  It’s a style of comedy that is so random, absurd, controversial and it’s like his comedy goes into tangents of whatever he feels like talking about and then starts playing a piano or the guitar and just sings or raps.  It’s a style that you don’t see with many comedians and it works for Bo Burnham.

For one, Bo Burnham has charisma and youth which literally attracts women in the audience and you can literally hear them scream of how they want to sleep with him and for the guys, he comes off like a buddy who talks shit about everyone and you either laugh or are amused.  Bo Burnham’s comedy is highlighted by a young guy who likes to talk shit about whatever he wants and then show us how talented he is with his instruments as he sings or raps to the audience.

“Words Words Words” is like half comedy show, half music show and everything is random.  He says what’s on his mind, he’ll move back to his piano and play a song and come back and talk about whatever.  You really don’t know what to expect when he’s on stage.

Needless to say, his comedy is quite unsettling and although different is presentation, his shock comedy is reminiscent of the ’90s comedian Andrew Dice Clay, controversial and he could care less of how people feel.  Burnham is without the cigarettes or the wanting to nail women bit, he’s a guy in a t-shirt, jeans, a not so Justin Bieber-ish hairstyle and looks like your average young guy.  But the more you listen to his comedy, not only do you realize that he’s smart and educated (as there are very few comedians who would touch upon Shakespear or sonnets in their comedy) but he doesn’t want to be a traditional comedian.  As he has done online, this is a new generation of comedians who want to do things their own way.

And his way will either make you love his comedy or make you sick of him.

Bo Burnham will go into tangents such as saying he would like to do a 69 with a Black woman not as a joke but so he can create yin and yang.  How he calls his Black friend Jamal even though his name is Randy or one time doing an impression of Smeagol of “Lord of the Rings” and having sex with a Black girl and saying “Oh, Precious”.

When he discusses statistics, Burnham says that “1 out of the 44 U.S. Presidents can dunk”, “The average child of Sarah Palin is 46.2 chromosomes”, “.27 percent of all Jenga games are played on 9/11”.

When discussing haiku, Burnham said, “Do unto others as you would want done to you… said the rapist.”, “If you’re friend calls, don’t answer the phone if he’s Asian” or other bits that come at random in which Burnham says, ““How old is too old to stop believing in the tooth fairy, cause my cousin is fourteen years old and he still believes in gay marriage.”

When asked that he covers so much taboo subjects, is there one subject that he would never take on and he answers, “white people… haven’t they gone through so much already”.

Bo Burnham’s comedy is subjective…you are either going to love it or hate it.  Enjoy it or feel very ticked off by it.  So, needless to say, “Words Words Words” is not a DVD that people who are sensitive are not going to watch and see.  Otherwise, if you are not offended by his controversial jokes, then you are fine.

Again, his comedy style is quite random…half prose/half music, the fact is that Bo Burnham is talented but whether or not his jokes are appropriate for you, is up to you.  The people who have brought him to popularity are those on YouTube or that love his style of comedy and he doesn’t water it down.  He brings that style of entertainment that you see on his videos online to the stage and in many ways, the presentation is quite fresh because he doesn’t follow traditional comedians and their style of delivery. It’s nothing new but at the same time, how its presented is quite clever.

I also believe that because he is very young, a lot of his comedy and the things he says goes over well with this young crowd, because anyone older and saying this material will probably not receive the same results.  And as mentioned, because of his looks and his presentation, he is one of the few comedians where you will hear women screaming that they want to have sex with him during his performance.

Overall, Bo Burnham’s “Words Words Words” is an interesting, random, entertaining and absurd Comedy Central DVD.  It’s definitely different than any comedy-based DVD I have watched and reviewed and as mentioned, although the music/comedy is not new, it’s all about presentation and Burnham’s presentation is quite original.

Otherwise, if you are sensitive to racial jokes or controversial topics, this DVD is clearly not for you.  But if you are part of that crowd who has followed Burnham’s jokes online, on Youtube or other video-based site and loved his performances or his style of comedy, then “Words Words Words” is definitely for you!

Comedian Greg Giraldo, dead at 44

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CULVER CITY, CA - AUGUST 01: Comedian Greg Giraldo arrives at the Comedy Central Roast Of David Hasselhoff held at Sony Pictures Studios on August 1, 2010 in Culver City, California. The 'Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff' will air on Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Greg Giraldo has died of an accidental overdose on Wednesday. Giraldo was known for his work on Comedy Central and also “Last Comic Standing” on NBC.

Comedy Central has issued the following statement:

“The tragic news of Greg’s passing hits us very, very hard. Greg has been a close member of the Comedy Central family for years, injecting his energy and wicked sense of humor into countless projects. The comedy community lost a brother today. Our thoughts are with his family.”

NBC’s Last Comic Standing issued the following statement:

“Greg was one of the most talented comedians of our time. He was truly brilliant. His work will surely continue to influence and inspire us. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

RIP Greg!

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