KINO Video/KINO International/KINO Lorber (a J!-ENT Listing of All KINO Blu-ray and DVD Reviews)

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Kino International was founded in 1977 as a theatrical distribution company specializing in classics and foreign language art films. The company began operation with a license to handle theatrical distribution of the Janus Collection, a library containing over 100 important European and Asian art films of the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Kino now boasts a catalog of over five hundred films — one of the most important libraries of classic and contemporary world cinema titles available to the home video collector — and has been honored by numerous critical accolades, including the prestigious Heritage Award from the National Society of Film Critics for its work in film preservation in 2002 and 2003.

The following is a list of all the KINO VIDEO/KINO INTERNATIONAL/KINO LORBER Blu-ray and DVD’s we have reviewed on J!-ENT thus far.

Note: Reviews are from 1999-Present

5 Broken Cameras

Abraham Lincoln

Amal Akbar & Tony


Avant-Garde: Experimental Cinema of the 1920s and ’30s: Ménilmontant by Dimitri Kirsanoff


Battleship Potemkin 

Beggars of Life

Big Joy: The Adventures of Jim Broughton

Bird of Paradise

The Birth of a Nation

Blank City

The Blue Angel (2-Disc Ultimate Collection)

The Blue Angel: Special Two-Disc Collection

Boccaccio ’70

The Bubble

Buster Keaton: The Short Films Collection 1920-1923

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Café de Flore

Casanova ’70 (as part of the “Great Italian Directors Collection”)

The Cat and the Canary: The Photoplay Restoration (as part of the “American Silent Horror Collection”)

The Charley Chase Collection Vol. 2: Dog Shy

Charlotte Rampling: The Look

The Cigarette Girl of Mosselprom

City of Life and Death


Computer Chess

The Constance Talmadge Collection: Her Night of Romance

The Constance Talmadge Collection: Her Sister From Paris

David Holzman’s Diary: Special Edition

Dawson City: Frozen Time


Deutschland 83

The Devil Bat

The Devil’s Needle & Other Tales of Vice and Redemption

Diary of a Lost Girl

Die Nibelungen: Special Edition

Dormant Beauty

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Deluxe Edition

Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler

Drawing Flies: Anniversary Edition

Edge of Dreaming


The Epic of Everest

A Farewell to Arms


Fear and Desire

Film Socialisme

A Fool There Was

Foolish Wives

Fritz Lang: The Earlier Works

Gaumont Treasures Vol. 2 1908-1916

The General

Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould – Director’s Cut

The Gianfranco Rosi Collection

The Girl on a Motorcycle

Giorgio Moroder presents Metropolis

Go West and Battling Butler

Gog in 3-D

Going Places

Goodbye to Language 3D

The Good Fairy (as part of the “Glamour Girls” DVD Box Set)

Great Directors

Great Italian Directors Collection

Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation

– Gueros

happily ever after (Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d’enfants)

Harry Langdon…the forgotten clown: Long Pants

Hell’s House


The Hitch-Hiker

if i were you

Ingrid Bergman in Sweden

Intermezzo (as part of the “Ingrid Bergman in Sweden” DVD Box Set)

Intolerance (as part of the Griffith Masterworks DVD Box Set)

It/Clara Bow: Discovering the “It” Girl

It Felt Like Love

Jafar Panahi’s Taxi

June Night (as part of the “Ingrid Bergman in Sweden” DVD Box Set)

King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery to Memphis


La Chinoise

La Ronde

The Last of England

Le Gai Savoir

Le Quattro Volte

Les Vampires

Life of Riley

Little Fugitive

Little Lord Fauntleroy



Lost Keaton (DVD)

Lost Keaton (Blu-ray)

Mademoiselle Chambon

Manuscripts Don’t Burn

Marriage Italian Style

Mauvais Sang

The Max Linder Collection

The Messenger

Metropolis: The Complete Metropolis

Metropolis: Restored Authorized Edition

More Than Honey

Mountains May Depart

The Navigator

Neon Bull

The Norma Talmadge Collection: Kiki

The Norma Talmadge Collection: Within the Law



Nothing Sacred


The Ocean Waif (as part of “The Ocean Waif plus 49-17”)

Of Human Bondage

Our Hospitality

Pandora and the Flying Dutchman

The Penalty


Rabin, the Last Day


The Red Chapel

The Retrieval

The Robber

Russian Ark

The Sacrifice: Remastered Edition

Sample This: The Birth of Hip Hop

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

The Saphead

Scarlet Street

The Scent of Green Papaya

Seven Chances

The Sheik

Sherlock Jr. and Three Ages

Shoot the Sun Down: Restored Director’s Cut

Sidewalk Stories


The Son of the Sheik

The Sound of Insects

The Spiders (DVD)

The Spiders (Blu-ray)

A Star is Born

Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Story of a Love Affair (as part of the “Great Italian Directors Collection”)

The Stranger


A Summer in La Goulette

They Made Me a Fugitive

Those Redheads from Seattle

A Touch of Sin

Two in the Wave

United Red Army


Vice & Virtue


The Wanderers

Way Down East

We Won’t Grow Old Together

The Well-Digger’s Daughter

Who is Harry Nilsson (and Why is Everybody Talkin’ About Him)?

– Who’s Crazy?

Winnebago Man

Winter Sleep

A Woman’s Face (as part of the “Ingrid Bergman in Sweden” DVD Box Set)

The Woodmans

A Year in Burgundy

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Young Doctors in Love


Mifune: The Last Samurai to screen this Friday in NYC!

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Catch MIFUNE: THE LAST SAMURAI at the IFC Center in New York THIS FRIDAY November 25th

and nationwide December 2nd


Get tickets for IFC Center HERE!


Find the complete list of play dates below!

Don’t forget to check out the retrospective at Laemmle’s Ahrya Fine Arts along with MIFUNE: THE LAST SAMURAI:



12/04 – HIGH & LOW




11/25/16    IFC Center  New York, NY

12/02/16    Laemmle-Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre  Beverly Hills, CA

12/02/16    Landmark’s Kendall Square Cinema  Cambridge, MA

12/09/16    Landmark Theatres  San Francisco, CA

12/09/16    Landmark’s Shattuck Cinemas  Berkeley, CA

12/16/16    Sie Film Center  Denver, CO

12/16/16    Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Ctr  New Orleans, LA

12/16/16    Parkway Theatre  Pittsburgh, PA (McKee’s Rock)

01/06/17    Jean Cocteau Cinema  Santa Fe, NM

01/06/17    Grand Illusion  Seattle, WA

02/03/17    Landmark’s Ken Cinema  San Diego, CA


Directed by Steven Okazaki

Narrated by Keanu Reeves

Features Interviews with Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Teruyo Nogami, Kyoko Kagawa, Yoshio Tsuchiya, Takeshi Kato and Yoko Tsukasa


Mifune: The Last Samurai, a new film by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Okazaki, explores the accidental movie career of Toshiro Mifune, one of the true giants of world cinema.  Mifune made 16 remarkable films with director Akira Kurosawa during the Golden Age of Japanese Cinema, including Rashomon, Seven Samurai and Yojimbo.  Together they thrilled audiences and influenced filmmaking around the world, providing direct inspiration for not only The Magnificent Seven and Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood’s breakthrough, A Fistful of Dollars, but also George Lucas’ Star Wars.


Mifune – wry, charismatic and deadly – re-invented the modern movie hero.  “A lot of people try to imitate Mifune,” says Steven Spielberg, “especially when they’re playing strong and silent, but nobody can.  He was unique in all the world.”


Watch the trailer:

Liverpool on DVD from Kino International – November 30, 2010

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New York, NY – October 18, 2010 – Kino International is proud to release Liverpool (2008) on DVD, Lisandro Alonso’ s internationally acclaimed Argentinean feature about an itinerant sailor traveling home to his estranged mother in Tierra del Fuego. Using non-professional actors he met in the area, it is a strikingly authentic look at life on the margins of society.

The film premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and traveled around the world (it was selected to the Toronto, Rio De Janeiro, Hong Kong, and Rotterdam festivals, among numerous others). Liverpool was also featured in a full retrospective of Alonso’s films at the Museum of Modern Art in 2010, andwill now prebook on November 2, 2010, on DVD. With a SRP of $29.95, Liverpool will become available to the general public on November 30.

LIverpool Still

Farrel (Juan Fernández) is an enigmatic seaman who takes shore leave from a massive, lonely cargo ship in order to make the arduous journey to a remote sawmill on the southern tip of South America. With his sole company a bottle of vodka, he hitchhikes in sullen silence, trudging past stunning snow  swept landscapes (beautifully shot by Lucio Bonelli), as unspoken tragedies rattle around in his skull. When he finally reaches his mother, he discovers he has been forgotten, a ghost to his family and his hometown.

The lead actor, Fernández, was working in a snow plow when Alonso met him during his travels. Alonso has cast non-professionals since his debut feature, La Libertad (2001, named one of the ten best films of the decade by Cinema Scope magazine), choosing to work on the thin boundary between documentary and fiction. Because of this unique style, Manohla Dargis of the NY Times called Alonso “one of the more prominent filmmakers to emerge from Argentine cinema”, in her review of Liverpool.

He is attracted to locations first, sketching out a brief outline of a story once he gets there, and then finds locals to enact the tale. His films are documents of the varying landscapes of Argentina as much as evocative stories about the hardscrabble life of solitary working-class men. He has said, “For me, making films is an excuse to see different places and people.”

For Liverpool, his fourth film (the others are Los Muertos (2004) and Fantasma (2006)),  he became entranced with a magazine story about Tierra del Fuego, and then traveled multiple times through the province, even living on the freighter that would later carry Farrel down the coast, from Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego.

Alonso made the five-day journey twice, living on the lowest deck. So every bead of sweat or trudge through the snow that Fernández experienced, Alonso also experienced, lending every carefully composed shot the ring of truth. The  film, as Keith Uhlich wrote in his five star review for Time Out NY, is an “enigmatic masterpiece.”


Director: Lisandro Alonso
Screenplay: Lisandro Alonso and Salvador Roselli
Cinematographer: Lucio Bonelli
Sound: Catriel Vildosola
Music: Flormaleva
Art Director: Gonzalo Delgado
Editing: Lisandro Alonso, Fernando Epstein, Martin Mainoli, and Sergi Dies
A Production of 4L (Argentina), Fortuna Films (NL), Slot Machine (F)
In Co-Production with Eddie Saeta (E), Black Forest Films (D)
With Support from INCAA, Hubert Bals Fund, Rotterdam IFF, World Cinema Fund, Programa IBERMEDIA

82 minutes
1.85 Aspect Ratio, Enhanced for 16×9 Televisions
5.1 Dolby Surround
Spanish with Optional English Subtitles
Interview with the Director
Stills Gallery


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As a cinema fan, if there is one thing that wished that I have done earlier was to focus my DVD purchases on releases from THE CRITERION COLLECTION.  I look back now and just realized how many terrific films I have missed out on. I’ve found myself becoming quite enamored with every release I have purchased.  Watching the film and enjoying it tremendously.  The remastering of these classic films by the company are fantastic and each special feature and audio commentary are just informative and enjoyable.

I have purchased THE CRITERION COLLECTION releases in the past.  My first was SUPER COP on LaserDisc and I believe that I then bought the following via DVD: Seven Samurai (first version on DVD), Armageddon, Rock, The Royal Tennebaums and other titles.  But really, I have missed out on a large number of titles that many have told me are fantastic.

Well, not this time.

Especially now that they are coming out on Blu-ray which are so impressive, I have not been disappointed by any of the Blu-ray releases so far.  There are titles that I feel will not come out on Blu-ray and titles that will but it will take some time.  With over 500 titles in the collection and 4 to 6 titles released per month, I figure that perhaps now is a good time to catch up on titles that I missed.

My Criterion Collection

I know that the titles are not exactly budget priced but the fact is that we near the holidays, there will be awesome sales.  With certain online stores such as to B&M stores such as Barnes and Noble having the occasional 40-50% off on Blu-ray and DVD releases, I figure now is the great time to act upon building my collection.  But with over 500 titles, it will take me a long time to read each review.  So, I did the following, I created a list on excel and PDF based on the listing provided on THE CRITERION COLLECTION website.

The spreadsheet is listed in Spine #, Title, Director, DVD or Blu-ray release and rating.  The rating system is based on Leonard Maltin’s Movie & Video Guide.

The purpose of this is that when I go to a store and see a title, I can go on my cell phone.  View the PDF or Excel file and quickly look over to see if I own the title already and what rating Mr. Maltin gave it.  This was created for own personal use whenever I go to the store (once upon a time I used to carry his book in my car before I go film hunting).

But I figured, others out there may benefit from it as well, so I would like to share these files with you.