Tonight on The Joy Behar Show: Paul Reiser on NBC and Chelsea Handler on Angeline Jolie

May 11, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Top of the evening to you! Here’s a sneak peek from tonight’s The Joy Behar Show with Chelsea Handler and Paul Reiser (great show, right!?!), who ripped into NBC for cancelling his show. Comedienne night on The Joy Behar Show is AWESOME! Here’s what happened:

Chelsea talked about how she got herself in hot water after making fun of Angelina Jolie a few months back. Chelsea says she will never apologize for a joke, ever.  Here’s what she had to say:

“It shouldn’t have gotten a lot of press because I’ve been making fun of Angelina Jolie since she made-out with her brother.”

She went on to say that…

“I would never speak for anyone else – or any of my friends –  I’m speaking from my heart and soul when I call someone a home wrecker.”

She also talks about her hit TV show, “Chelsea Lately,” and how she deals with notes from the network. “I delete those immediately when I get those on my Blackberry.” Such a pistol.

Check it out: