Switched at Birth: Volume One (a J!-ENT DVD Review)

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“Switched at Birth” has become my favorite drama series from ABC Family.  The first ten episodes featured in vol. 1 were well-written, well-performed and for the most part, a series that captivated me from beginning to end.  If you are looking for a family drama series, don’t hesitate in giving “Switched at Birth” a chance.  Definitely recommended!

Images courtesy of © ABC Family. All Rights Reserved.

TITLE: Switched at Birth: Volume One

DURATION: 435 minutes (10 episodes)

DVD INFORMATION: NTSC, Region 1, Widescreen (1:78:1), NTSC, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish and French

RATED: TV 14 DSLV (Parental Discretion Advised)

COMPANY: abc family

RELEASE DATE: June 7, 2011

Directed by Steve Miner

Written by Lizzy Weiss, Chad Fiveash, Becky Hartman Edwards, James Patrick Stoteraux

Produced by Shawn Wilt, Sean Reycraft

Executive Producer: Paul Stupin, Lizzy Weiss, John Ziffren

Co-Executive Producer: Chad Fiveash, Joy Gregory, Becky Hartman Edwards, James Patrick Stoteraux

Associate Producer: Tom Summers

Music by John Swihart

Cinematography by Russ T. Alsobrook

Edited by Peter Basinski, Debby Germino, Susan Kobata

Casting by Deedee Bradley

Series Production Design by Greg J. Grande

Art Direction by Richard J. Ramirez, Jr.

Set Decoration by Richard C. Walker

Costume Design by Julia Schklair, Lisa Eisler


Sean Berdy as Emmett

Lucas Grabeel as Toby Kennish

Katie Leclerc as Daphne Vasquez

Vanessa Marano as Bay Kennish

Constance Marie as Regina Vasquez

D.W. Moffett as John Kennish

Lea Thompson as Kathryn Kennish

Ivonne Coll as Adrianna

Austin Butler as Wilke

Blair Redford as Ty

Charles Michael Davis as Liam

Meeghan Holaway as Amanda Burke

Marlee Matlin as Melody

Jason Brooks as Bruce

Bay Kennish, a talented graffiti artist with an edgy streak, grew up in a wealthy family with happily married parents and an older brother. Daphne Vasquez, an athletic teenager who lost her hearing at an early age, grew up with a single mother in a working class neighborhood. When the girls’ worlds collide, family bonds are tested, new romances are sparked, and they start to learn that it’s who they are inside that matters, not where they grew up. Relive the girls’ journey and catch up before the premiere with “Switched At Birth: Volume 1.” Including all 10 episodes plus exclusive collectible iPod skins, this two-disc set is a must-own for every fan!

“Switched at Birth” is a unique teen drama series that manages to capture the life of the American teenager but also inclusion of storylines that center around those who are deaf.

The opening premiere gave the ABC Family network its highest-rated premiere with 22-episodes being planned for release in 2012, ABC Family is now releasing the first ten episodes on DVD via “Switched at Birth: Volume One”.

“Switched at Birth” is a series that focuses on two families, one family is the wealthy Kennish family featuring former Kansas City Royals baseball player John Kennish (played by D.W. Moffett, “Thirteen”, “Traffic”, “Falling Down”), his wife Kathryn Kennish (played by Leah Tompson, “Back to the Future” films, “Caroline in the City”), their daughter Bay Kennish (played by Vanessa Marano, “The Clique”, “The Brooke Ellison Story”) and son Toby Kennish (played by Lucas Grabeel, “High School Musical” films, “Milk”).

The other family is the Vasquez family which consists of single mother Regina Vasquez (played by Constance Marie, “George Lopez”, “Selena”) and her daughter Daphne (played by Katie Leclerc, “Veronica Mars”, “Flying By”) and Selena’s mother Adriana (played by Ivonne Coll, “Lean on Me”, “The Godfather: Part II”).

The series begins with Bay Kennish wanting to know why she looks so different from her parents. It has always bothered her but when she asks her parents for a favor to do DNA testing, her parents do just that and they find out that Bay is not their true blood daughter and that the hospital made a mistake and their baby was switched at birth with the Vasquez family.

So, immediately both families meet and despite Bay initiating the tests, she is not too thrilled that she is not the real blood daughter and to see Daphne, a redhead young woman being raised by a Puerto Rican mother.   She is also deaf.

Immediately, after discovering who their true blood daughter is and that their children were switched at birth, knowing that the Vasquez are not in the best financial state, offers to let the Vasquez family to live in the guest room.  Also, it can help the Kennish family get to learn more about their daughter.

But immediately, the Kennish family wants Daphne to go to the best school, consider having surgery to give her a chance to hear and a lot of parenting things that go against how Regina has raised her daughter and sure enough, this leads to various rifts between both Regina and Kathryn on how Daphne is to be raised.

Meanwhile, Daphne  starts to learn that she gets her fiery temper but also her interest in art through her real blood mother Regina.  And as quick as she found her real mother, Bay now wants to find who her real father is.

But because Bay tends to do things without thinking about if first, she and Daphne tend to clash. Especially when it comes to guys as Daphne starts to take a liking to Bay’s ex-boyfriend Liam and Bay takes an interest in Daphne’s childhood friend Ty.

Meanwhile, as the Kennish family are pursuing a lawsuit against the hospital and wanting nothing more but a public apology, they receive distressing news that their lawsuit may not go far, because of something that Regina has done in the past.

The main characters of “Switched At Birth” are:

Bay Kennish (played by Vanessa Marano) – A teenager who is curious about if her parents are her real parents because she looks different from them.  When she and her parents submit to a DNA test, it is realized that Vanessa is not blood related to the Kennish family.  So now, Vanessa wants to know who her real mother and father are?

Daphne Vasquez (played by Katie Leclerc) – The true daughter of the Kennish family who was switched at birth.  Daphne was raised by a single parent named Regina who is Puerto Rican.  At the age of three, she had meningitis and lost her hearing.  While deaf, she can read lips and is able to communicate by speaking.

Toby Kennish (played by Lucas Grabeel) – Bay Kennish’s younger brother who is in a rock band.  Has a major gambling problem.

Emmett (played by Sean Berdy) – Grew up with Daphne and both are best friends and is also a drummer.  Emmet can hear but can’t speak.  Emmet has always been on love with Daphne but she never looked at him but only as a friend.  So, Emmett starts to fall for Bay.

Kathryn Kennish (played by Lea Thompson) – Kathryn is Bay’s mother but found out that her blood daughter is Daphne.  So, she tries to know her real daughter but sometimes gets into altercations with Regina on Daphne’s upbringing.

John Kennish (played by D.W. Moffett) – A former professional baseball player and the patriarch of the Kennish family and business owner.  Loves his family but is also very strict.  Like Kathryn, he is trying to get to know Daphne after finding out that his children were switched at birth.

Regina Vasquez (played by Constance Marie) – Regina is Daphne’s mother and finds out her real blood daughter is Bay.  Often at odds with Kathryn on how Daphne should be raised.  Very secretive when it comes to the father of Bay.  Lives with Daphne and her mother and have relocated to the Kennish guest room.

Melody (played by Marlee Matlin) – Emmet’s deaf mother.  She is a guidance counselor at Daphne’s school and also interested in John Kennish’s sports past.

Wilke (played by Austin Butler)  – Toby’s best friend who likes Daphne.  Wilke also has a major gambling problem.

“Switched at Birth: Volume One” DVD comes with a total of 10 episodes on two DVD’s. Here is a spoiler-less summary of each episode:


  • EPISODE 1 – This is Not a Pipe – Lives change for the Kennish and Vasquez family when they find out that their daughters are not their true daughters but were accidentally switched at birth.
  • EPISODE 2 – American Gothic – While getting used to the Vasquez living with them, for the Kennish family, they are not too sure how they feel about Daphne riding on a motorcycle with Emmett.
  • EPISODE 3 – Portrait of My Father – Bay starts to ask Regina’s questions about her biological father, meanwhile John starts to watch Daphne’s basketball playing.
  • EPISODE 4 – Dance Amongst Daggers – Bay finds out that Daphne is dating her ex-boyfriend Liam and Daphne finds out that Bay is dating her good friend Ty.
  • EPISODE 5 – Dogs Playing Poker – Toby tries to use Daphne and Emmett face reading skills in winning at gambling.


  • EPISODE 6 – The Persistence of Memory – Kathryn gets Daphne to try out a cooking class at Buckner Hall.
  • EPISODE 7 – The Stag Hunt – Bay and Emmett, along with Daphne go to find out who her father is.  Meanwhile, John and Kathryn’s lawsuit against the hospital starts to go awry when it is revealed they have something on Regina.
  • EPISODE 8 – Pandora’s Box – Daphne opens Regina’s guitar case to find pictures of Bay whens she was younger.  And Regina’s secret is revealed.
  • EPISODE 9 – Paradise Lost – After being kicked out of the Kennish home, Regina is trying to make amends with her daughters and with the Kennish family.
  • EPISODE 10 – The Homecoming – Bay’s real father Angelo (played by Gilles Marini) comes out of nowhere to visit his daughters.  But does he have other ulterior motives?


“Switched at Birth: Volume One” is presented in widescreen (1:78:1) and for the most part, the picture quality is satisfactory for this drama series. Also, it helps that the series features various settings, including many outdoor shots which definitely makes the PQ for the DVD much better.

Audio is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. The series is front and center channel driven, dialogue is clear and understandable and music comes out quite clear from the front channels. The series is not the type of series that utilizes special effects or the use of the surround channels but if you have a modern home theater receiver and a 5.1 or 7.2 setup, definitely worth selecting audio on all channels on the receiver for a more immersive soundscape.

Subtitles are in English SDH.


“Switched at Birth: Volume One” surprisingly comes with no special features at all.


“Switched at Birth: Volume One” comes with a slip cover case plus “Switched at Birth” iPod stickers.

I am definitely enjoying ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth”.  I love the characters but I also love the complexity of how things are between family and friends.

For example, to compare with another ABC Family show “The Secret Life of an American Teenager”, I dislike how everyone from different circles manages to be stuck within their circle (including main characters dating each other within that circle) and everyone gets a long so perfectly.  As much as I have enjoyed the show, those situations tend to be a major pet peeve of mine when it comes to that series.

With “Switched at Birth”, the writers are not afraid to bring in newer characters, even for love interests but then not afraid to move on without certain characters.  Also, nothing is hunky dory with these characters.  There is always drama and just when you think these families are going to click with each other, something will drive them apart.

If anything, life is not perfect and writers are not quick to submit to happy endings for these characters.

Also, it’s interesting how they take on the characters that are deaf.    The series looks convincingly real and I thought that actress Katie Leclerk (who plays Daphne) was actually deaf, until she had a dream she was a normal girl and was talking perfectly.  So, for her to play a deaf girl and having that similar speech pattern, I was quite impressed.  She does a fantastic job playing the role.  As well as actor Sean Berdy who play the role of Emmett.  He may be able to hear, but he can’t talk and if anything, his face really tells you what kind of emotion he is feeling.

But so far, casting has been spot-on with this series.  Both young and older talents of the series do a wonderful and believable job so far in these ten episodes.

While, there are some major developments that take place towards the final three episodes, it’ll be interesting to see how the series will go, once the series comes back to television in Jan. 2012.  Things have not always been the best between the Kennish and Vasquez families, especially between Bay and Daphne….but obviously, how things ended in episode 10, you have a feeling that something bad is going to happen between these two characters?

But with ten-episodes, I watched each of these episodes in a quick marathon and was pretty captivated to the storyline from beginning to end.    I just wished there was more added to the DVD.  May it be interviews or even special features or gag reel, that would have been great to see.

Overall, “Switched at Birth”  is an enjoyable drama series on ABC Family and I’m hooked!  If you are looking for a very good family drama on television, don’t hesitate in giving “Switched at Birth” a try!

Definitely recommended!

Q&A with Blair Redford of ABC Family’s “The Lying Game” (J!-ENT Interviews and Articles)

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Blair Redford (“The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Burlesque”) stars in the new ABC Family series “The Lying Game”.

In the new one-hour scripted drama, actress Alexandra Chando plays Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer, twins who did not grow up with each other.

Emma Becker grew up in foster care, while Sutton Mercer grew up with a loving, wealthy family. And the two have come face-to-face and realize that both are sisters. Emma agrees to impersonate her sister while Sutton goes to Los Angeles to find her real biological parents. But for some reason, when Sutton is supposed to return back home, Emma feels that something may have happened.

Now Emma may have to come clean and risk her own safety in the hope of uncovering her twin sister’s whereabouts.

In the series, Blair Redford plays the role of Ethan Whitehorse, Sutton’s secret boyfriend who figures out that Emma as Sutton is not the real Sutton.

Also, starring in”The Lying Game” are Alexandra Chando (“As the World Turns”) as Emma/Sutton,  Andy Buckley (“The Office”) as Ted, Helen Salter (“Supergirl”) as Kristin,  Sharon Pierre-Louis (“Lincoln Heights) as Nisha, Kirsten Prout (“Kyle XY”) as Char, Alice Greczyn (“Lincoln Heights”) as Mads and Allie Gonino (“10 Things I Hate About You”) as Laurel.

With the premiere of ABC Family’s “The Lying Game” set for 9pm on August 15th, Alexandra Chando recently took part in a media Q&A to promote the series.

Here is a transcript from the media Q&A:

Moderator  What do you think it is about The Lying Game that is going to attract viewers to it?

B. Redford  In my opinion, I think it’s going to be the cliffhangers they leave every week. I think if a person can just be sold on watching one episode then they are going to get hooked from there. Every week when they turn in new scripts to us to look over, I’m just really pleased and blown away at how strong the cliffhangers are, and it makes you want to see the next script immediately.


Moderator  The audience is only one episode into The Lying Game so far, but after the twins it’s sort of been all about Ethan’s story, and without giving too much away, what can we expect from your character as the story unfolds?

B. Redford    I think the main thing that you’ll get to experience with Ethan, the most interesting part of his story is that he’s obviously in this relationship with Sutton, which is more of a secret relationship, and then when Emma comes along it’s a very peculiar situation. It’s like when a guy gets a duplicate of his current girlfriend and she’s everything she is and maybe a little more, so it’s sort of this fantastic idea. We’ve all got problems with our girlfriends, and what if there was a twin out there of her, a clone, that was slightly better? And so you’ll see him struggle with that, because he has an allegiance to Sutton, in a way, but then he starts building feelings for Emma, too. I think it was a fun thing to act, and I think it will be a fun thing to watch.


Moderator  You were cast on The Young and the Restless pretty early in your career, and other actors have told me that daytime soaps can be like TV boot camp, because the work schedule is such. Has that been your experience, and how is that compared to working on The Lying Game?

B. Redford   Yes, I did The Young and the Restless pretty much right away when I moved to Los Angeles. And that’s a good word for it. It’s definitely like a TV boot camp. The pace is really fast, you have to cover a lot of pages a day, shooting, so it definitely preps you for other television work. And did you say what’s the difference shooting that and The Lying Game?


Moderator   Right.

B. Redford   Yes, it’s obviously—you have a little more time. It’s mainly just general differences between daytime and prime time. In prime time you are spending almost a week and a half on an episode, and you’re on locations a lot. With soaps you’re pretty much in the studio the entire time doing interiors, so yes, those are the main differences.


Moderator     Now what is it about Ethan that allows Emma to continue to her charade as Sutton?

B. Reford    Well, I think he definitely feels so close to Sutton, first of all, and so I think the main reason he goes into this is he wants to help Sutton out, which is kind of like his girlfriend, even though it’s his secret girlfriend. I think he cares deeply for her right now, and with her twin sister Emma telling him the plan, I think he’s on board to help them reach their goal of solving this mystery of their birth and the separation and their mother. But then I also think immediately he feels a strong connection to Emma, and so whether he wants to admit it to himself or not, I think he’s glad to be along for the ride because he’s enjoying this time he gets with Emma.


Moderator   Now considering you were a member of Black Knights Stunts, how much action will we see from your character?

B. Redford    That’s funny that you ask. I remember having lunch with our executive producer, Chuck Pratt, when we got the pick-up for the series, and I told him right away if there’s any room for stunts or action we’ve got to write it in. And he sat back in his chair and looked at me and he’s like, “Dude, you’re going to get in a fight like in every other episode in this show.” I was glad to hear that. It’s nothing major, no boxing matches, but they’ve made it a choice that Ethan is definitely a bit of a hothead. He has some anger issues, when he gets revved up it’s hard to calm him down.   In protecting the twins and things like that, there are definitely some fists thrown here and there.


Moderator   Sounds like fun.

B. Redford   It is.


Moderator     You mentioned the cliffhangers, but when you’re reading the scripts are you surprised by Ethan’s actions and responses as well, or are you already pretty in sync with him and generally know what to expect?

B. Redford    I definitely feel I’m pretty in sync with Ethan now, but still the writers are so good at what they’re doing and crafting these surprises and theses twists and turns that are vital to a story like this. So, the fun part about it is they may surprise me with a plot point, or a particular storyline, and then immediately my mind is racing on, “Oh, this is great because Ethan would do it like this, or he would experience it like this,” so it’s kind of a collaboration between me as the actor and the writers doing their thing. If that answers your question, that’s kind of what takes place.


Moderator   Obviously you and Alexandra film a lot of scenes together. How does it compare for you when you move from a one-on-one scene with her to something that involves a bit more of the cast?

B. Redford    I would say that 90% of my work is with her so far. Well, because we’re shooting a lot we’ve become really close, and we’ve got all our inside jokes down on set and all of that, so it’s like working with a best friend. And then everybody else comes into the mix and it’s fun too, then it’s like a party. We have more people to play off of. And honestly, I guess it kind of welcomed sometimes. I’ve always joked with her, I’ll be like, finally, I’m doing a scene with another actor besides Alex. I’ll make sure she overhears it in the makeup room or whatever. But, it’s good all around.


Moderator  I noticed that it looks like your Twitter account is fairly new.

B. Redford     Yes, I just started that up.


Moderator     Do you hope to interact more with fans, not just keeping tabs, but kind of dropping a line?

B. Redford     Yes, I think that’s a nice point of it. I mainly did it because the fake ones kept popping up, and there’s no way for people to know whether or not it was me, so I had to stop other people from putting words in my mouth.


Moderator    Do you think that now with your Twitter account and your Facebook account, do you think that would try to attribute to more success of the show with you interacting with more fans?  You know, keeping them more abreast of things?

B. Redford     Yeah, I hope so. I think it’s kind of a tool that shows and actors are using these days, and you almost can’t deny it anymore, so I wanted to hop on board. If it helps the fans get into a series, if it helps them feel more connected to the actors, then that’s great, I think we should be there for them. I mean, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing without the fans. But, I will say you mentioned the Facebook page, and if you’ve been looking at one of those, I don’t have one of those yet.


Moderator     That’s not you on there.

B. Redford    No, no. None of those are me.


Moderator   Oh, alright. That’s pretty interesting to know because—

B. Redford    That might be my next step, to clear that up—


Moderator    and get an official page on there.

B. Redford   Yes, yes.


Moderator    After helping to launch—this is your second hit show in one summer, which is kind of cool, what would you say is next for Blair Redford? Where do you want to go from here?

B. Redford   Well, we’re so early on in the launch of The Lying Game, I think it’s hard to say, strategically, what I’m going to try to do next, because I don’t know what my schedule is. I’m really hoping we do well with this show, and if that’s the case, I’ll be busy through the majority of the year and other seasons with this. That’s what I’m hoping for, for now. I really like this character and I like this show, I like the writing, I like where they’re going with it. So, beyond that, I’d love to find a nice film to do during my hiatus, whether it’s between this and our pick-up or a backorder or if it’s between first and second season. I’d love to find a nice film to do in that spare time.


Moderator    A good action movie, right?

B. Redford    It could be action. I’m kind of game for a couple different genres. Whatever seems to fit right.


Moderator  If you could go back to 2004 and talk to your younger self, sort of when you were first starting out, right? What advice would you give?

B. Redford   That’s funny. I guess there’s a lot I’d want to say. I think when you’re an actor moving out to LA, one of your main concerns is that you don’t know how it’s all going to start. But, I think that’s part of the fun too, kind of that nervous energy, and it make you hustle, and everything’s a surprise that should be enjoyed each step of the way. Well, part of me would want to go back and just like throw a hand on my younger shoulder and say, “Hey dude, it’s all going to be good. It’s going to be ups and downs and you’re going to have fun the whole way,” because it has been.


Moderator      Now, since Ethan is a hothead, can you talk about his relationship with his father?

B. Redford     Yes, sure. The short answer is it hasn’t been established yet. He lives with his brother who is played by Tyler Christopher, and I’m not quite sure if they’ve made any concrete decisions on the parents of both Ethan and Tyler who plays my brother on the show. His name is Dan, Dan Whitehorse. So, I think that will come up in the future. I’m not sure when they’re going to want to bring that info in. But, right now, I don’t know anything about the parents.


Moderator  I thought I read somewhere that your dad was supposed to be a cop or something.

B. Redford  That may be printed somewhere, because they originally wanted me living me with my father. Then, when they hired Tyler Christopher, when we were shooting the pilot they brought him in, they looked at us side-by-side, and he’s a pretty young looking guy so they said there’s no way he can play your dad. And they decided to make us brothers. Which I call it one of those happy accidents that just worked out beautifully, because there’s a lot of parents on this show, and I really like the dynamic that me and Tyler have as brothers. I think it adds a nice color to it that wouldn’t have been brought to the table if he was playing my father, or if they had found someone older to play my father.


Moderator   Okay, cool. I’ll guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

B. Redford     Yes, you’ll see in this coming episode.


Moderator    Was this the first time that you have ever met or worked with Alexandra?

B. Redford   Yes, I don’t think we crossed paths before in work or just around town. So yes, this was the first time.


Moderator      So, did that make it easier when you met each other, was it easier to get to know her and get to have a working relationship with her?

B. Redford    Yes, I think we got along really well from the very beginning. We knew right away we were going to be able to work together really easily, and we had a good chemistry together onset. So, everything went really smooth there, and it’s continued to go really well. I love to work with Alex. She’s got great instincts and what’s she’s doing is no easy feat, pulling off two characters on the same series. It’s pretty fun to watch her do what she does.


Moderator     My second question for you was, are you more like the character you play in real life, or is he different from you?

B. Redford      Yes, there are some similarities that I guess are already there, that were written I suppose. It’s kind of a difficult question to always answer because I kind of try to merge myself and put myself in the character’s shoes as much as I can, so we’re already going to have some similarities. I’d say just off the page Ethan has a really strong sense to protect his friends, protect those that he’s close to and his loved ones. I think I do that as well in life. I’m really quick to stand up for people that are in my circle. I think that’s a big part of Ethan’s makeup.


Moderator    I was wondering if you have a favorite scene or a memorable moment or something that’s been filmed so far that you could tell us a little bit about?

B. Redford    Oh, man. Gosh, there’s been a lot. Well, there’s a lot. I’m just going tell you one off the top of my head. They’ve had me training on some motorcycles lately, like dirt bikes and motorcycles, because Ethan rides several bikes in addition to his Jeep. So, they had a scene just the other night where I was coming out to have a rather serious conversation with Emma, and I’m just kind of like cruising through the desert on my dirt bike at night. I pull up to her, it’s just one of those scenes, you kill the engine, you hop off your bike, and pull your helmet off and the wind is blowing. It was pretty fun. It felt pretty epic.


Moderator      Only one episode’s aired so far, so I’m not sure how often this will occur, but when you have scenes with Alexandra, do you have issues at all, like keeping track of whether you’re talking with Emma, or whether you’re talking with Sutton?

B. Redford     So far that hasn’t been a problem at all, because most of my stuff with Sutton is through Skype conversations. So, I know that if I’m talking to Alexandra in the flesh, it’s going to be Emma. I’ll say so far. That may change.


Moderator   Do you try and watch your finished works, or do you prefer not to?

B. Redford     No, I actually prefer to watch what I’ve done. It takes a lot of work to put all of this stuff together. I mean, I know I put a lot of my time into each role that I do, so I’m very interested to see the finished product, and I think you can also learn from it. I think I like to see a scene and say, “Well, I did that well,” or see something and pinpoint something I could work on. So, I think, for me, it’s important to watch my work. Yes.


Moderator   You already went back in time and gave yourself advice, but if you could give Ethan one piece of advice, what would it be?

B. Redford   If I could give Ethan one piece of advice, I guess I’d say don’t get so excited by the hot, mean girl, because when you’re young they can seem more attractive than they are, and then they end up hurting you. That’s what I would say.


Moderator     We were just wondering over here, of all the characters on the show, why do you think it’s Ethan who questions Sutton’s identity, who is really Emma?

B. Redford     Well, I think part of it is attributed to the fact that she can take a guess at how she was supposed to respond to her parents and her friends, but a big thing is that Ethan, she had not idea she was supposed to be romantically involved with him. So, that was going to be a huge, red flag. I mean, even though him and Sutton had a secret relationship, it would be like you showed up to school one day to give your boyfriend a hug behind the bleachers, and he walked right by you and didn’t even look at you. So, it was just an immediate glitch in the switch that they did.


Moderator    If Sutton ever comes back, we definitely see some sort of triangle between Sutton, Emma, and Ethan.

B. Redford   Absolutely. Yes, Ethan and Sutton are still together, that’s his girl. He’s worked himself into an interesting situation with these two.

“The Lying Game” is on ABC Family, Mondays 9/8c

ABC Family Original Series – The Lying Game

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 “The Lying Game,” a new one-hour scripted drama, follows Emma, a kind-hearted foster kid who learns she has an identical twin sister, Sutton. Sutton, unlike Emma, was adopted by wealthy parents and is seemingly living an ideal life. After their initial meeting, Sutton talks Emma into stepping into her life for a few days while she pursues a lead on the mysterious identity of their birth mother.

After Sutton inexplicably fails to return to the girls’ designated meeting place, Emma must decide whether to come clean about her identity and risk her own safety in the hope of uncovering her twin sister’s whereabouts, along with the truth about why they were separated in the first place.

“The Lying Game” stars Alexandra Chando (“As The World Turns”) as Emma/Sutton; Andy Buckley (“The Office”) as Ted; Helen Slater (“Supergirl”) as Kristin; Blair Redford (“90210”) as Garrett; Sharon Pierre-Louis (“Lincoln Heights”) as Nisha; Kirsten Prout (“Kyle XY”) as Char; Alice Greczyn (“Lincoln Heights”) as Mads; and Allie Gonino (“10 Things I Hate About You”) as Laurel.

Charles Pratt, Jr. (“Ugly Betty,” “Desperate Housewives,” “All My Children,” “Melrose Place”) serves as executive producer and writer; Leslie Morgenstein (“Pretty Little Liars,” “The Nine Lives of Chloe King,” “Gossip Girl,” “The Vampire Diaries”) and Gina Girolamo will serve as executive producers. Produced by Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television, the series is based on the novel by author Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars).