J!-ENT’s Dennis A. Amith interviews Maki Goto

J!-ENT’s Dennis A. Amith interviews Maki Goto, the former member of Morning Musume and Pucchi Moni  who has went on to have her own solo career.  Maki recently released the mini-album for the “SWEET BLACK feat. Maki Goto” project in Japan and she talks to J!-ENT about her new album, upcoming plans and more.  Translations are by J!-ENT’s Michelley Tymon […]

Sasaki Nozomu Interview and Press Conference Q&A

The following interview and press conference with Sasaki Nozomu (佐々木) was conducted at Sakura-Con in Seattle in April 2009 by J!-ENT’s Michelle Tymon and Ian Ferguson. Note: For this interview, we use the family (last) name and then the first name second. Sasaki Nozomu has had an extensive career in the Seiyuu business. His credits include Urameshi Yusuke from “Yu […]