SCANDAL: Digital Single KOISURU UNIVERSE Available online Sunday, October 22!

First time digital-only single release

In conjunction with their Battle of the Bands tour in October, the girls of SCANDAL are releasing a digital-only single, “Koisuru Universe” is a definite killer-tune for their live performances.  The single will feature four songs in total including two new songs, and a live audio fromStorytellers: SCANDAL, the band’s 11th anniversary show held at Billboard Live Osaka on August 21.


  1. Koisuru Universe (new single 1)
  2. Futari (new single 2)
  3. Kimi to Yoru to Namida

(Billboard Live OSAKA, Aug. 21, 2017)

  1. Koe

(Billboard Live OSAKA, Aug. 21, 2017)


*Tie-in project

“Koisuru Universe”: Used for “Bourbon x SCANDAL” web anime movie


*Now available for iTunes pre-order.

“Koisuru Universe” sample audio is available for listening online.




In August, SCANDAL was formed by four junior high/high school girls who went to a dance & vocal school in Osaka.  Soon after, the four started training camps and performing at Shiroten, an outdoor performance space in Osaka Castle Park, as well as local clubs within the Kansai region.


-SCANDAL went on to release three Tower Records-only indie singles in the span of three months.  The first single, “Space Ranger”became #2 on Tower Records’ indie chart.  Their 2nd single “Koimoyou” and 3rd single“Kagerou” rose to #1.

-Their major debut single “Doll” released in October, and became a power play in 40 FM, AM, and CS radio stations.


-The band’s 1st album BESTSCANDAL debuted at #5 on Oricon chart.

-This was a first in 7.5 years for a girl band to rank in the top 5 of Oricon chart with a first album.

-SCANDAL wins the Best New Artist category of the 51st annual Japan Record Awards.


-2nd album TEMPTATION BOX debuted at #3 on Oricon chart; a career high for them.


-3rd album BABY ACTION debuted at #4 on Oricon chart.

SCANDAL becomes the first girl band in 20 years since PINK SAPPHIRE to send their first three albums in a row to the top 5.


-After only 5 years and 7 month since their formation, SCANDAL played at the famous Budokan; it is an extraordinary success for a girl band to perform after such a short amount of time.  Tickets for the performance sold out in minutes.

-Single “Taiyo Scandalous” becomes a smash hit and rises at #2 on the Oricon chart.

-In October, SCANDAL became the first Japanese artist to be used in the famous TV commercial of Microsoft Windows 8.  The girls were asked directly from the Microsoft headquarters in the US.  Superstar rock artists like Lenny Kravitz and Rolling Stones have been used in the same TV commercial in the past.

-4th album Queens are trumps debuted at #4 on Oricon chart.  They made a novel success by becoming the first band girl to send four consecutive albums to the top 5.


-Special collection album ENCORE SHOW marked #1 on Oricon daily chart.

-March 3: SCANDAL performed a solo show at Osaka Castle Hall, which was their dream venue since their indie days.  The tickets sold out in 5 minutes.  The show mobilized 10,000 and ended on a high note.

-5th album Standard debuted at #3 on Oricon chart; achieving a new record for them.


-June: SCANDAL becomes the first girl band since Princess Princess and second in history to perform an East/West arena tour, i.e. a 2-day stint at Yokohama Arena and Osaka Castle Hall (second time to perform at their dream venue).  They intrigued a total audience of 35,000.

– SCANDAL’s 6th album HELLO WORLD debuted at #3 on the Oricon chart, renewing the accomplishment of having all albums in the Oricon top 5.


-January: SCANDAL has a successful world tour, SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015 HELLO WORLD performing in 9 countries (Japan, France, UK, Germany, USA, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong)/41 shows, drawing an audience of 80,000.

-December: SCANDAL announces a Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka arena tour, SCANDAL ARENA TOUR 2015 PERFECT WORLD.  Total audience exceeds 40,000 for the first time.


-7th album YELLOW marked #2 on the Oricon Weekly chart and #1 on iTunes daily album chart.

-Aug. 21: Celebrated 10th anniversary with an outdoor show, a triumphant return to Osaka, followed by the first single-bill European tour in September.


-Their 10th anniversary greatest hits album SCANDAL marks #2 on the Oricon Weekly chart.

-In support of the greatest hits album, the band goes on a 53-show tour performing at all 47 prefectures!