CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen DLC for “CastleStorm” on Steam/PC (a J!-ENT Video Game Review)

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CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen” was a lot of fun, in fact, I had so much fun playing it that I was bummed out that Campaign mode was a bit on the short side because I enjoyed the game so much!  Yet, it’s a DLC and an awesome one at that!  Zen Studios’ “CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen” is highly recommended!

“CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen” is under the copyright of 2013 Zen Studios. All Rights Reserved.

VIDEO GAME TITLE: CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen DLC

TYPE OF GAME: Brawler/Physics Based Destruction

PLATFORM: Steam and XBOX Live Arcade


DEVELOPER: Zen Studios

RELEASE DATE: September 27, 2013

The Warrior Queen reveals a new Viking Elite troop class, plus huge additions to the arsenal of weapons available for the destruction of your enemy’s castles. We’re not joking around here: Meteor Showers, Exploding Barrels, Stormbringers, Golem Hostages, and you heard it here first: FROZEN SWORDFISH. Throw in 20 new battles and new achievements and you have an excellent addition to your favorite super 2D physics destruction tower defense brawler mashup.


In July 2013, Zen Studios unveiled their latest video game on Steam, “CastleStorm”.

A mashup of 2D physics destruction mashed with a tower defense brawler, according to Zen Studios, the game was inspired of a childhood memory of building and destroying LEGO castles.

As the first game focused on the character Sir Gareth, the game focused on Knights vs. Vikings and featured a story-driven solo campaign, a customizable castle editor, online multiplayer and co-op modes.

Weeks later, Zen Studios released their first DLC titled “From Outcast to Savior” which featured a new 20 battle campaign, new hero, Royal Guard-class troops, new weapons and achievements along with new environments. And the war against the Vikings continued as the goal was to capture the power-hungry Viking warrior, Chief Ramhorn.

And here we are with the second DLC from Zen Studios titled “CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen”. And this time around, Sir Gareth may have met his unfortunate demise, but he intends to continue and do good by helping a new class of Viking Elite warrior, the Warrior Queen to fight against the infamous Chief Ramhorn.

So, how is this DLC?  Let’s take a look at “CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen”!




“CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen” has four gameplay modes: Campaign, Skirmish, Survival and Hero Survival.


This is the main story mode of the game which allows you to play as Freia the Viking in a 2D fight mode and the other as you must send your troops to battle to steal your opponents flag or destroying their castle.

The storyline is that Sir Gareth is now a ghost after trying to save Freia. He tries to help the Viking Freia escape from prison by having a cake delivered to her with an axe inside.  Now, Freia must free her comrades and lead her troops to battle against Chief Ramhorn and his knights.

The game is rather short and can be beaten possibly in five hours or less.

During the Campaign Mode, similar to the previous “CastleStorm” games, you control Freia (and other fellow Viking friends) as you try to fight the enemy vikings with your axe.  You can clobber them or you can throw axes afar.  But it’s not that easy as the enemy has shields, some are weak and can be beaten easily, while others are in armor or you have giant beats going after you which can literally pummel the life out of you with two hits.  So, you need to stand on a distance and throw your axe while preparing for attacks on both sides and preparing to use your shield to defend yourself and attack.

I found the 2D fighting portions to be challenging and found that using a controller pad makes it much easier as defense is the key in this game.

But most of the fun is the physics destruction games in which you can earn enough gold to upgrade your projectiles such as barbed harpoons, spear guns, flaming explosive barrels, golem hostages, strombringers, beatmakers, frozen swordfish, arctic snowballs and meteor showers.

During battle (destruction games), you can use spells that sends Freia, Captain Thorvard to fight briefly or send rock showers, lightning bolts, ghost armies, blizzard or protective shields.

You can upgrade your troops such as Berserker Elites, Pack Leaders (Wolves), Bombardiers, Shamans, Motivational Chiefs, Hammer Chiefs, Valkyries, Warrior Trolls and Flying Dragons.

But remember that the other side are doing the same thing, so you need to be quick on your selections and choose the right weapons to equip for battle.

And rooms for your castle to increase military size, faster cool downs, improve pantry’s, breweries, armories and gold reproduction and more (this plays more into Skirmish Mode).

But where I find most of the intense action are the physical destruction of another castle or trying to steal their flag.  While one can see the strategy similar to “Angry Birds”, it’s not.  The opponents army is coming after you during battle, while you try to destroy the buildings with your weapons.

Your weapons don’t run out but their is a refill gauge which takes its time to fill up before you can use the weapon again.  Thus the importance of upgrading your weapons, for faster response times, stronger weapons, etc.

Skirmish Mode:

This mode allows you to play the destruction mode or play a side that must defend its flag from a hoard of knights trying to steal it.

Survival and Hero Survival Mode:

Survival and Hero Survival is a last man standing with Hero Survival allowing one to play an unlocked character right at the start as you try to survive each wave and prevent an enemy from stealing your flag or killing you.  The more you advanced with each wave, the more stronger your opponent is.



While you can you use your mouse and keyboard to move the character (A to move left, D to move right, W to jump).  I found that for me, my finger was starting to cramp, so I decided to use the XBOX 360 controller which made the game so much easier to control your character and to pull of defensive moves.

In fact, defense is going to play a major importance later in the game especially if your difficulty is set at hard.

Which is better, keyboard or controller pad?

Because of the amount of clicking I was doing with my mouse, it felt as if I was getting cramps or repetitive pain from overclicking.  So, while it may be subjective to the player, I found playing with an XBOX 360 controller made the game much more convenient in pulling off offensive and defensive moves.


Graphics for “CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen” is beautiful.    The characters and environments are wonderfully painted, special effects are well done.  Physics is well-implemented and for the most part, the game is quite colorful.

As for audio, there is not much talking…maybe with a few words and dialogue at the end of the game but pretty much you will hear short vocal sounds, a few words and mostly music.  There is some narration in certain modes as “the enemy has taken your flag”, “The enemy has dropped the flag”, etc. But audio is quite appropriate for this game.



“CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen” has replay value for those who want to challenge the game and obtain all achievements. Or to be on top of the leaderboards.


“CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen” is a fun and addictive game like the previous “CastleStorm” games.  Some modes are quite challenging especially one which requires you to be a dragon (that one took me more than hour to figure out the strategy and realize how easy it was to beat once I figured it out) and the final level as you take on Ramhorn.

But I found myself replaying a lot of the levels to obtain more gold and leveling up my army and weapons for upgrade.

I enjoyed the gameplay especially the games that required one to steal the other opponent’s flag or destroy their castle.  The weapons were pretty far out, such as the use of throwing fishes at your opponent to throwing exploding barrels or golem hostages at your opponents castle.  But the fun of unleashing a ghost army on many of your opponents during battle.

The game was a lot of fun and some levels were quite challenging.  And I felt that I was having random clicking fatigue via mouse until I switched to an XBOX 360 controller and the game became much easier to defeat an enemy during Freia’s fight games, while the keyboard and mouse was easy for the destruction games, but you can use the XBOX 360 controller but it takes a little getting used to at first.

But the “CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen” DLC was better than I expected and for those who have played and enjoyed “Castlestorm” and “From Outcast to Savior”, will surely want to play this DLC game.  A lot of humor, plenty of action and enjoyable gameplay.  I don’t think there is any game where you can impale an enemy with a frozen swordfish!  That’s how crazy and fun this game really is!

“CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen” is a game that I can’t find any faults other than I wish the game was longer. “The Warrior Queen” was a lot of fun, in fact, I had so much fun playing it that I was bummed out that Campaign mode was a bit on the short side because I enjoyed the game so much!  Yet, it’s a DLC and an awesome one at that!

I can only hope that Zen Studios continues releasing more DLC for “CastleStorm” in the near future!  It’s definitely one of my favorite games to play on Steam!

If you own the base game of “CastleStorm”, then Zen Studios’  “CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen” is highly recommended!

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