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The “LEGO CREATOR – Family House” is simply a beautiful looking home and one of the better family homes I have seen at retail! It’s not difficult to put together and you literally get more bang for your buck, so if you have been on the fence for this set, it’s one worth owning for its price!


ITEM #: 31012


PRICE: $64.99-$69.99

AGES: 8-12

From the LEGO website:

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Build a 3-in-1 Family House and live in sleek LEGO® style!

Settle into sleek and modern LEGO® style in the 3-in-1 Family House! Fire up the grill for a backyard barbeque by the pond and play with the toy car. Open the garage door to take the car out for a spin! When the sun goes down, head indoors to switch on the functioning light and curl up by the fireplace in the cozy living room. Rebuild into an industrial factory with delivery van and a surveillance camera or a slick Mediterranean villa with swimming pool and double patio doors using the supplied alternate building instructions. Includes a male and a female minifigure.

• Includes a male and a female minifigure

• Features open layout, glass exterior, hanging lamp with LEGO® light brick, garage with opening door, small pond, tree, yellow car, bed, table and armchair

• Accessories include milk carton, cup, chicken legs, lamp, grill, small bird and a toy car with controller

• Collect cool elements including a sloped roof with dark red and brown tiles and white walls!

• House opens for easy play inside

• Push the roof vent to activate the LEGO light brick!

• Take the yellow car out of the garage for a drive

• Light up the grill for a summertime feast

• Build the modern glass exterior

• Rebuild into an industrial factory or Mediterranean villa

• Factory features an opening port, delivery van and a surveillance camera

• Mediterranean villa features a swimming pool and double patio doors• Measures over 7″ (18cm) high, 9″ (25cm) wide and 7″ (19cm) deep

• Industrial factory measures over 5″ (15cm) high, 9″ (25cm) wide and 7″ (19cm) deep• Mediterranean villa measures over 5″ (15cm) high, 9″ (25cm) wide and 7″ (19cm) deep


The latest LEGO CREATOR set that I decided to take a look at is the “LEGO CREATOR – Family House”.  I was instantly captivated by the overall look of the home and was instantly captivated by the glowing light in the windows, to find out that this set comes with a “Light Brick”.

Suffice to say, it was going to be an instant buy and while looking at the three versions presented and each looking fantastic, I decided to stay on course and choose the Advance Build as I love the look of the home.  While my younger son asked me, “Dad, why would you want to live in this house when anyone can see what you are doing because of all the windows?”.  He has a good point but the only thing that came out of my mouth was, “the windows in reality would be tinted!”.

Personally, I have seen many homes with windows being a main selling point of the home and for me, it’s great to show off the lighting and overall modern look of the home.  And most importantly, I felt it would be a blast to create via LEGO.

While the set looked quite immense with all the parts laid out, the first thing that I had to do was sort each block and separate them by color.  Unfortunately, I had a few missing pieces and wasn’t sure how it would affect my building of the set, but with LEGO’s program of sending you missing parts, it does help.  Also, I had emergency parts in containers, if I needed one as a backup.

The LEGO CREATOR – Family House to my surprise was actually much easier to build.  It looked complicated but once you start and as long as you have your LEGO parts separated by color, it makes it easy to work on the Advance Build, which I finished in less than four hours.

The family house was such a blast to create.  I love the windows and how they stack. I love the multi-color chimney and also tiling above the home between maroon and brown.  I also like the car port, which I wished there were gray tiles to make it all solid gray and the green wouldn’t show as much in the car port area.

But most importantly, I like how the pressing of the chimney, activates the Brick Light to illuminate the home indoors.

Similar to “LEGO CREATOR – Bike & Cafe”, the set opens up in three ways.  You can open it up through the middle to reveal the garage and living room.  The top part of the home also lifts out, so you can place your Lego characters inside the home.  The same for the bedroom/barbecue area on the top left.

As you can see from the photo above, the car can be parked in the garage, while the living room, you have a table, a chair and a fireplace.  I personally would have loved a television set.

If there is one caveat (for Advanced), there is not much room in this massive house to showcase LEGO figures having a get-together unless it was outside.  On the top left, you have a barbecue area which is great for the couple and you have a bed designed for one person and not two.

The main living room can store maybe two people at the most as it is cramped and the top half of the main part of the home is for the brick lighting and the chandelier.

So, instead of family home, I see it more of a bachelor pad.  The home comes with one bed, one grill for cooking, one mug, one remote car, a sporty yellow car for one.  It would have been awesome to include a dog or a cat.    It would have made it even better to have an additional room.  May it be a bathroom, study room.  Something where it shows it being a family home with the use of figurines and placement.  Otherwise, if within the house, one character is in the main living room and the other is in the bedroom/barbecue area.  And so, the outside becomes more of the hanging out area, most of the time with this set.

But I suppose if you want more rooms, that is where the modular sets come in.  Otherwise, for $64-69, you’re getting a pretty awesome home at this price point (especially with the 3-in-1 build) and it’s possibly the only home that have seen so far, sport a brick light.

And if you don’t like the family house, you can go for a villa, where the figures can lounge outside or a factory, in which you can have a van instead of a yellow car.

There are a good diverse amount of Lego pieces.  In fact, the Lego pieces are pretty cool with this set as you have a good sized base for the home and various colors of LEGO bricks that can become useful for MOC purposes.

Overall, the “LEGO CREATOR – Family House” is simply a beautiful looking home and one of the better LEGO family homes I have seen at retail!

While I do wish for more functionality and space for minifigures inside the home itself (Advanced Build), it’s hard to deny how awesome this family house really is.

It’s not difficult to put together and you literally get more bang for your buck, so if you have been on the fence for this set, it’s one worth owning for its price alone.



RATING: ****.5 (4.5 stars out of 5)

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