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If you are an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) that wants an Octan vehicle for your collection or a parent wanting to buy a LEGO vehicle under $20, then I recommend the LEGO CITY – Tanker Truck!

LEGO SET: LEGO CITY – Tanker Truck

ITEM #: 60016


PRICE: $19.99

AGES: 5-12

From the LEGO website:

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Keep the LEGO® City vehicles moving with the powerful Tanker Truck!

Keep LEGO® City moving with the Tanker Truck! Deliver another load of gasoline to the tank station! Back the truck into position, connect the hose and fill up the pump! Then climb onto the roof and close the fuel valve. With so many cars, trucks and motorcycles in LEGO City, the Tanker Truck driver’s job is never done. Includes a Tanker Truck driver minifigure.

  • Includes Tanker Truck driver minifigure
  • Features retractable hose, valve and fire extinguisher
  • Gas pump features terminal and filler hose
  • Accessories include coffee cup and a ladder
  • Refuel the gas pump!
  • Reel in the fuel hose!
  • Keep the vehicles of LEGO® City fueled!
  • Measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 7″ (19cm) long and 2″ (7cm) wide


I have discussed on previous reviews of how I am a big fan of the LEGO Octan sets.  But while I had Octan LEGO releases that pertain to the Octan Racing scene, I haven’t owned anything that was about Octan ENERGY.  So, I figured, it was a great time to check out the LEGO CITY – Tanker Truck (60016), especially since LEGO will be retiring it soon.

Part of the cool thing about the LEGO Tanker Truck set is that yo get a gas pump and you get a tanker with an extendable hose that can fill up the gas tank.

I like how the tanker truck is shiny and sleek, I love the fact that it has six tires, the extendable hose, the ladder on the back and you have the special orange parts to go as lighting instead of the usual that comes with trucks.

I like the addition of the fuel pump section, as finding the Octan Garage or LEGO CITY – Gas Station will cost you a pretty penny.

The stickers are also very cool for this set and it matches the whole vehicle quite well!

You get one mini-figure who brings his coffee cup along.  I’ll talk about the LEGO minifigure after I get into the details about the vehicle itself.

The front of the car has its detail with the grill, sticker license plate and the LEGO CITY logo.  I wish that it was an Octan Energy logo instead.

The top of the front comes off, so you can easily put your LEGO minifigure inside and there is a spot to put your coffee cup if needed.

The windows are similar to other LEGO vehicles and they can swing up and down.

The back of the vehicle comes with a ladder that can swing up and down.  I like the grill, the lights and you also can put your sticker license plate on the rear.  The top features an area where fuel can be deposited into the tanker, which I hope is part of another LEGO set in the near future that this vehicle can utilize.

Compared to the other vehicles, the LEGO CITY – Tanker Truck has very good size and slightly smaller than the LEGO CITY – Grand Prix Truck and slightly bigger than the LEGO CITY – Race Car.  While the Grand Prix Truck can be utilized more to fit a vehicle inside and also spare parts, the only thing that will open in this tanker is the doors and the top (so you can put a minifigure inside).

Aside from rolling the vehicle, which kids can have fun with and also filling up the gas tank, for those who want more playability, will want the Grand Prix Truck, especially as it comes with race vehicle and three minifigurines.

I do love the colors of the Tanker Truck, especially when you put it side-by-side to the Octan Racing truck.  The front of the Tanker Truck looks very cool.

If there was one thing that I wished about this set was that there was some Octan identification on the driver’s clothing.  The previous LEGO release of the LEGO Tanker Truck (3180) did feature a driver that had the Octan logo on the front of his overalls.

For the 60016  Tanker Truck, the Lego Minifigure is quite basic sporting basic overalls and a blue cap, but with all Octan sets showcasing figures with Octan clothing gear and the Octan wording or logo on the front or back, I wished the driver of the Octan Energy truck had Octan clothing.  Different from the Octan Race team but utilizing the red, white and green theme.

Overall, the LEGO CITY – Tanker Truck is a very cool tanker truck and I love how Octan ENERGY is showcased on the side of the vehicle and I dig the style and overall colors.

I love the fact that it comes with a gas pump that can be fillable or utilized however you want it to be, but the extendable hose and the fact that you get an extra hose as backup, is a major plus.

I do wish the Octan Energy driver had an Octan uniform of some sort but that’s just me being a bit nitpicky.

While the set has a cool vehicle and gas pump, if you are a parent purchasing for a child, I would recommend buying the LEGO CITY – Grand Prix Truck, because you get more bang for your buck (three figures, two vehicles, more accessories, more playability, etc.).

But if you are an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) that wants an Octan vehicle for your collection or a parent wanting to buy a LEGO vehicle under $20, then I recommend the LEGO CITY – Tanker Truck!

RATING: **** (4 stars out of 5)

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