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You are getting your bang for the buck with the “LEGO: LEGO CITY – Grand Prix Truck (60025)”. In my opinion, it’s one of the better under $30 LEGO vehicle sets in the market and its unique pieces and many accessories make this set a winner. Highly recommended!

LEGO SET: LEGO CITY – Grand Prix Truck (60025)

ITEM #: 60025


PRICE: $29.99

AGES: 5-12

From the LEGO website:

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Transport the race car with the Grand Prix Truck!

Back up the Grand Prix Truck, open the articulated trailer and unload the super-fast Formula race car. Put the driver in the cockpit quick and speed into the big LEGO® City road race! When a tire goes flat, help the pit crew to grab the tools from the toolbox and change it! Speed out of the pit toward the finish line and win the race! Includes 3 minifigures with accessories: race driver and 2 pit crew workers.

  • Includes 3 minifigures with accessories: race driver and 2 pit crew workers
  • Features cab with opening doors, articulated trailer with storage compartment, opening trailer door and a Formula race car inside
  • Formula race car features racing-style spoilers and removable wheels
  • Accessories include tools, toolbox, sign, walkie-talkie and spare wheel
  • Unload the race car and get ready for the big event
  • Grab the tools and repair the flat tire with the pit crew
  • Store the tools in the trailer’s storage compartment
  • Race to victory in the super-fast Formula race car!
  • Measures over 2″ (7cm) high, 9″ (25cm) long and 2″ (6cm) wide
  • Formula race car measures over 1″ (3cm) high, 4″ (11cm) long and 1″ (5cm) wide


I remember long ago when SHELL was the primary gasoline company for LEGO sets but in 1992, things changed.

LEGO went with their own fictional gas station brand, Octan and it has been used in various sets for nearly 25 years.

And as an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), I have always been intrigued by the Octan branding used in LEGO sets.  From its catchy logo used in various trucks and race cars, to also LEGO sets.  And I decided, that I wanted a few Octan minifigurines to vehicles in my LEGO City.

And what best than to check out the latest offerings in the market especially the LEGO CITY – Grand Prix Truck (60025).

What I enjoy about the LEGO CITY – Grand Prix Truck set is that you get three minifigures, the detachable truck and trailer, a race car and a tool drawer with plenty of accessories and extra parts that make this set worthwhile.

The set took me about an hour to build and it was one of the coolest LEGO CITY vehicle sets I have purchased in 2014 by far!

I’ll kick off with the tool cabinet.  There are many tools that accompany this set and this alone makes the set alluring because you can’t really find many of these tools in a set.  And there are times that your LEGO mechanic needs more than just a standard wrench.  So, that’s one point for the purchase of the Grand Prix Truck.  Tools aplenty!

While a few of the smaller tools will fit in one of the two drawers, many of the bigger ones can be hung on the side of the drawer.   You also get one spare tire for the accompanying race car!

Let’s now discuss the truck!  What an awesome looking truck this turned out to be and what a pleasure to build it.    Opening doors on both sides, the whole back panel opens up on the driver side and you also get the back rear that opens up as well.

The front of the truck is removable, so you have instructions to build the front and the trailer portion separately.

The trailer features two parts, the front which can carry spare parts and then the back which the #5 race car will be sitting in during traveling to racing destinations.

The front portion can hold the tool cabinet but the cabinet can not be on the LEGO pegs because there is a small part (which connects the front of the truck to the trailer) that sticks out.  This probably could have been fixed if another half inch was added, but I’m cure that would have added to the cost of this set.  So, I look at it as a training compartment for tires or miscellaneous tools.

As for the front of the truck, lift the trailer and you can have your LEGO Octan minifigure drive the truck on its own.  I was missing two yellow pieces (good news is that LEGO will send you the missing parts if you go to their website and let them know your set was missing parts), so I substituted it with two red pieces, which worked and probably prefer it this way, as opposed to all yellow lights on top.

The doors do open and the mirrors are moveable.  The top portion is removable, so you can put your driver inside.

Now for the race car, #5 is the star of the show and this sporty race car was fun to put together!  The minifigurine was easy to fit inside and the car itself was very simple to put together.  I love the identifying #5 factors that are utilized on the stickers on this set.

I wish there was a ramp for this vehicle to go inside the Octan Racing truck.  But let’s pretend there is one and you will quickly realize that the driver can’t drive his prize vehicle inside.  His head would hit the roof of the truck and poor #5 racer would easily decapitate himself.  So, another addition would be a winch with a hook and rope that would help bring the car up.  Granted, that would push the cost of this set up high with a ramp and winch, so we’ll have to use our imagination of how this race car will get inside the truck.

Overall, the LEGO CITY – Grand Prix Truck (60025) is a fantastic buy for its pricepoint!

I wanted Octan representation and this set gives you three Octan minifigures with their own distinct look.  One guy with stubble, the other smiling, the other with a smirk.

You get one helmet for the driver, but two visors (one as backup), one gets headphones and a radio, the other can hold a sign with “BRAKE” on it or become your driver of the Grand Prix Truck.

Also, you get a tool cabinet with many tools.  Tools which you won’t find on any other set.  So, if you want sets with mechanics and to have access to many tools, this is the set to buy!

The other plus is that you get a truck with a removable trailer.  I love the green, white and red Octan colors and this set represents that.  The trailer can hold the #5 car and additional tools and it’s a great transport vehicle.  Sure, there is no ramp or winch, but that’s the beauty of LEGO’s, use your imagination and create your own ramp if needed.

And last, you get the #5 race car.  Sleek, sporty and definitely a great addition to this set!

Really, you are getting your bang for the buck with the “LEGO CITY – Grand Prix Truck (60025)”.  In my opinion, it’s one of the better under $30 LEGO vehicle sets in the market and its unique pieces and many accessories make this set a winner.

Highly recommended!

RATING: ****.5 (4.5 stars out of 5)

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