life in plastic: LEGO Target Four Minifigures set (5004076) Review

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The LEGO CREATOR – Limited Edition 2014 set is definitely a wonderful winter-themed set which was obtained during the Brick Friday-Black Friday week and was not for sale. I could imagine this set going for a lot of money on online auction sites but hopefully with weeks still left before Christmas, this LE set will be offered again soon. A fun and great winter set and awesome LEGO SHOP freebie. Recommended!

LEGO SET: LEGO Target Four Minifigures set

ITEM #: 5004076


PRICE: Free with Purchase of $45 and more at Target or (during December 2014)

AGES: 6+


Every December, you can expect LEGO SHOP and TARGET to offer cool LEGO swag!

And for 2014, both have done well in attracting parents and LEGO fans in purchasing LEGO sets in order to get a freebie.  In this case for the retailer TARGET and their online store at, if you spend $45 or more on a LEGO set, you will get a box of free LEGO Minifigures which include a Swam Police figure, Ninjago’s Lloyd Green Ninja DX (Dragon Extreme) variant, Superboy and Chima’s CHA Fire Lavertus.

The figures are already pre-built and come in a square container.  Each come with a stand and with the exception of Superboy, each character gets a weapon or accessories.

The Swamp Police comes with a flash light and handcuffs, Lloyd comes with a sword and CHA Fire Lavertus comes with a flame sword.  While the Swam Police and Superboy have printing on the background, I love the sword backpack on Lloyd and the cloth based cape CHA Fire Lavertus is also very cool.  And for Lloyd and CHA Fire Lavertus, the hood and helmet do come off.

Personally, these four LEGO Minifigures offered by Target as a freebie for spending $45 is pretty awesome!  All four are very cool characters and  I wouldn’t be surprised if people expect more than $20 or much more for this set alone on auction sites.

These figures are cool and the printing artwork on the figures are fantastic, the accessories are wonderful and these would make a wonderful gift and stocking stuffer this Christmas!

This is a no-brainer for AFOL’s or LEGO fans of all ages, if there is a LEGO set on Target that you want and it’s over $45, definitely get it now, because you can get this awesome LEGO Minifigures set for free.

Highly recommended!

RATING: ***** (5 stars out of 5)

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