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The LEGOLAND (40115) set is definitely a set that I enjoyed building and I think for many AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) and even children, will enjoy building this set as well!  Recommended!


ITEM #: 40115


PRICE: $19.99

AGES: 6+


For LEGO fans, one product that are available at LEGOLAND are the LEGOLAND (40115) entrance sets.

Featuring a set which allows you to create a LEGO family (tan and brown pieces are included), the LEGOLAND set is for those who want to foray into building people using LEGO building bricks as opposed to using minifigures.

The cool thing about this set is of course the overall look of the family and a good primer for people to learn how to build their own LEGO figures and also how to make rotating pieces and how much creativity went into the making of this set.  In the end, you are left with many extra parts, so that’s another plus.

Of course, the primary caveat is if you can find this set for cheap.  Many people don’t have access to a LEGOLAND nearby, so this $19.99 set can fetch up to $34.99.  I was fortunate to find one on eBay for a few dollars more than what it cost to buy at LEGOLAND, so I was quite thrilled to build it.

And it took me less than an hour to build.  And after building it, I was just happy because it’s different from the other LEGO sceneries or things that I’m typically building and it makes me want to create more people out of LEGO building bricks!

I thought it was cool to have the son in the left sporting a sword and the shield and cape.  While the daughter on the right has her curls and wand.  For me the coolest accessory was the flowers which I put both in the hands of the mother and daughter.

I loved the fact that the mother has swiveling body, which makes it a bit more convenient to position the body.  All children have bending arms, so it’s a great way for children to learn how they can position their LEGO figure and how they can make their arms bend.

The background for LEGOLAND (40115) is made of cardboard and carefully held in place by two green horizontal SNOT (studs not on top) pieces.

The LEGOLAND (40115) was well worth the price because it’s a set that you won’t find in major retail stores and the way the people are built, are typically something you see in some extravagant MOC setting.

Granted, this is not a LEGO playset and it’s something you want to keep on your shelf to showcase rather than to play around with and also, it’s a set that comes with a lot of parts and accessories that can be applied to to other sets if needed.

Personally for me, it’s a LEGOLAND set that showcases family and the enjoyment at being at LEGOLAND.  I love that!  So far,  I have it showcased on my shelf, while those extra parts can be utilized for another set or used as a backup.

I also think it’s a plus that LEGO offers two sets of building brick colors for the each family member. So, if you wanted to create a Caucasian (via the tan building bricks) family or an African-American (or darker skinned) family, you can do it!

Overall, the LEGOLAND (40115) set is definitely a set that I enjoyed building and I think for many AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) and even children, will enjoy building this set as well!  Recommended!

RATING: ***** (5 stars out of 5)

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