life in plastic: LEGO – Legends of Chima: Sykor’s Ice Cruiser (30266) Review

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If you are a fan of LEGO’s “Legends of Chima”, “LEGO – Legends of Chima: Sykor’s Ice Cruiser (30266)” is recommended for its originality, coolness and awesome price!

LEGO SET: LEGO – Legends of Chima: Sykor’s Ice Cruiser

ITEM #: 30266


PRICE: $3.99

AGES: 6-12


In January 2013, LEGO unvelied their latest TV series “LEGO Legends of Chima”.

A series about the Land of Chima where tribes of anthropomorphic  (human form/characteristics) animals live in.

From various tribes that include the Lion, Crocodile, Eagle, Gorilla, Bear, Wolf, Raven, Beaver, to name a few.  Various tribes are either allies or enemies.

I am reviewing “LEGO – Legends of Chima: Sykor’s Ice Cruiser (30266)”, one of the lower-priced polybag releases that can be found at Toys R Us stores.

The release features Sykor, a feral member of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe and is chained on a leash.  From an ice hunting tribe, the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe are not the warmest of characters as you can see from Sykor’s face and his cracked tooth and scars galore all over his body.

The figure is very cool for its printing on both sides of the Minifigure’s body and the wolf helmet and how Sykor really looks makes it a pretty cool and unique character.  He comes with a blue ice crystal or weapon (not too familiar with this character).

The ice cruiser is fairly easy to put together and wouldn’t be surprised if one can put it together in five minutes.

But it’s a pretty awesome Ice Cruiser for it’s price.  You get original blue flames (or tracks that help propel the ice cruiser) at the back, which are translucent blue plastic.  The sled is also blue translucent and it comes with a steering column and good enough room for Sykor to sit and speed away on ice/snow.

There are no extra pieces in this polybag.

For $3.99, this is a pretty awesome deal considering that LEGO minifigure series range around $3.99 per minifigure.  But the fact is you are getting a pretty awesome, dark and wild character with printing on both sides, scars aplenty, removable helmet and weapon.  But in addition, you are getting a pretty awesome ice cruiser with pretty cool and original parts such as the blue translucent sled and the back flames/treads.

Personally, I feel that if you purchase “LEGO – Legends of Chima: Sykor’s Ice Cruiser (30266)”, you are getting more than your money’s worth at $3.99!  Can’t beat that!

If you are a fan of LEGO’s “Legends of Chima”, “LEGO – Legends of Chima: Sykor’s Ice Cruiser (30266)” is recommended for its originality, coolness and awesome price!

RATING: ***** (5 stars out of 5)

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