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For fans of “THE BIG BANG THEORY”, a LEGO Set featuring the characters and the living room is nothing less than AWESOME!


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There are a few instances where LEGO takes on an idea and makes it a retail reality. Such is the case for two TV series in 2015 with the LEGO IDEAS releases of “THE BIG BANG THEORY” and “DR. WHO”.

As a fan of the “THE BIG BANG THEORY”, I was highly anticipating this LEGO set, not because I love the geek culture and have similar interests to the characters on the show, but I feel it was quite awesome to have a set featuring the main characters of the series and building their living room, where the gang is usually sitting around and eating. So, suffice to say, I wanted this set badly!

The set is the brainchild of Alatariel (Ellen Kooijman, a real-life scientist from Sweden, who is also best known for creating the LEGO Ideas Research Institute #21110) and Glen Bricker (Glen Wadleigh, a real-life programmer/engineer of the U.S.A.). Ellen who built her own set for the fun of it and Glen who asked her to submit her creation (and worked on the development of the minifigures) on the LEGO IDEAS set, their “THE BIG BANG THEORY” submission immediately received the 10,000 votes needed for consideration by LEGO.

And it was great that LEGO approved of this set because the TV series is not exactly well-known worldwide, but I’m glad they did, because it’s one of my favorite LEGO IDEAS releases.
Once opening the box, you can see how special this set is by its thick booklet and its many LEGO bricks and pieces.

The set consists of seven LEGO minifigures of Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Amy, Raj, Howard and Bernadette. And you also get Raj’s little dog, Cinnamon.

The LEGO minifigures feature printing on their shirts/sweaters for both sides. Their heads also feature printing on the front and back, if you want to showcase a happy or smirky/angry face for the characters.

But people wanting size differences between the characters, I don’t know if I would have enjoyed Bernadette with children’s legs. But for the most part, I really like the figures.

I like how Sheldon’s Flash and Leonard’s Green Lantern shirts made it into the set. I like the details that went into Bernadette’s pants, the belt buckle for Howard and for the most part, the minifigures are quite cool.

The set takes about 2-3 hours to build, but I recommend separating the pieces by color in order to find them quickly.

But the set is really well-done. While pieces from the series are evident, such as the living room, the bookshelves, etc., for those wanting absolute duplication of what they see in the TV series, may be upset that there are differences.

I wasn’t too disappointed by this because you’re not going to get everything to look exactly the same in a LEGO set, especially for its $59.99 price point.

You do get the telescope, the white board, DNA display models, the little figures, globe, crystal ball, the green lantern decorative lantern and rockets in the back, you get a laptop and some wall decoration, so for its piece count and price, everything was just right.

The white-board on the right of the door is there, the light fixture on the left of the bookshelf is there. While for the stickers on the door and picture frame on the wall, they are OK, but work. I’m not expecting LEGO to feature Rock’ ‘em Sock ‘em robots as a sticker Love the Chinese food on the table, the color of the couch and the chair.

Also, there were extra utensils, plates, markers (or lipstick) for the white board included, and there were quite a bit of extra parts included a well.

In terms of LEGO bricks and pieces, there are nothing specially unique, but at the same time, it works well for this set and as mentioned, you get a lot of extra pieces, to put in your parts case.

Overall, it all comes down to if you are a big fan of “THE BIG BANG THEORY”. Many of you are, many of you aren’t. And it all comes down to if the $60 is within your budget.

As a fan of the TV series and the fact that I supported the original LEGO creation via LEGO IDEAS, I definitely recommend this LEGO set!

RATING: **** (4 stars out of 5)

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