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If you are looking for a LEGO set that is inexpensive, contains an iconic superhero character and under $13, the “LEGO – DC Universe Super Heroes – Superman: Metropolis Showdown (76002)” is highly recommended!

LEGO SET: LEGO – DC Universe Super Heroes – Superman: Metropolis Showdown

ITEM #: 76002


PRICE: $12.99

AGES: 6-12

From the LEGO website:

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General Zod is wreaking havoc in a downtown Metropolis Showdown against Superman. Stop General Zod from trapping Superman under the collapsing antenna tower by blocking it with the cool yellow car. Battle and reenact this epic final scene as you take Superman up the tower, flip him through the air with the catapult function and swing him on the antenna. Includes 2 minifigures: Superman and General Zod.


LEGO fans were treated with the release of “LEGO – DC Universe Super Heroes – Superman: Metropolis Showdown (76002)” as part of the LEGO toy promotion for the 2013 film “Man of Steel”.

The set would feature the battle between Superman and his nemesis General Zod.

With only 119 pieces, the set is definitely one that can be completed within an hour.  One playset featuring a tower that can be ejected and a sporty convertible vehicle.

You get a few spare parts as backup which is a plus but before we begin the review, let’s take a look at the two minifigures.

Let’s first take a look at Superman.  Great detail on his suit and the red cape definitely adds major coolness to his outfit.  But the hair is an ode to the ’70s-’80s Superman or the Christopher Reeve of the original “Superman” films, not Henry Cavill’s Superman featured on the film “Man of Steel”.

Superman’s head has double printing with an intensely focused look and another look as if he’s going to unleash his heat vision on General Zod.

Meanwhile, General Zod is clad in black, gray and silver with gray hands.  The printing is similar to Superman’s with the symbol changed but the darker tones work with the character that has a face of wanting to unleash his heat vision on Superman.

Both have the same printing on the back with different colors as expect.

As for the sporty convertible, it comes in yellow and black.  It’s one of the cooler looking convertibles I have seen in a LEGO set and I dig the windows and for the most part, the sportiness of the vehicle.

Only one Minifigure can drive the car while the other one can live dangerously by standing behind the driver.

But the vehicle is cool and sporty and that is a plus!

As for the tower, you have two flip over ramps.  The vehicle can be placed on the side of the large grey panels and flipped sideways, while the tower can flip up out of the base, by pressing the square panel.

So, if Superman and General Zod are fighting, you can easily flip that tower to show that the two are just two strong to hold on to it, without breaking it.

The radio tower is a part that I have never seen before, so it’s a cool addition to this set!

But children will no doubt love how this set can flip up cars and a tower can be blown out of the base.

This set is rather inexpensive and it’s one of the lower-priced superhero sets you can find at retail.  And the way I look at this set is that if you follow the rule of thumb that a minifigure is around $5 each, with two awesome minifigures, that’s $10 and anything else is a bonus!

In this case, you get a sleek, sporty convertible car, a radio tower that can get blown off its base and if anything, it’s an exciting playset for children, but also for AFOL’s (Adult Fan of Lego’s), it’s one of those sets you will want to buy your child or loved one (especially if they enjoy Superman) because it’s so cool and you get more bang for your buck!

Personally, the set was a must-buy for me because the LEGO Superman minifigure has a hairstyle paying respect to the Silver Age Superman or Christopher Reeve Superman.  But for a superhero minifigure, Superman is just too cool to have and to have his arch nemesis, General Zod included…that’s just too awesome as you have good and evil in one set!

If you are looking for a LEGO set that is inexpensive, contains an iconic superhero character and under $13, the “LEGO – DC Universe Super Heroes – Superman: Metropolis Showdown (76002)” is highly recommended!

RATING: ***** (5 stars out of 5)

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