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If you want a unique LEGO vehicle, you can’t go wrong with the “LEGO CITY – Snowplow Truck”.  Recommended!

LEGO SET: LEGO CITY – Snowplow Truck

ITEM #: 60083


PRICE: $19.99

AGES: 5-12

From the LEGO website:

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Clear snow and ice with the awesome Snowplow Truck!

The snow is falling thick and fast in LEGO® City so it’s time to call in the snow patrol! Jump aboard the awesome Snowplow Truck, adjust the huge blade for maximum plow effect, activate the salt spreading function and head for the snowbound highway! Includes a driver minifigure with assorted accessories.

  • Includes a driver minifigure with assorted accessories
  • Features a detachable blade and truck bed, opening doors and salt spreading function
  • Accessories include a broom, shovel, snow elements and a mug
  • Climb aboard the awesome Snowplow Truck
  • Adjust the huge blade
  • Activate the salt spreader
  • Plow through the deep snow!
  • Snowplow Truck (with blade attached) measures over 3” (10cm) high, 7” (18cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide



Could it be… snow in LEGO CITY?

With 2015 around the corner, the 2015 LEGO toys have arrived at Toys R Us and LEGO SHOP and among the first wave of toys that have come out, the LEGO CITY – Snowplow Truck (60083) caught my eye.

And I’m going to be truthful, as a Californian used to sporadic weather of heat, rain and fog, snow is not something you see unless you live in the mountains, especially if you go to a ski resort.

So, I’m not familiar with snowplows, but what I see in the news.  So, for me, it’s a bit intriguing in some ways, aside from the LEGO CITY Arctic toys, I really never had a Snowplow, so I had to purchase this new release!

Building the LEGO CITY – Snowplow Truck, I like the catchy colors of the orange and green.  While not my favorite color combinations, it works for this set as you want to be visible in the snow and this orange really does stand out.

The set took me about a half hour to build with several extra accessories, especially the white pieces that can be snow.

I feel children will dig this truck because you can push around objects but it elevates like an actual snowplow truck and you can easily swivel it towards the left and right.  So, that is a plus!  I like the touch of the lights on top and while there are quite a number of stickers, they are not too difficult to put on.

The LEGO Minifigure comes with a hat and jacket and is a basic figure with the man having a goatee.  I do feel that if you are going to be out there in all that cold and snow, the figure should have had a better jacket on.

I like how the Snowplow Truck has nice, fat wheels and when you roll the truck, the salt spreader moves in the rear.  Like most LEGO CITY vehicles, the doors swing open and the driver and passenger mirror can elevate if needed.

A positive about this set is the Minifigure can use a shovel or brush and they can attach to the sides of the vehicle.

And like most LEGO CITY trucks, to fit the Minifigure inside, you must lift up the top to insert the minifigure in a seated position and right next to him is a coffee cup.

The bed looks as if it can hold a lot of items.  I do like the touch of the orange translucent plastic for the lights.

For me, there is something captivating about the LEGO CITY – Snowplow Truck.  Perhaps because I live in an area that doesn’t receive snow, the whole concept of snowplow trucks grabs my attention, to the point that I have been watching YouTube videos to see how they are utilized in various cities.

While it may be a vehicle that doesn’t fit into any sets, unless you somehow incorporate it to the Winter Village sets or you play with it alone, I do feel children will see great value in the toy and for parents, because it’s new, you can expect it to stay at $19.99 but possibly later on in the year, see it drop to the $16.99 pricepoint online.

But as for the vehicle itself, it’s quite functional with its moveable blade and the truck bed can also be detached if needed.  But I can see children geeing excited over this vehicle, while AFOL’s (Adult Fan of LEGO) being content of having a snow-related vehicle outside of the banal jet ski.

I do wish the LEGO Minifigure looked cooler and came with a thicker jacket, but that’s me being a bit picky. I also felt the compartment should be different from other LEGO CITY vehicle sets as the coffee cup on the side is getting a bit old.

While a simpler vehicle to build, I do enjoy the vehicle’s colors and there is a lot of charm in this vehicle set!

If you want a unique LEGO vehicle, you can’t go wrong with the “LEGO CITY – Snowplow Truck”.  Recommended!

RATING: **** (4 stars out of 5)

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