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The “LEGO CITY – Arctic Helicrane (60034)” is a fantastic set for children and the young at heart.  Recommended!

LEGO SET: LEGO CITY – Arctic Helicrane

ITEM #: 60034


PRICE: $39.99

AGES: 6-12

From the LEGO website:

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Fly to assist the explorer with his husky sled in the LEGO® City Arctic Helicrane!

Provide aerial back-up for an expedition of discovery with the cool LEGO® City Arctic Helicrane! Head out into the wild with the Arctic explorer on a husky sled equipped with a camera, light and radar screen. Scan the huge ice block for hidden crystals frozen inside and then contact base camp with the walkie-talkie to call in the awesome Helicrane. Hover above the icy terrain and use the winch to lift up the container with the mysterious block of ice before flying back to base camp for more investigation. Includes Arctic explorer and pilot minifigures with assorted accessories.

  • Includes Arctic explorer and pilot minifigures with assorted accessories
  • Features a cockpit, spinning rotors, winch function and a container
  • Also includes a husky sled with camera, radar screen, crate, light and 4 huskies plus a translucent blue ice block and a crystal element
  • Accessories include a pair of snowshoes, scanner, ice axe, walkie-talkie and Arctic explorer hood
  • Speed into the wilderness with the husky sled
  • Scan the ice for hidden secrets
  • Call for the Helicrane on the walkie-talkie
  • Roll the ice block into the container and winch it up!
  • Arctic Helicrane measures over 6” (17cm) high, 14” (36cm) long and 12” (31cm) wide
  • Husky sled measures over 6” (16cm) long, 1” (4cm) wide and under 1” (2cm) high
  • Combine with the 60036 Arctic Base Camp for the ultimate Arctic research and discovery mission


I have gushed about how I am enjoying the LEGO CITY Arctic sets.

At first, I ignored them because frankly, the LEGO CITY that I was focusing on were in city or town areas.  But after reviewing two sets, I had to check out the “LEGO CITY – Arctic Helicrane (60034).

Let’s begin with the minifigures!

The “LEGO CITY – Arctic Helicrane” comes with two minifigures (arctic explorer and pilot) and four huskies.

One of the reasons why I wanted this set is because it had a female arctic explorer and also a pilot.  Both have wonderful detail/printing on both sides.

I like the color combination with the orange and blue for the arctic explorer minifigures and love the hood.  And the pilot looks natural with its pilot bomber jacket, sunglasses and brown pants.

You get four huskies that look the same but for an arctic expedition, it’s great to have these huskies included with the set.

As for the vehicles, let’s take a look at the arctic explorer’s sled.  As the sled is connected to the four huskies, the sled itself has a navigation/radar console near our fearless explorer.  In front of her is a tool box with a variety of arctic tools such as snowshoes, scanner, ice axe, walkie-talkie, metal detector and more.

On front of the sled is a DSLR camera to help record her expedition.

The minifigure can hold one minifigure standing and they can hold on to the bars on the side of the sled.

The connections to the huskies are well thought out and the good thing is that none of these parts break down easily, although with these many tools in the brown case, if you have children, you may want to keep these in a good place as they are small and children can easily lose them.

The set also comes with an ice block with a crystal inside.  It can be put on a container which has a winch holder which the helicrane can hold onto  and be transported by air.

I will say that the container is possibly the most fragile part of this set as the columns are easy to come off.

As for the arctic helicrane, the helicrane is not too difficult to create.  The pieces are much bigger for children to put together, while the stickers can be a bit of a pain, but for the most part, the bricks hold its place nicely and doesn’t break apart.

If there was one part that may be difficult for some younger children, it would be the main rotors. The way they stay in place is different but as long as they follow the instructions, children should be able to build the rotor easy.

The sleds on the bottom of the helicopter can easily pivot, the rotors can be spun and you get a hook/winch that can hold onto container.

As for the pilot, he can only get in if you take off the front cover of the LEGO Arctic Helicrane.    It would have been nice to have a console next to the stick but that’s me being a bit picky.

After all is done, you are left with a good number of extra, backup parts.

I absolutely enjoy the LEGO CITY Arctic sets so far.

With the LEGO CITY – Arctic Helicrane (60034), you get more bang for your buck with all the minifigures, huskies, vehicles and accessories this set has to offer. The set is not too difficult to build and aside from the container, everything else holds together quite well.

There are a few stickers that need to be applied but other than that, this is a wonderful set!

While the female arctic explorer can be found in the Arctic Supply Plane, Arctic Base Camp and the Arctic Icebreaker sets and the huskies can be found on the supply plane and base camp sets, this is the only set where you can find the arctic pilot with sunglasses, container and helicrane (the base camp comes with a smaller helicopter).

I like the pricepoint as the set has gone down between $34.99-$39.99 and was able to purchase this for a good low price during the Christmas sale.

Overall, the “LEGO CITY – Arctic Helicrane (60034)” is a fantastic set for children and the young at heart.  Recommended!

RATING: ***** (5 stars out of 5)

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