World Trigger Vol. 2 (Story and Art by Daisuke Ashihara) (a J!-ENT Manga Review)

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Exciting, action-packed and full of humor…Daisuke Ashihara’s “World Trigger” vol. 2 features human Osamu teaming up with the enemy, a Neighbor named Yuma.  Will these two become an unlikely duo and fight against the monsters that threaten humanity?

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MANGA TITLE: World Trigger Vol. 2

STORY AND ART BY: Daisuke Ashihara


PUBLISHED IN USA BY: VIZ Media, LLC/Shonen Jump Manga

RATED: T for Older Teen

RELEASE DATE: October 7, 2014

Ever since meeting Yuma, Osamu has protected the feisty Neighbor’s secret through a combination of covering up and taking credit for Yuma’s actions. Turns out, though, Yuma isn’t the only person Osamu’s been protecting. He sets in motion a plan to help his friend Chika, who for mysterious reasons seems to attract Neighbors. And it also becomes clear that Osamu isn’t covering for Yuma as well as he thinks…

Osamu Mikumo has survived big battles thanks to Yuma Kuga,  a mysterious boy who happens to be a Neighbor, the very thing that humanity is fighting against.

But what happens when Osamu reunites with the S-Ranked Border Agent, Yuichi Jin, the man who was responsible for saving his life?

Find out in vol. 2 of Daisuke Ashihara’s “World Trigger”!

What is “World Trigger” about?

In 2013, Daisuke Ashihara’s “World Trigger” began its serialization in the pages of “Weekly Shonen Jump”. With a total of seven tankobon (graphic novel) published in Japan and an anime series beginning in October 2014, “World Trigger” will now be released in the United States courtesy of Viz Media.

“World Trigger” is set in Mikado City where a gate to another world/dimension had opened in the city.

Invaders from the gate, which are called “Neighbors” began attacking everything around Mikado City, spreading terror and all weapons to combat them, have been ineffective.

But a mysterious group known as the Border Defense Agency a.k.a. “Border” showed up to fight against the Neighbor and built a huge base to combat them.

Fast forward four years later and while gates still open around the city, humanity has their faith in Border.

At the local high school, Osamu Mikumo is a student that is often bullied. Called “Four Eyes” by his bullies, no one knows he is actually a Border agent in training. A C-class trainee with a low Trion level.

One day, he becomes friends with his new classmate, Yuma Kuga. A unusual young boy who surprisingly is unaware of human customs? Is he a foreigner?

The truth is that Yuma is actually from the Neighbor world and Osamu learns after battling a neighbor (in which Yuma saves Osamu’s life) that Yuma has great power thanks to his “trigger”.

But sensing that Yuma is not a grave threat and wanting to protect Yuma from unwanted attention, the two make a deal, Osamu will teach Yuma about human culture but he must not try to fight or show his power in public, or else he will be caught and killed by Border.

Yuma agrees to Osamu’s deal but what happens when a gate opens at the high school and humongous neighbors begin attacking Osamu’s classmates?

In vol. 2, thanks to Yuma’s help, it has helped Osamu beat the Neighbors.  But as Osamu reunites with S-ranked class Border agent, Yuichi Jin, the man who saved his life, what happens when other Border Agents start to suspect that Osamu is working with the enemy, a Neighbor?

At first, I wasn’t too sure if “World Trigger” was a manga for young children. With Daisuke Ashihara’s style, it’s not the most detailed but because of it’s violence, you eventually start to realize, this manga is not for children at all.

And despite its simplicity in character design, what captivates you is its story about a Border Agent who’s main goal is to fight against the enemy, the Neighbors…but instead befriends one and the two end up fighting together to take on the huge monsters from the other dimension.

And because of Yuma Kuga being naive to human culture, it sets up the comedy of “World Trigger” as bullies try to pick on him (learning quickly, they shouldn’t) or the chemistry between Yuma and Osamu, as Osamu is a person who wants to protect people but Yuma trying to explain to him that he is not powerful enough to fight them.

So, in a way, both work well together, despite being having this odd friendship considering Osamu is from Border and Yuma is a Neighbor. Can these two opposites work together to protect the people from attacks? And what happens when Yuma does the job, but Osamu gets all the credit? Leaving the A-class Border Agents wondering if Osamu is some genius on the battlefield.

Because of all the hype that Osamu has received in his fight against the Neighbors, others within Border are skeptical of Osamu because he is a C-Ranked soldier in training and he is not the type to easily defeat a Neighbor with superb warrior tactics.  So, as Border agents begin following Osamu, what will they discover?

I really enjoyed “World Trigger” and Daisuke Ashihara has managed to create a manga series that is exciting, action-packed and hilarious!  Because Yuma has now become a major part of Osamu’s life and is dedicate to protecting him, it makes it a bit difficult for these two men to work together, knowing that more and more Neighbors are popping up within the vicinity and also Border agents are trailing them.  But this is a story that will no doubt set the stage for an exciting vol. 3!

“World Trigger” vol. 2 is highly recommended!

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