Witchcraft Works vol. 3 by Ryu Mizunagi (a J!-ENT Manga Review)

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If you are looking for a fun, sci-fi, action-packed manga series, definitely give Ryu Mizunagi’s “Witchcraft Work” a try!

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MANGA TITLE: Witchcraft Works Vol. 3 (ウィッチクラフトワークス)

STORY AND ART BY: Ryu Mizunagi




RELEASE DATE:  February 17, 2015

Before meeting Ayaka Kagari, Honoka Takamiya’s concerns were ordinary at best. Now, he is at the core of an epic battle between witches. But what may be more troubling to the young man is suddenly realizing that almost every facet of his life revolves around magic users. From school to his home-life, witches are bringing fire into his life, and those flames are only spreading.

More troubles for Takamiya when Medusa makes her introduction, while Mr. Mikage kidnaps him.  All this and more in volume 3 of Ryu Mizunagi’s “Witchcraft Works”!

What is “Witchcraft Works”?

In 2010, Ryu Mizunagi’s “Witchcraft Works” was serialized in Kodansha’s “Good! Afternoon” publication. Meanwhile, a 12-episode anime series from J.C. Staff aired on Japanese television in 2014 and was streamed on Crunchyroll.

With a total of eight manga volumes printed in Japan, Vertical has picked up the series and is releasing it in North America.

“Witchcraft Works” revolves around a normal student named Honoka Takamiya. He sits next to Ayaka Kagari, the most popular girl on campus and despite sitting next to her, he has never talked or interacted with her.

And when he does, he is often beaten up by her fanclub.

But one day, Takamiya is attacked by a Tower witch and he is saved by Ayaka Kagari, a Workshop Witch, who reveals to him that she is a witch and her job is to protect him. And it is revealed that the Tower witches are after him for some apparent reason.

But because of the danger he is in, Kagari now spends a lot of time with him, drawing the ire from his fellow classmates and her fan club.

In volume 2, Takamiya becomes an apprentice and tries to learn the basics of witchcraft. But one day, he is attacked by Chronoire Schwarz VI, the Tower Witch for some apparent reason.

Meanwhile, as more Tower Witches try to target both Takamiya and Kagari, Takamiya learns important secrets about his sister and also a family secret that will change his relationship with Kagari.

In volume 3, it’s supposed to be a normal day at school for Takamiya and Kagari  but suddenly a building is destroyed and Medusa.  What does she want with Takamiya?

But that is not the only person looking for him, so is the faculty adviser, Mr. Mikage, who explains the importance of Kagari.

Seeing how Takamiya will always be a target, there is one way to prevent it happening at school and Kagari has a plan to make that happen!

“Witchcraft Works” is a fascinating, humorous and fun manga series from Ryu Mizunagi.

The manga showcases Takamiya, a normal guy who is often protected by a witch named Ayaka and of course, she happens to be gorgeous, well-endowed and very powerful.

And while Takamiya is often the target of Tower Witches for some apparent reason, there are major revelations in regards to Takamiya’s sister and also his mother that will definitely change things for the series and will probably bring Takamiya and Akane much more closer together, to the chagrin of many of their classmates.

But while this series of a weak guy and female protector can be just as banal as other similar stories, the difference with Ayaka’s character is that she is rather stoic and emotionless. She is smart, beautiful but her emotions rarely change. So, while Takamiya, being a guy who is seen around a beautiful woman may make him feel good, her reaction to him is the same.

In volume 3, Takamiya continues to be a target by various witches including very powerful ones.  But what can prevent him from being a constant target?  Kagari comes up with a plan in order for him to be left alone.  But will it work?

Meanwhile, Takamiya’s sister Kasumi has had enough of Kagari getting close to her brother and now she wants to put an end to it.  But what happens when she tries to go against Kagari?

The artwork by Mizunagi is very good with many characters and good use of closeups and action sequences. But also, I like how he is able to bring out emotion and action through each panel.

Overall, it may be too early to say how cool a manga series “Witchcraft Works” really is. But from volume 3 alone, the storyline is getting much better, although I can only hope that Takamiya becomes much more braver as he is a bit of weakling for now.

But so far, so good and I expect better for volume 4!

If you are looking for a fun, sci-fi, action-packed manga series, definitely give Ryu Mizunagi’s “Witchcraft Work” a try!

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