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Featuring an exciting, action-packed storyline and cool artwork by Hajime Segawa, “Tokyo ESP” omnibus volume 2 is a fascinating series and can’t wait to read the next omnibus volume!  “Tokyo ESP” is highly recommended!

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MANGA TITLE: Tokyo ESP Omnibus vol. 2

STORY AND ART BY: Hajime Segawa


PUBLISHED IN USA BY: Vertical Comics

RATED: Ages 16+

RELEASE DATE: December 8, 2015

Schools of flying, glowing fish, a flying penguin, now a flying hippo?

As Murasaki wrestles with how to effectively use her newfound powers, Rinka and Kyotaro continue to train with the wise (and wicked) Youdani, who introduces a boy with a unique type of precognition, which is put to the test when he has to make a difficult decision when a conservative family member is threatened by supernatural powers.

The enigmatic Professor, the ringleader of delinquent superhumans, appears with a tantalizing piece of the ESP puzzle and an invitation to the other side…

A madman known as The Professor has made himself known to Rinka Urushiba and friends who have ESP powers.

And now the Professor intends to make the world know of the danger that humans will face if they defy him.  And to cause fear into humankind, revealing to the world that humans with special powers do exist.

Can Rinka and friends take on the Professor and his team?

Find out in the second omnibus volume of “Tokyo ESP” (featuring volumes 3-4).

What is “Tokyo ESP” about?

“Tokyo ESP” begins when normal high school teenager, Rinka Urushiba sees a penguin and glowing fish fall from the sky.  Rinka and another boy from school have contact with the fish and Rinka finds that she has developed the power to move through inanimate objects.  Along when Kyotaro Azuma, the two with ESP powers must take on individuals who have used their power for evil.

But are there any other with ESP powers who are willing to use their power for the greater good?

While humans are unaware of people with powers, a mysterious man known as The Professor has come to bring death and destruction but also to let the world know that people with special abilities exist.  Can Rinka and friends stop him?  Are they strong enough as a team to fight against evil?


“Tokyo ESP” features the following characters:

  • Rinka Urushiba – A high school girl who comes from a poor family.  She works as a waitress after high school in order to raise money for her and her father and to pay rent and food.  Rinka has the power to phase through inanimate objets.  She is known as “White Girl” due to her powers.
  • Kyotaro Azuma – Attends the same high school as Rinka.  Has the ability to teleport and wears a crow mask and a tuxedo.  He is known as “Crow Head”.
  • Rindo Urushiba – Rinka’s father who can create a magnetic field around him to attract and repel metallic objects.  A former police officer who was forced to retire due to not being able to look the other way due to police corruption in his department.  He is unemployed.
  • Kobushi Kuroi “Black Fist” – A young thief who has the ability of invisibility.  A very good boxer with a big ego.  She is indebted to Rindo for saving her, so she has a crush on him.  She is also Rinka’s rival.
  • Murasaki Edoyama – The daughter of a Yakuza boss, she has the ability of psychometry and can see the past of an object by touching it.  If the object is a weapon, she can have the skills of the previous owner for a temporary amount of time.  She is younger and has low stamina.
  • Ayumu Oozora – A studious young man, who’s mother is a politician trying to take down those with powers.  Ayumu has the power of precognition and can see two seconds into the future.  Because of his frizzy hair, he often is mistaken to have an afro.
  • Pandaemon Youdani – A martial arts master who trained the Tokyo Police Force, including Rindo.  Always dressed in a panda suit and has the face of Yoda.  He has the power of clairvoyance.
  • Peggi – A mysterious penguin who can fly and has the power to remove and eat other people’s ESP abilities.
  • The Professor – The antagonist who has a close relationship with Kyotaro for some reason.
  • Ren Jomyaku – A friend of Rinka and Kyotaro who joins the Professor to exacting his evil directions.
  • Kozuki Kuroi – The younger sister and rival of Kobushi.  She has the teleportation ability but unlike her brother, she can’t teleport herself, only other people and things.  She wants the title of “Black Fist” all to herself.

When I started reading “Tokyo ESP”, I started thinking about similar comics such as “The X-Men”.  Those with power who want to control the world and to rule humanity. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers with special abilities who will do anything to stop the evil ESP force.

The storyline of the “X-Men” is well-known as Magneto would lead the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants against Charles Xavier’s X-Men and people who come from different cultures.

In “Tokyo ESP”, the Professor is the antagonist, while Rinka and friends are the force who are determined to take on the evil ESP’ers.

But the result was the group got their butt kicked by the Professor and his team. The Professor unleashes destruction in the city by dropping a huge ship in the city, killing many people which Rinka and her friends were not prepared and could not do any saving.

Thus Rinka and her friends must go through major training in hopes to prepare for their next battle with the Professor.  But with the Professor signing up ESP’ers to do his dirty work, Rinka and friends must deal with the problems in society, their newfound power but also trying to find their place in the world, considering they are teenagers with emotions.

Featuring an exciting, action-packed storyline and cool artwork by Hajime Segawa, “Tokyo ESP” omnibus volume 2 is a fascinating series and can’t wait to read the next omnibus volume!

“Tokyo ESP” is highly recommended!

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