The Prince of Tennis Vol. 6 (Story and Art by Takeshi Konomi) (A J!-ENT Manga Review)

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Seishun Academy prepares for their matchup against Kamata but what plans does Seishun Academy Team Captain Kunimitsu Tezuka have planned for his players? Find out in volume 6 of “The Prince of Tennis”!  Recommended!

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© 1999 by Takeshi Konomi. All Rights Reserved.

MANGA TITLE: The Prince of Tennis vol. 6

STORY AND ART BY: Takeshi Konomi


PUBLISHED IN USA BY: VIZ Media, LLC/Shonen Jump Manga

RATED: A for All Ages

RELEASE DATE: March 15, 2005

With Coach Ryuzaki’s blessing, Team Captain Kunimitsu Tezuka challenges the Prince of Tennis Ryoma Echizen to a bitter duel to settle their differences. Given Ryoma’s astounding skill and composure, will Kunimitsu’s best game be good enough to win?

Meanwhile, with the City Tournament fast approaching, Seishun Academy’s campus is crawling with spies who are out to gather data on their players’ strengths and weaknesses. As the electric thrill of competition permeates the air, will Seishun Academy win enough matches to surge through to the next round?

And what peril lurks behind the menacing ways of St. Rudolph’s manager and strategist Hajime Mizuki?

After seeing Ryoma beat his opponent from Fudomine, Seishun Academy Tezuka Kunimitsu wants an opportunity to go against Ryoma.  But what happened during their matchup?

Meanwhile, Tezuka creates a competition within the starters in a half court vs. full court matchup to prepare for their next tournament competition against Kamata.

Will Seishun Academy be ready for their latest tournament competition?

Find out in “The Prince of Tennis” Vol. 6!

What is “The Prince of Tennis”?

In 1999, tennis player and manga artist Takeshi Konomi created a series known as “Tennis no Ojisama”.

Published in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump” in July 1999, the series became one of the most popular sports manga series created and would eventually lead to an anime series adaptation by Trans Arts and Nihon Ad Systems & TV Tokyo.

Suffice to say, the series became an incredible hit and popular media franchise which would lead to video games and more!

In volume 6, after Seishun Academy’s defeat of Fudomine, seeing Ryoma play, Captain Kunimitsu Tezuka wants his opportunity to play against his new teammate and the result will change Ryoma forever.

Meanwhile, Kunimitsu tries to get the team ready for their next competition matchup against Kamata.  How will the team fare in their latest matchup?

Ryoma has been dominant on the court, but for young players, cockiness can get the best of them and sometimes someone needs to put the kids in their place and let them know that they need to strive to become better.  And for Captain Kunimitsu Tezuka, he may be the one who may be able to get Ryoma to become better than he is now.

But not just Ryoma, Seishun Academy’s captain wants the best for his team and so he and data manager Sadaharu Inui put the group through half court vs. full court drills, whoever loses must drink Inui’s concoction.

Meanwhile, the group prepares for their upcoming tournament competition against Kamata.  Will they be ready?

While the last volumes have been focused on intense competition, this latest volume shows some behind-the-scenes fun with each of the starters of Seishun Academy as the practice for their upcoming competition.  The volume also includes their competition against Kamata but it also introduces St. Rudolph who are observing Seishun Academy.

Character design by Takeshi Konomi are well-done, the storyline manages to capture the excitement of tennis and strategy especially for this singles match between Ryoma and Shinji.

Overall, the sixth volume of “The Prince of Tennis” was fun and if you love tennis and sports manga, “The Prince of Tennis” is recommended!

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