Terra Formars Vol. 17 (Story by Yu Sasuga, Art by Ken-Ichi Tachibana) (a J!-ENT Manga Review)

Who was responsible for letting the Terraformars sabotage the annex?  Who are the two mysterious beings that appeared on Mars? Find out what happens in Vol. 17 of “Terra Formars”!

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Image courtesy of © 2011 by Ken-Ichi Tachibana, Yu Sasuga/SHUEISHA Inc. All Rights Reserved.

MANGA TITLE: Terra Formars Vol. 17

STORY BY: Yu Sasuga

ART BY: Ken-Ichi Tachibana



RATED: T for Older Teen

Available on March 21, 2017

Where did the A.E. virus come from, and what is the secret left on Mars by Rahab? The mystery finally begins to be revealed as the last survivors make their final plans. The winners of the great war on Mars will be the ones to return to Earth, but when they do, will they be superhuman saviors or the heralds of a new age of terror?

As theories are proposed about why there are pyramids on Mars, but who is responsible for that technology?  Also, another theory of why the A.E. Virus was created.

Also, the history of Liu Yiwu is revealed!  Also, two mysterious humans with special abilities arrive in a special aircraft on Mars and are there to claim the body of Joseph G. Newton.  All this and more in vol. 17 of “Terra Formars”!

What is “Terra Formars”?

In 2011, writer Yu Sasuga and artist Kenichi Tachibana would create “Terra Formars”, a manga series that would become a major hit in Japan.

First serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Young Jump” and an OVA and anime series slated later this year, “Terra Formars” was ranked #1 in the 2013 “Kono Manga ga Sugoi!” top 20 Manga for Male Readers survey.

With nine tankobon volumes published in Japan, “Terra Formars” vol. 1 will be released in the United States in July 2014 courtesy of Viz Media (on the Viz Signature imprint).

With Earth looking to colonize Mars which is undergoing its final stages of Terraforming and now becoming a green planet, a group of 15 men and women have been sent to Mars to check on the Terraformation of the planet.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the planet is falling into ruin due to environmental destruction and energy shortages, so Mars has been the focus by scientists.

Scientists have used moss and a black organism to darken the surface of the planet and causing it to absorb more sunlight, increase temperatures and melting the carbon dioxide.

The black organism used by scientists were cockroaches.

As the 15 men and women of BUGS 2 arrive on the planet on their mission to evaluate the planet but also to find out what happened to the first crew (BUGS 1) that landed on the planet.

The team discover that the Terraforming has succeeded but to their shock, the cockroaches have mutated with human bodies.

As the Japanese members, Shokichi Komachi and his childhood friend Nanao Akita try to make contact with one of the beings, the humanoid cockroach snaps Nanao’s neck.

And now the humans have become the hunted.

Because the cockroaches exhibit all abilities of a cockroach, it was learned that scientists embedded human DNA in them and their mutation has made them beings that would not just survive in Mars but also exhibiting human characteristics and a hatred towards humanity (as humanity has had a hatred towards cockroaches).

But humanity also has found a way for humans to counteract the cockroaches by using injections of insects on humans that will briefly give them insect powers. But is it enough for the humans to survive in Mars as they are now considered the pests for the planet in which the humanoid cockroaches are the primary species?

In volume 17, we start to learn more about the countries that conspired to sabotage the mission.  But there a few theories that the Earthlings in Mars are wondering about.  Who created the pyramids and why is the A.E. virus inside of it?

Meanwhile, two humans with special abilities have shown up and are now wanting the body of Joseph G. Newton?  Why do they want his body?  Meanwhile, we find out what happened to the crew that came with Joseph G. Newton on Mars.

Just when you thought that there were enough complicated factors in “Terra Formars”, volume 17 gives us more answers, but poses more questions in regards to the countries or country that may be involved in the true sabotage of the Annex before it approached Mars.

The volume also showcases the past of Liu Yiwu and a storyline of two mysterious humans that have appeared on Mars, demanding the body of Joseph G. Newton or else they will kill everyone.

The artwork by Ken-Ichi Tachibana is magnificent. Characters are well-detailed, artwork is just pleasing and the action is well-featured. And of course, the writing and research done by Yu Sasuga has really made “Terraformars” a fascinating and captivating series.

Overall, “Terraformars” is an exciting, violent but addictive series that I am always looking forward to! As humanity depends on the survivors on Mars, how will Earth’s only survivors of the mission survive another day on Mars without medicine and advanced weaponry? But with the advancement of the Terraformars, who have now unleashed a terrifying onslaught on the humans.  Who was responsible for letting the Terraformars sabotage the annex?  Who are the two mysterious beings that appeared on Mars?  Find out what happens in Vol. 17 of “Terra Formars”!

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