Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition 2-in-1 Vol. 7 by Oh!great (a J!-ENT Manga Review)

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The manga series which was more like a high school version of “Fight Club” has matured!  Sporting powerful guys with special abilities, powerful and well-endowed female characters, sex and a lot of fighting! For those wanting a mature/action-oriented, violent manga series, “Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition 2-in-1” is for you!

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MANGA TITLE: Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition 2-in-1 Vol. 7




RATED: M for Mature

Available on October 18, 2011

While time passes peacefully, troubles begin boiling over. Bob hesitates over the choice he’s made while Aya and Takayanagi feel tormented by their unrequited love. Then, Maya returns to campus with renewed resolve and Soichiro is put into confinement to begin the metamorphosis into the Black Dragon.

The paths they’ve taken all lead to the Sohaku Estate and a confrontation with the “True Demon,” Tetsuhito Kagiroi. While the fight goes down, Aya uses her Dragon Eyes to travel to the past. The battles change with time, but they are the paths that connect them all to their dreams!

The Jyuken Club Executive Council have now been reduced to a few members.  The betrayal from their former member, Mitsuomi Takayanagi complete reversal from friend to now enemy has complete shocked and overburdened them.  Nearly dead, with only a few members left to fight, how can the once powerful Jyuken fight back against the leaders of the 12 Founding Families known as F who have been assembled to kill them.

As Souichiro Nagi, the heir of the Demon Exorcist family, has been captured, what will happen to the Jyuken Club now?  We find out in vol. 7 of “Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition”.

In 1998, the mangaka known as “Oh!Great” (known for his manga and video game work and creating series such as “Air Gear”, “Burn-Up W” and “Burn Up Excess”) released his manga series “Tenjo Tenge” which would go on for 22 volumes before ending the manga series in 2010.

The manga would later be adapted into a 26-episode TV anime series in 2004, a two-episode OVA in 2005, followed by a film in 2006.

And while the manga series was released in the United States by CMX, the manga was heavily censored for its sexual content. But now the manga has been licensed and released via Viz’s Viz Signature featuring their “Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition 2-in-1” series (featuring two graphic novels per volume) and featured in all of its uncensored glory. Sex, violence, it’s all there!

What is “Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition” all about?

The series once revolved around a group of friends who attend Todou Academy, an academy that hosts the best fighters in the area.  A few of these friends belong to families which are among the six Red Feather families.

Bad boys Souichiro Nagi and his friend Bob Makihara are attending their first day at the Todou Academy and learn that their fighting skills used at other schools, will definitely be put into great use as everyone in the school can fight. But the two will need to join a fight club.

But the most powerful club at the school is the Katana Group headed by Shin Natsume, the president of the Executive Council who has the power of the dragon eyes, but is slowly starting to lose his composure and becoming insane the more he uses them.

Shin has a busty sister named Maya (who has the ability to shrink herself to an 8-year-old) and also a busty younger sister named Aya (who also possessed the dragon eyes, but allows her to see the past, present and future and see and listen to the dead). For some reason, Shin and Maya have this bond, in fact…a bond that suggests that Shin may be in love with his sister.

But with Shin most of the time is his busty girlfriend Mana Kuzunoha, a girl who was assigned to be Shin’s girlfriend in order for her to collect data for the Takayanagi family. She is also responsible for helping Shin start the Katana group. Despite how insane Shin is, she finds herself falling for him.

But as Shin’s jealousy for his sister Maya becoming close with Mitsuomi Takayanagi, it led to his death.

But unfortunately, for Mitsuomi, the awesome power and strength soon got to his head which led to the deaths of many crime families and now many under the power of Mitsuomi.  And Mitsuomi is wanting the Reiki sword that belongs to the Natsume family.

Meanwhile, the Jyuken Club is now ran by Maya, along with her sister Aya and her boyfriend Souichiro, Souichiro’s best friend Bob Makihara, Kagesada Sugano and Masataka Takayanagi (Mitsuomi’s younger brother).

In “Tenjo Tenge” Vol.5 and 6, the group fought Sohaku Kago’s group known as F (the new leaders of the 12 Founding Families), but in the process, a few were severely injured, while Souchiro Nagi was kidnapped.

“Tenjo Tenge” Vol. 7 focuses on Maya trying to recuperate from her injuries and broken arm with hopes that she can end the hundred-year war.  As Maya goes out to search for Souchiro, Souchiro is being kept under the watchful eye of the Red Feather Faction leader, Sohaku Kago and being pitted against other warriors in hopes that Souchiro will take the first step into metamorphosis into the Black Dragon.

Meawhile, Tessen Ishiyumi, head of the Ishiyumi family has gone crazy since Souichiro sealed Tessen’s “Dragon Gate” and disabling his chakra.  Now, he has become a madman and wants revenge against those who have made fun of him for losing his power, including Katsumi Kabato, head of the Kabuto family.

The second half of the storyline features Mitsuomi and Madoka Mawari teaming up with Maya and Souchiro (along with the help of Shizura Kamura) to enter the Forbidden Souls Echoes Gate go against Sohaku Kago (head of the Kago family and true leader of F, and also the father of Souchiro Nagi) and his most trusted subordinate, Tetsuhito Kagiroi.

Volume 7 also reveals the history of Soichiro’s mother Makiko Nagi and his father Sohaku Kago.  We learn of why Makiko has lost her arm and what Sohaku had done to her.

Meanwhile, Maya and Tetsuhito Kagiroi fight to the death.  Who will win?

I have to admit that “Tenjo Tenge” may not be the easiest manga series to write a synopsis for. Mainly because there are so many characters featured, there’s not really one protagonist and it can get a bit confusing with people who have similar names.

This is not a manga series in which one can miss an issue because there are so many things going on and one will need to follow the progress of the Jyuken Club and the people they fight.  Right now, we have seen the club go against some of the members of F but at the same time, seeing some dissension especially between the Founding Families.

What was once a manga series about high school fight clubs has now transitioned to the Jyuken Club fighting for survival.  From the fear that Mitsuomi will attack them to Sohaku Kago’s “F” group attacking them, things have went from Jyuken Club being the most powerful in high school, to now a group of students fighting to stay alive.

The seventh volume is also important as all is revealed regarding Makiko Nagi and Sohaku Kago and how evil this man truly is.  And to conclude volume 7, we see the ultimate battle between Maya vs. Tetsuhito Kagiroi takes place.  A fight to the death… Who will survive and who will die?

Overall, “Tenjo Tenge” is a pretty awesome manga series that will attract fans who love fight club storylines, especially fighting video games such as “King of Fighters”, “Rival Schools”. There is plenty of action and teenage angst in this manga series but obviously targeted to male readers as the women happen to be overly well-endowed, appear to enjoy being bra-less, wearing short skirts to expose their panties and often having sex with a few of the male characters. Granted, the sex and fan service is not a big part of the overall storyline but it is featured in the manga series.

Oh! Great’s artwork for “Tenjo Tenge” is beautiful, well-detailed and he puts so much into each page of his manga series.  I’m quite impressed.  Most fighting manga tend to not focus on the story, if anything, they tend to rely on the characters (especially if they are based on a popular video game series). In the case of “Tenjo Tenge”, it’s a complex series with a lot of characters, but you feel that with each volume, you’re getting your money’s worth.  Very good character development but you have to stay with it and not miss any volumes, because something big always happens in each chapter!

Overall, for a mature action-driven, fighting manga series, “Tenjo Tenge” is shaping up to be a fantastic manga series so far.

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