Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition 2-in-1 Vol. 3 by Oh!great (a J!-ENT Manga Review)

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Sex and violence is the basis of “Tenjo Tenge”.  Mix in some “Fight Club”, overly endowed women, sex and various characters that you love in fighting video games and you get “Tenjo Tenge”.  Volume 3 gets pretty deep as Shin takes on Bushinchi and how will Shin react when he notices Mitsuomi messing around with his sister.  For those wanting a mature/action-oriented manga series, “Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition 2-in-1” is for you!

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MANGA TITLE: Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition 2-in-1 Vol. 3




RATED: M for Mature

Available on October 18, 2011

Knuckle-busting brawls, badass babes, and the toughest student body ever to mix it up under one roof. Welcome to Todo High, where the only rule is: get strong or get schooled.

Mitsuomi and Maya are now rivals, but once they were close friends. Their lives were changed forever because of one person: Shin Natsume, Maya’s older brother and Mitsuomi’s mentor. Inheritor of the Dragon Eyes and leader of the Supreme Warrior Faction, the charismatic Shin also bears dark and terrible secrets. Struggling under the burden of the immense power he possesses, and manipulated by those who seek to use that power, Shin begins to lose control. Maya and Mitsuomi each have their own ideas for how to deal with his increasingly erratic behavior, but it’s up to Bunshichi to really beat some sense into him!

In 1998, the mangaka known as “Oh!Great” (known for his manga and video game work and creating series such as “Air Gear”, “Burn-Up W” and “Burn Up Excess”)  released his manga series “Tenjo Tenge” which would go on for 22 volumes before ending the manga series in 2010.

The manga would later be adapted into a 26-episode TV anime series in 2004, a two-episode OVA in 2005, followed by a film in 2006.

And while the manga series was released in the United States by CMX, the manga was heavily censored for its sexual content.  But now the manga has been licensed and released via Viz’s Viz Signature featuring their “Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition 2-in-1” series (featuring two graphic novels per volume) and featured in all of its uncensored glory.  Sex, violence, it’s all there!

The series would typically revolve around a group of friends who attend Todou Academy, an academy that hosts the best fighters in the area.

Bad boys Souichiro Nagi and his friend Bob Makihara are attending their first day at the Todou Academy and learn that their fighting skills used at other schools, will definitely be put into great use as everyone in the school can fight. But the two will need to join a fight club.

But the most powerful club at the school is the Katana Group headed by Shin Natsume, the president of the Executive Council who has the power of the dragon eyes, but is slowly starting to lose his composure and becoming insane the more he uses them.

Shin has a busty sister named Maya (who has the ability to shrink herself to an 8-year-old) and also a busty younger sister named Aya (who also possessed the dragon eyes, but allows her to see the past, present and future and see and listen to the dead).  For some reason, Shin and Maya have this bond, in fact…a bond that suggests that Shin may be in love with his sister.

But with Shin most of the time is his busty girlfriend Mana Kuzunoha, a girl who was assigned to be Shin’s girlfriend in order for her to collect data for the Takayanagi family.  She is also responsible for helping Shin start the Katana group.  Despite how insane Shin is, she finds herself falling for him.

Meanwhile, we are also introduced to several other characters who are friends but also rival to Shin as everyone has incredible abilities.  But is there anyone who is strong enough to defeat Shin?

“Tenjo Tenge” Vol. 3 does not focus on Souchiro Nagi, nor Bob Makihara.  This time around, the series focuses on Mitsuomi Takayanagi and Bunshichi Tawara.

In this third volume, for some reason, Mana is trying to get close to Mitsuomi sexually.  Meanwhile, Mitsuomi still holds back his power, not wanting to engage in a fight. Yet, Maya is trying to get him into fighting.

As for Bunshichi Tawara, what happens when the insane Shin and his friend Bunshichi are forced to fight in a fight that may end up tragic?

And with the problems that take place after their fight, what happens when these friends/rivals join forces to create a new club known as the Juken Club.

I have to admit that “Tenjo Tenge” may not be the easiest manga series to write a synopsis for.  Mainly because there are so many characters featured, there’s not really one protagonist and it can get a bit confusing with people who have similar names.

But it’s this world of fight clubs, people who specialize in different martial arts for this high school and this world that mangaka Oh!great is slowly trying to build overtime.  It requires time, character development and by the time you read the chapter, you know the characters, but to explain it to someone who hasn’t read it, it’s not easy.

But the best way to describe this manga series is the game “the King of the Mountain”.  I remember being in high school and wrestling practice and our job was to see if we can take down the top guy and make him fall.  Well, at this high school, Shin is the king of the mountain.  All these fighters of different clubs want their shot to beat the #1 man, so their martial art or club can be the top dog and be the leaders of the Executive Council.  They call the shots at the school and let people know of their dominance.

But unknown to many people, Shin is like a demon.  Slowly going insane because of his Dragon Eyes in combination with holding onto the Reiki sword, it’s amplifying his power to the point where he’s starting to lose his sanity.  The Reiki, which is a sword which entraps all power of the evil Buddhist ceremonies enhances ones power.  And for the weapon, it’s reliant towards those who wield it and for Shin, it makes him the most deadliest person on the planet.

So, with volume 3 and “insane” Shin wanting to beat everyone with power, including his friends, it sets up one hell of a battle between him and his good friend Bunshichi.

The third volume feature manga graphic novels vol. 5 and 6 is interesting in the fact that the main two characters are not focused on at all.  No storylines that feature Souchiro Nagi and Bob Makihara, in fact, the volume is driven by stories that focus around Mitsuomi Takayanagi (who is trying to find out why he should even fight) and Bunshichi Tawara.

And this volume definitely features a lot of sex!  Granted, it’s not a hentai manga as sex is not focused on, but there is nudity and sex plus a lot of violence, so it’s a mature title.

“Tenjo Tenge” is a pretty awesome manga series that will attract fans who love fight club storylines, especially fighting video games such as “King of Fighters”, “Rival Schools”.  There is plenty of action and teenage angst in this manga series but obviously targeted to male readers as the women happen to be overly well-endowed, appear to enjoy being bra-less, wearing short skirts to expose their panties and often having sex with a few of the male characters.  Granted, the sex and fan service is not a big part of the overall storyline but it’s there.

But with volume 3, it’s a pretty fascinating storyline thus far as we can see how unstable Shin is, how powerful Bushichi is and also seeing Mitsuomi emerge as this cool guy, who will probably get his butt kicked by Shin for messing around with his sister Maya (who Shin loves).

Also, the volume features the beginning of the Juken Club which I don’t want to mention too much, but this club plays a big part in the series from here on in.

Overall, for a mature action-driven manga series, it definitely delivers in action as well as sex.  If this is for you, then definitely give “Tenjo Tenge: Full Contact Edition 2-in-1” a try!

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