Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee vol. 19 (Story and Art by Hiroyuki Asada) (a J!-ENT Manga Review)

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Lag makes his return to find Amberground in chaos!  Now he and the Letter Bees must enter the capital of Akatsuki in “Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee vol. 19”!

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© 2006 by Hiroyuki Asada. All Rights Reserved.

MANGA TITLE: Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee vol. 19

STORY AND ART BY: Hiroyuki Asada


PUBLISHED IN USA BY: Shonen Jump Manga/Viz Media

RATED: T for Teen

RELEASE DATE: June 7, 2016

Amberground is locked in darkness. A man-made star casts only a dim light over the land. The pitch-black wilderness is infested with Gaichuu–colossal insects with metal exoskeletons. The Gaichuu make travel between the cities of Amberground extremely dangerous. But thankfully the Letter Bees, a brave corps of messengers, risk their lives in order to keep the hearts of Amberground connected.

Lag returns from his training to find Amberground in chaos. The government is crumbling, revolution is underway and the sun itself is going out. The Letter Bees’ last chance is to penetrate Akatsuki, the mysterious capital of Amberground and the source of the sun’s power. But who will be the one to enter Akatsuki and forge a new world—Chico, who’s prepared to make any sacrifice for her people, or Lag, who holds out the impossible hope that every life can still be saved?

Amberground has not been the same as the man-made star has cast darkness all over the land.

Lag, who has been training has finally returned back to Amberground, to find the area in chaos.

And now, the Letter Bees who protect Amberground must enter Akatsuki in order to forge a new world.

Find out what happens in Hiroyuki Asada’s “Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee” Vol. 19!

What is “Tegami Bachi” about?

From Hiroyuki Asada, the creator of “I’ll” comes the series “Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee”!

Serialized on “Monthly Shonen Jump” back in 2006 and later in “Jump SQ”, “Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee” has been released by Viz Media in the U.S. as part of their Shonen Jump manga signature and in Japan, has since received an anime adaptation and drama CD releases.

The capital of Akatsuki is illuminated by a man-made sun, the farther the sun, the weaker the light and so the Yuusari region is cast in twilight while the Yodaka region survives on moonlight.

Letter Bee Gauche Suede and young Lag Seeing meet in the Yodaka region and as postal workers, there is a letter that Gauche must deliver. The two become friends and when the journey ends, each depart on their own path. Gauche hopes to become a Head Bee, while Lag hopes to grow up and become a Letter Bee.

Fast forward and Lag manages to become a Letter Bee but for Gauche, he lost his heart and becomes a marauder known as “Noir”, working for a rebel organization known as Reverse.

In vol. 19, Amberground is no longer the same.  In darkness and in chaos, Lag returns to find things much worse.  And now, the Letter Bees are planning to build a new world, but must enter Akatsuki.

But Lag receives shocking news regarding his mother.

An action-packed manga series feature cool character designs and a captivating plot courtesy of Hiroyuki Asada!

I’m really enjoying how “Tegamic Bachi” has evolved and featured many characters in the process but how it manages to show Lag and friends grow.

With volume 19, Lag finally returns Amberground which is in chaos and under the spell of darkness.  As he reunites with his friends and Letter Bee’s, they know the only way to stop the darkness is to enter Akatsuki, the mysterous capital of Amberground and the source of the sun’s power.

But he quickly learns the different beliefs when compared to Chico, who is willing to make any sacrifice possible to ensure a successful mission.  Lag, doesn’t believe that and wants everyone to be saved.

But what will Lag and the others find out once they head towards the capital?

As for the character designs, Hiroyuki Asada’s art is detailed. I love the way he is able to sketch out his characters and how much emphasis on their eyes. This volume is pretty much straight action but it’s more exciting for the fact that many Bees are involved in the fight.

“Tegami Bachi” is getting interesting, action-pack and definitely exciting! The adventures of Lag and the Letter Bee’s continues in volume 19!

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