Rosario + Vampire: Season II vol. 14 by Akihisa Ikeda (a J!-ENT Manga Review)

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There is so much that happens in this final volume that it would be a disservice of fans for me to even summarize what happens. All I will say is that if you have read the series for this long and have seen how things started to ramp up for this chaotic conclusion, you’re in for a fantastic ride from beginning to end. Akihisa Ikeda’s final “Rosario + Vampire: Season II” vol. 14 is recommended!

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© 2007 by Akihisa Ikeda. All Rights Reserved.

MANGA TITLE: Rosario + Vampire: Season II vol. 14


WRITTEN BY: Akihisa Ikeda (池田晃久)

ILLUSTRATED BY: Akihisa Ikeda (池田晃久)



RATED: T for Older Teen

RELEASE DATE: May 5, 2014


To have a happy ending…

a. become a vampire
b. resurrect a loved one
c. possess an enemy
d. all of the above


In 2004, mangaka Akihisa Ikeda (creator of the 2002 fantasy series “Kiruto”) created a new series titled “Rosario to Vampire” published in “Weekly Shonen Jump” and lasted from through 2007, followed by a new series titled “Rosario to Vampire: Season 2″ which concluded in March 2013 in Japan with 14 volumes.

With two anime series, video games, CD dramas and ongoing manga storyline, suffice to say, the series has its share of fans and now the 14th volume is here to conclude the “Rosario + Vampire” manga series.

And now the final battle begins as Tsukune, Moka and friends take on the ever powerful Alucard (Dracula) who will do what he can do take over both realms.

To protect the people they love and also all humankind, Tsukune, Moka along with friends and rivals, join together to fight against the powerful Alucard.

Find out how the story concludes in the final “Rosario + Vampire: Season II” volume 14 by Akihisa Ikeda!

What is “Rosario + Vampire”?

“Rosario+Vampire” began as a harem series which focused on protagonist Tsukune Aono, a normal high school freshman who is unable to get into any private school because of his bad grades. But his parents enroll him into a private school called “Yokai Academy”.

But when Tsukune arrives at his new school, he realizes that it’s a school for monsters disguised as humans and because it’s a top secret school in which humans are not to know about it, if he reveals that he is human and knows about the school, he will be killed.

One day, while thinking about leaving the school, he accidentally runs into a beautiful pink haired girl named Moka Akashiya. Moka turns out to be a sweet vampire and is attracted to the taste of his blood (she takes small nibbles instead of large bites). Moka had lived in the human world at one time and does not like them for some reason. She also wears cross that is fixed upon a collar and can not be removed.

But because she has made friends with Tsukune, she instantly bonds with him, not knowing he is human. And because this normal teenager is able to catch the attention of a beautiful girl at school, others become jealous and one decides to confront Moka of why she would be with a weakling like Tsukune.

And through circumstances, he reveals to Moka that he is actually a human and she is shocked to find out that someone so kind, is a human being. But one day, while trying to defend Moka from a male monster trying to make her be with him, somehow he is able to remove her cross from her collar which activates during a time of need and Moka transforms to a Class S vampire (the most powerful vampire) and the true inner Moka is revealed.

Needless to say, she defeats the male monster and from that point on, both begin to become great friends and fall for each other.

But along the way, other female students (supernatural) also begin to fall for Tsukune and all start to hang out as a group, but at the same time, each girl knows they are rivals in gaining Tsukune’s affection.

In season two, after finding out Tsukune is human but still cares for them despite these monsters not being human at all, each of them cares for Tsukune and wants him as their husband. But in “Rosario + Vampire Capu 2″, it is quite obvious that Tsukune is falling for Moka, but also the interior Moka. And actually, he cares for all the ladies close to him.

But it’s a new school year and Tsukune can’t wait to see Moka and the others. And while hurrying to school, he accidentally runs into a violent, outspoken girl named Kokoa Shuzen and “accidentally” gropes her breast. Needless to say, the first meeting between Tsukune and Kokoa, doesn’t go quite well.

Meanwhile, Tsukune reunites with Moka, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore. Including their lecherous newspaper president Ginei Morioka and even Ruby Tojo has found various jobs at Yokai Academy.

But just when everything seems to be going well,suddenly, Moka begins receiving threatening letters that some one is out to kill her.

Scared and devastated by the recurring letters, each wonders who may be after her…and we learn the person responsible is Kokoa Shuzen, the girl that Tsukune accidentally ran into but also the half-sister of Moka (interior Moka). Kokoa has been emotionally scarred since her sister left her and she doesn’t understand why her real sister has been locked inside this other Moka. And now, Kokoa has developed this hatred towards Moka, for not letting her sister be free.

Tsukune has to deal with his mother who has found out that he has become popular with a few girls at Yokai Academy, his cousin Kyoko who saw Tsukune’s friends fight with their supernatural powers and now wants to find out what kind of school that Tsukune is attending.

Also, we meet Mizore’s mother Tsurara Shirayuki and Kurumu’s mother Ageha Kurono and find out that like their daughters, these two were rivals in high school over a guy (who happens to be Yukari’s father). But this time, both mothers insist in having their daughter win the affections of Tsukune.

Throughout season 2, we learn that there are those who want to bring the real Moka out and let the outer Moka die. But Tsukune has sacrificed his life to save Moka and in essence, during the revival of Tsukune, Moka’s blood has mixed with his to make him into a ghoul. But after a Body Alteration spell, he now has the powers of a master sorcerer.

Wanting to save Moka who has been captured by her older step-sister, Aqua Shuzen, who loves inner Moka but wishes nothing but for the destruction of humanity and wanting to allow Gyokuro to use Moka in order to awaken Alucard.

In volume 13, the best way to say even describe this volume is “all hell breaks loose” and “chaos ensues”!

A powerful Tsukune takes on Gyokuro, meanwhile Gyokuro is determined to destroy the human world by slamming the fortress on it. This leads to an all out battle that nearly every character that has fought with Moka or alongside with Moka goes to help out and fight against the ever-powerful Gyokuro.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the true person that was responsible for setting the path for destruction was none other than Alucard.

In the final volume 14, Moka was impaled and is on the brink of death, while Tsukune stays by her side and confesses his true feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Alucard unleashes a behemoth to destroy Yokohama and as Alucard tries to destroy humankind, Mikogami, the last of the three Dark Lords stands to fight him, along with the Japanese Self Defense Force and San Otonashi.

But is Mikogami strong enough to stop Alucard?  Who can stop him?

The main characters of “Rosario + Vampire” are:

  • Tsukune Aono – The main protagonist. A normal human teenager who is mistakenly enrolled into Yokai Academy. Because it is illegal for humans to attend a high school for the supernatural/monsters, Tsukune tries to keep his human existence a secret (only Moka knows he is a human). He really cares for Moka, but also cares for his other friends and tries to protect them. And because he is courageous and willing to befriend them, these female characters fall for him.
  • Moka Akashiya – The first student that Tsukune befriends. She is a sweet and kind vampire with a rosario (cross) attached to her collar. It is sealed and no one can remove it but when things get tough, Tsukune is the only person can break off the rosario and reveal the cold “inner” Moka who is an S-Class monster. She cares for Tsukune deeply and loves the taste of his blood.
  • Kurumu Kurono – She is a succubus who sees Moka as a rival because of the attention she gets from guys. Kurumu also has G-cup breasts that she tries to seduce Tsukune with and can use her hypnotizing spell on males. She chooses Tsukune to be the guy she will try to win over and marry.
  • Yukari Sendo – The smartest student of Yokai Academy at young at age 11. She is a witch and because witches are seen as half human, she is discriminated against by her fellow schoolmates and has moved school to school because she didn’t not get along with anyone. But because both Tsukune and Moka accepted her and want to be friends with her, she has interests in both Moka and Tsukune.
  • Mizora Shirayuki – A depressed girl with freezing supernatural powers. Because Tsukune became friends with her, she became infatuated with him. She is known to be quiet and always sucking a lollipop.
  • Ginei Morioka – A werewolf and the president of the Newspaper Club. He is also a mega pervert and tried to get Tsukune in trouble at one time. But despite his pervertedness, he has helped the group at times when they are in a bind.
  • Kokoa Shuzen – Moka Akashiya’s half sister and often angry. She loves her sister to death and despises the current Moka where her sister is sealed inside. She is often seen talking to her pet bats.
  • Ruby Tojo – Introduced as a rival in the first season, she is now working at Yokai Academy under Mikogami but the truth is that she does so, because of her hidden infatuation with Tsukune.
  • San Otonashi – A graduate of Yokai Academy and the former Newspaper Club president who is a siren.
  • Aqua Shuzen – The oldest of the four Shuzen sisters.  Infatuated with her sister Moka.


All things come to an end and for Akihisa Ikeda, the story of “Rosario + Vampire” concludes with the war against Alucard (Dracula).

From the opening chapter, you realize how things grave are when Moka is dying, Tsukune is by her side while the others try to fight the powerful Alucard.

The final volume reunites many of the characters from previous volumes in this final battle and because the final volume is quite epic, Akihisa Ikeda made this final volume larger (by an extra one or two chapters) to wrap and complete the story.

And how the final volume ends, it’s definitely not the ending one would expect (and I don’t mean this in a bad way, but a pretty cool and unique way of ending the series) when it comes to our two prominent characters, Moka and Tsukune.

While I don’t want to spoil this final volume, I will just say that if you love “Rosario + Vampire”, you’re in for a treat as this final volume will surely entertain you!

It’s a thrilling volume that really is an all-out war and the storyline and artwork by Akihisa Ikeda is fantastic!

There is so much that happens in this final volume that it would be a disservice of fans for me to even summarize what happens. All I will say is that if you have read the series for this long and have seen how things started to ramp up for this chaotic conclusion, you’re in for a fantastic ride from beginning to end.

Akihisa Ikeda’s final “Rosario + Vampire: Season II” vol. 14 is recommended!

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