Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure! Vol. 1 by Shigekatsu Ihara (a J!-ENT Manga Review)

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A simple, fun and entertaining children’s manga series that is easy to pickup and enjoy, “Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!” vol. 1 is recommended!

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MANGA TITLE: Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure! Vol. 1

STORY AND ART BY: Shigekatsu Ihara


PUBLISHED IN USA BY: VIZ Media, LLC/Shonen Jump Manga

RATED: A for All Ages

RELEASE DATE: April 8, 2008 (Rereleased in 2014)

Most kids spend their days at school, but not Hareta. Raised in the wild by pokemon, he can climb as high as an Aipcom, swim as fast as a Magikarp, and even eat bark like a Bidoof!

Recruited by Professor Rowan, Hareta decides to become a pokemon trainer. Along with his first pokemon, Piplup, and his new friend Mitsumi, he sets off in search of the legendary pokemon Dialga. But Team Galactic is hunting for Dialga too. Can Hareta and Piplup defeat Team Galactic and stop their evil plans?

Back in 2008, to celebrate the release of “Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl” on the GameBoy Advance, a manga series titled “Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!” was created by Shigekatsu Ihara.

The series was released in the US courtesy of Viz Media and will be re-released in 2014.

Featuring a total of eight volumes, the series revolves around a naive young boy named Hareta.

Raised by Professor Rowan, Hareta literally grew up in the woods with Pokemon and essentially knows about their mannerisms.  But as Mitsumi comes to visit Professor Rowan and her desire to find the legendary Pokemon known as Dialga and how it can control time, Hareta decides that he also wants to find Dialga and accompany Mitsumi on her trip.

As Hareta is pretty naive about collecting Pokemon and being a trainer, he must learn alongside with his pokemon Piplup on how to catch Pokemon and use them effectively in battle.  Especially as he plans to take on gym leaders around the region.

Meanwhile, he comes across a group known as Team Galactic who have been using their influence to change Pokemon for evil.  Can Hareta stop them and will he find Dialga?

Find out in “Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!” vol. 1!

For any fan who has played the Pokemon video games or watched the animated series, “Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!” is a safe and short manga series for children as it showcases the character Hareta as he learns quickly on how to become a Pokemon trainer but also to prepare himself for battle using strategies that he is able to pick up quickly.

While battling Pokemon and also gym leaders, he and Mitsumi find themselves coming across Team Galactic who want his Piplup.

But will Hareta be strong enough to face them?

For the most part, vol. 1 of “Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!” is an easy to read and entertaining children’s manga series that parents will find that their younger children can get into, learn how to read and enjoy.

Because there are only eight volumes in the entire manga series, Hareta’s development as a trainer is quite quick and the first volume features him taking on two gym leaders.

Shigekatsu Ihara’s storyline manages to take the character of Hareta and alongside Mitsumi, an assistant of Professor Rowan and put them in various adventures and pack them all in one volume.  The character art is pretty good and Shigekatsu Ihara does a great job of establishing the characters but also not spending too much time in showing Hareta’s quick progression as a trainer and preparing for battle.

Overall, a simple, fun and entertaining children’s manga series that is easy to pickup and enjoy, “Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!” vol. 1 is recommended!

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