One Piece: New World Volume 67 by Eiichiro Oda (a J!-ENT Manga Review)

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The Straw Hat Pirates decide to take a visit of the ominous Punk Hazard Island…but what they find will shock them! Featuring the return of Trafalgar Law and also a storyline featuring the Marines in another action-packed 67th volume of “One Piece: New World”!

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Image courtesy of © 1997 Eiichiro Oda. All Rights Reserved.

MANGA TITLE: One Piece: New World Volume 67

STORY AND ART BY: Eiichiro Oda (尾田 栄一郎)



RATED: T for Older Teen

Available on June 4, 2013

Now that they’ve reached the New World, the Straw Hat pirates are up against things they’ve never seen before! Dragons, centaurs and deadly samurai are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the true dangers of Punk Hazard! Can Luffy and his mates uncover the dark secrets of this mysterious island?

The Straw Hat Pirates continue on to the New World and end up in an area where they see a volcanic island (known as Punk Hazard) that looks ominous and dangerous.  While the crew are reluctant to go to the island, Luffy decides that they should.  When they received a distress call, they hear words of being attacked by a samurai.

After a confrontation with a dragon, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin are separated from the other crew members and discover people who are like Centaur’s, half human with animal legs.   Meanwhile, Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Franky who were on the ship all succumb to a sleeping gas and are captured by people in hazmat suits and are working for someone they refer to as “master”. But while incarceration, they find a severed samurai head that is talking to them.  The head tells them that he is looking for his son that was kidnapped and someone cut up his body but for some reason, he is still alive.

As the group escapes, Sanji decides to take the samurai head along with them and they discover a room filled with children who are like giants.  When they find out the children are being held against their own will and were probably kidnapped, Nami decides that they will aid the children and immediately an army of people in hazmat suits go to fight them.  While Nami and Chopper run to find an escape route for the children, Sanji and Franky must protect them from those shooting at them.

Meanwhile, Brook is left out in the middle of nowhere alone and Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin must find a way to cross over to the icy region and find their other crew mates.

Also, approaching the island is the Navy and when they try to get into the area, they come into contact with Trafalgar Law, the captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates and one of the eleven pirates that are referred to as “The Eleven Supernovas”.

What happens when the Navy confronts Trafalgar Law?  Find out in “One Piece: New World” Vol. 67!

What is “One Piece”?

“ONE PIECE” is a popular anime series based on the popular manga series serialized in Shonen Jump by Eiichiro Oda. Suffice to say, “ONE PIECE” is the highest selling manga for Weekly Shonen Jump and its popularity has extended to various anime (via the TV series, OVA and films) and video games in America and also worldwide. The series is so popular, the episode count currently in Japan is over 540 episodes, one of the longest running anime series in Japan.

“ONE PIECE” is an adventure anime about a young man named Monkey D. Luffy who gained enormous strength (and stretching abilities) after eating a magical demon fruit. He eventually teams up with a group of pirates and have the name “The Straw Hats”. Luffy’s driven to one day obtain the most sought out treasure known as “One Piece” and eventually become the King of the Pirates.

So far in “One Piece: New World”, after the death of his older brother Ace, Luffy has since vowed to get stronger and learn more fighting moves. But in order to do that, he had to commit himself to training for two years. And now, the group have reunited in order to get to the New World.

But the New World may be a bit of a challenge since its literally in the bottom of ocean. The first half features The Straw Hats who are being chased by other pirates in order to get down to the ocean floor, while the second half features the Straw Hat Pirates reuniting with the mermaid Camie and being taken to Fish-Man Island. Unfortunately, The Straw Hats have come at the wrong moment as the antagonist Mer-Men known as Hody and Vander Decken have joined forces to crush Neptunes army and bring ruin to the Kingdom of Ryugu.

As the Straw Hats were ambushed by Captain Hody Jones and his New Fish-Man Pirates, Hody has planned for the destruction of the Ryugu Kingdom and to eliminate anyone who tries to make peace with humankind.

Princess Shirahoshi and her brothers want peace and try to make their stand against them. And to come to their aid are the Straw Hat Pirates!

In volume 67 of “One Piece: New World”, the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates takes them to an ominous island.  Pursued by the Navy led by Smoker, the group end up in an island that appears to have volcanos and ice mountains.  But when the group are split up and separated between the front and backside of the island, what will they find?

Meanwhile, as the Navy pursues the Straw Hat Pirates, the come upon one of the most notorious pirates out there…Trafalgar Law!

The Straw Hat Pirates consists of:

Monkey D. Luffy – A 17-year-old guy who is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and dreams to be a pirate king by getting his hands on the “ONE PIECE” artifact. When he was young, he accidentally ate a devil fruit which made his body rubbery and can stretch and blow up. An airhead of sorts, loves to eat but always believes and fights for his friends.

Roronoa Zoro – A 19-year-old skilled swordsman. A skilled and very strong fighter. Wants to be the greatest swordsman in the world.

Nami – The navigator of the group. The main female crew member and really good at weapons.

Usopp – A 17-year-old marksman. A talented inventor and artistic. Known by his long nose, his marksmanship with slingshots and weapons are great.

Sanji – The chef of the crew. A skilled fighter that uses only kicks in battle and is passionate towards Nami.

Tony Tony Chopper – A reindeer with a blue nose. Ate a devil fruit known as human-human fruit which makes him human in someways but keeping his reindeer look. Able to speak to humans, walk upright and also able to have transformations to become a huge beast. But his talent is his medical skills as he was trained by the Doctrine to become a doctor. Has very low self-confidence because he had been treated badly not only by his kind but also by humans and has not really had a friend but the Doctor and Doctrine.

Nico Robin – The former Vice President of Baroque Works who became a member of Straw Hat Pirates despite some of the crew not trusting her since she was a former enemy. Has the ability to use her body parts and project them elsewhere and other mysterious abilities not yet known.

Franky (aka Cutty Flam) – A cyborg who can rebuild his body using pieces of metal and his dream is to build a ship and become its shipwright and sail to the end of the world.

Brook (aka “Dead Bones”) – A musician and a skeleton who was resurrected by the Revive-Revive Fruit. An excellent musician and fencer.

Smoker the White Hunter – A Marine officer stationed at the G-5 base who is in pursuit of Monkey D. Luffy.

Trafalgar Law – The captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates and one of the eleven pirates known as part of “The Eleven Supernovas”.  Law is also looking for One Piece!  But what is he doing in Punk Hazard Island?

Tashigi – A Marine Officer serving under Vice Admiral Smoker.

Caesar Clown – A former colleague of Vegapunk and the main antagonist.  An expert in chemical weapons of mass destruction and a demented scientist operating on innocent people.

As one adventure underwater ends, a new adventure begins and this time, things become much more intense and ominous as the Straw Hat Pirates land in Punk Hazard Island.

With the Marines in pursuit, the Straw Hat Pirates are divided.  And while Luffy and a few of his friends find people that are like Centaurs, the question is why are human torso’s on animal bodies or legs?  Meanwhile, for Nami and friends who were captured due to sleeping gas, She, Sanji, Franky and Usopp discover a severed head of samurai that can talk.  As the samurai is looking for his body, Sanji brings him a long and everyone discovers a locked room filled with children who have been kidnapped from their parents and experimented upon.  But what happens when they find out what kind of experiments were done to them?

Meanwhile, the Marines land at Punk Hazard and immediately discover that Trafalgar Law is there and immediately, the Marines go into battle.  But what they are not prepared for are Law’s amazing power!

And so much happens in the latest volume that not only is it filled with action but a strong storyline, much more impressive that the mermen saga before it!

There is no doubt that Eiichiro Oda was saving this story about a dark island that experiments on innocents thanks to its demented scientist, Caesar Clown.  But the fact that kidnapped children are involved and humans are roaming around with animal body parts, it appears that something unusual is going on in this island.

And what happens when Trafalgar Law’s power to switch people’s bodies, puts Sanji in Nami’s body, Nami into Franky’s body and Franky into Chopper’s body…. all hell breaks loose in this latest volume of “One Piece”!

As always, Eiichiro Oda’s pages are like a smorgasbord of artwork. He manages to fill every scene with characters and sometimes plenty of destruction or beauty. He puts so much into his artwork for his manga series and that’s just one of the reasons why people love his work.  Also, with each major chapter conclusion, he answers mail from his fans with humor!

Overall, I’m quite pleased that we are now getting into a more deeper, darker and action-packed storyline with this Punk Hazard arc.  Not only do you have the Straw Hat Pirates but you have the Marines, Trafalgar Law and others that have yet to make a presence.  I could tell already that this arc is going to be exciting and full of action and I can’t wait for the next volume!

“One Piece: New World Volume 67” by Eiichiro Oda is recommended!

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