Kimi ni todoke (From Me to You) Vol. 28 by Karuho Shiina (a J!-ENT Manga Review)

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If you are looking for a teenage high school romance story with quite a bit of drama but also humor, then I definitely recommend Karuho Shiina’s “Kimi ni todoke (From Me To You)”.  And for vol. 28, it’s all about Christmas and New Year’s Eve for Sawako and friends.

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MANGA TITLE: Kimi ni todoke (From me to You) Vol. 28

STORY AND ART BY: Karuho Shiina (椎名軽穂)


PUBLISHED IN USA BY: VIZ Media, LLC/Shonen Jump Manga

RATED: T for Older Teen

RELEASE DATE: January 2, 2018

Sawako decides to take the entrance exam for a university in Sapporo, while Kazehaya has chosen to attend university near home. The couple realizes there aren’t that many high school days left—will they move into the future together, or apart?

It’s almost time for everyone to prepare for their college entry exams.

How will Sawako and friends enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve?  Find out in vol. 28 of “Kimi ni Todoke”!

What is “Kimi ni todoke” all about?

From mangaka Karuho Shiina (“Crazy for You”), comes her award winning shojo manga titled “Kimi ni Todoke”.

The winner of the 32nd Kodansha Manga Award for “Best Shojo” and a series that has received an anime and film adaptation, the romance shojo manga “Kimi ni Todoke” will now be released in the United States.

Originally planned to be a one shot manga chapter for “Crazy For You”, a storyline that was supposed to be more lighthearted and fun as opposed to “Crazy For You”, “Kimi ni Todoke” ended up becoming a series that Karuho Shiina is now best known for.

The series revolves around Sawako Kuronuma. Shy, introverted and often spooking people out, she has received the nickname “Sadako” (for those who are familiar with “The Ring” horror films), because of her dark black hair and people think she can communicate with ghosts and also if you look into her eyes for more than three seconds, one will receive some type of bad luck.

Everyone in school is spooked out by her, except Shota Kazehaya, the most popular guy in school. No matter how things are, he tends to look at life positively and is always laughing and smiling.

For Sawako, she can’t understand how one person can be so happy all the time, but that is Shota’s nature.

And slowly, Shota wants to get closer to Sawako despite how other students see her, but for Sawako, she thinks it’s primarily his kindness and easy-going nature that allows him to be around her. But in truth, Shota is attracted to Sawako.

But when the two befriend a puppy, both end up spending more time with each other and being friends. But will this new friendship change the school’s negative perception of her? And what happens when the popular girls at school start to notice Shota wanting to spend time with Sawako?

For volume 28, Yano Ayane finds herself falling in love with her teacher, Kazuichi Arai (Pin). Shota and Sawako decide to celebrate Christmas together, while Yoshida Chizuru is stressed because she hasn’t told Toru that she is dating his younger brother Ryu.

Meanwhile, on New Year’s Eve, what happens when a snowstorm delays Shota and Sawako’s plans to visit a shrine and now they must spend the night at Shota’s home due to the weather?

It’s the holiday season for vol. 28 “Kimi ni todoke (From Me to You)”.  As everyone knows it will be time to prepare for the university exams, for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve season, the ladies think about their current relationships.

With Sawako considering going to a university in Sapporo, that means time spent with Shota is even more important and she really wants to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with him.

As for Chizuru, having dated Toru, she has since fallen for his brother Ryu.  What happens when she decides to tell Toru the truth about her and Ryu?

And for Ayane, she is finding herself falling in love with her teacher Kazuichi Arai (Pin).  Pin treats her like a child and doesn’t see her as a woman, but what happens when Ayane discovers that she truly is falling for Kazuichi?

And with New Year’s Eve, as Sawako and Shota plan to visit a shrine, a snow storm hits the area and with it being too dangerous to go out, Shota’s mother encourages Sawako to stay over for the night because it’s too dangerous to go home.  But mom also is very strict and concerned towards her son to be careful spending alone time at night with another girl.

As for Sawako and Shota, how will their New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day time together turn out?

The artwork by Karuho Shiina is very well done. Good character expressions and Karuho’s artwork is shojo-style but she also use great use of line art, for example on the cheeks of the characters and also for their hair to distinguish her artwork from others work.

Overall, if you are looking for a teenage high school romance story with quite a bit of drama but also humor, then I definitely recommend Karuho Shiina’s “Kimi ni todoke (From Me To You)”.  And for vol. 28, it’s all about Christmas and New Year’s Eve for Sawako and friends.

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