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The sixth omnibus features the battle between Goku vs. Piccolo at the martial arts tournament.  Also, features the beginning of the Saiyan Arc as Goku and the Z Warriors take on Raditz and Vegeta!  An action-packed and popular storyline of the “Dragonball” series, “Dragonball 3-in-1 Omnibus” vol. 6 is highly recommended!

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MANGA TITLE: Dragonball 3-in-1 Omnibus vol. 6

STORY AND ART BY: Akira Toriyama (鳥山 明)



RATED: T for Teen

Available on September 2, 2014

The Greatest Hero on Earth Goku and Piccolo finally face each other down in the final match of the Tenka’ichi Budokai! Piccolo is ready and willing to unleash all his power to win – something Goku may hesitate to do. Taking down Piccolo is going to take all of Goku’s skill and wits… and courage! But after the tournament is over, life goes on. There will be new enemies to face and even more surprising new allies!

With volume 6 of “Dragonball 3-in-1 Omnibus”, it marks the conclusion of the “Dragon Ball” arc as Goku finally takes on Piccolo in the Tenka’ichi Budokai martial arts tournament and it begins the first “Saiyan Arc” which many people know as the beginning of “Dragon Ball Z”.

All in volumes 16-18 featured in “Dragonball 3-in-1 Omnibus Vol. 6”!

What is “Dragon Ball”?

It’s the series that started it all… “Dragon Ball”. Originally, a manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama for “Shonen Jump”, the manga series lasted from 1984 through 1995 (a total of 42 volumes) and since the manga series has produced several anime series which include “Dragon Ball”, “Dragon Ball Z”, “Dragon Ball GT” and currently in Japan, a new HD broadcasting of “Dragon Ball Kai” and in 2009, an American live action film titled “Dragonball Evolution” was released worldwide.

Considered as a classic series, Akira Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball” series has been released in America but for the first time, in June 2013, the series will be released as an omnibus (featuring three volumes each).

For Akira Toriyama fans, while not a necessity, one may want to start out with the manga series “Dr. Slump” (as a few characters do show up in “Dragon Ball”), but for those familiar with “Dragon Ball Z”, it’s recommended to read or watch the original “Dragon Ball” series.

“Dragon Ball” focuses on the following characters:

Son Goku – Not much is known about Goku’s past. He was found by a man he calls Grandpa Gohan and trained to be a boy who loves nature and people. And has incredible strength and fighting ability. He was warned by his grandfather to never look at the moon but one day he did and turned into a giant ape and accidentally killed his grandfather. Although not too familiar with humans, he meets a female named Bulma for the first time who is trying to look for Dragon Balls. Having own the #4 Dragon Ball which his grandfather gave him, he decides to join her on a quest to find the remaining Dragon Balls (seven total).

Bulma – A teenager who’s father is a scientist and owner of the Capsule Corporation. A technology that people can store vehicles, homes and storage into a tiny capsule. When thrown, the capsule turns into the actual object that was stored. She’s rather impulsive and outspoken. Her dream is to find the Dragon Balls and make a wish in order to get a perfect boyfriend.

Oolong – A pig who has a fascination with women’s panties. A perverted pig who once terrorized a village. Has the ability to transform to anything for five minutes. Attended a class with Puar in transforming but failed and never learned to stay in a object for more than five minutes. He joins Bulma and Goku in their mission to find the Dragon Balls.

Yamcha – A banded who is accompanied by his shape-shifting animal Puar. With his Wolf’s Fang Fist fighting ability, it was not strong enough to beat Goku and thus he ends up assisting both Goku and Bulma along the way in order to get the Dragon Balls.

Krillin – A former monk who has been bullied by his other monks. He goes to Kamesama-sen’nin for training and trains alongside Goku and becomes a rival but also good friends with him.

Kamesama-sen’nin – An old lecherous man who trained Grandpa Gohan and the Ox King to fight. Despite looking like an old man, he has a tremendous fighting ability and is known for his devastating attack known as the Kamehameha. He then takes Goku and Krillin as his students.

Other Characters:

Puar – A shape shifting animal who can shape-shift for a long period of time and hangs around Yamcha.

The Ox-King – Many fear the Ox-King who rules Fire Mountain and is the father of Chi Chi. Aside from his brute strength, this huge man is a goodhearted guy who just hated people for trying to steal from him. He also cares deeply about his daughter and does everything to make her happy.

Chi Chi – A girl who is smitten with Goku and wants to marry him. The daughter of the Ox-King.

Lord Yajirobe – A portly samurai

The Villains:

King Piccolo – Escaping his prison, now Piccolo wants to destroy Earth piece by piece and kill all living things. His minions include Tambourine, Cymbal, Drum and Piano.

Raditz – Goku’s older brother who is so upset that Goku has not destroyed the planet Earth and now set on killing him.

Vegeta – The Prince of Saiyan and the most powerful Saiyajin of them all.  Comes to Earth in order to destroy it but wants to fight the strongest of the planet.

“Dragon Ball 3-in-1 Omnibus” vol. 6 is the conclusion to the “Dragon Ball” Goku vs. Piccolo arc.  As the manga series culminated into a battle between these two rivals, it would usher in a new beginning to a series known as “Dragon Ball Z”.

Volume 16 features Goku vs. Piccolo at the Tenka’ichi Budokai martial arts tournament.  Who will become the victor?

For volumes 17-18, the Saiyan Arc begins five years after Goku defeated King Piccolo. The arc begins with Goku introducing his friends to his young son Gohan for the very first time.

While things seem peaceful, unfortunately things are going to go from peaceful to downright terrible when Goku’s brother from the planet Saiyan, Raditz, goes to check and see if Goku has accomplished his mission and has destroyed the planet Earth. But Goku who crash landed on Earth as a baby, was raised by the peaceful and compassionate Gohan. And so, while Goku retained his amazing fight ability, his perspective of life was what he was taught by his grandfather Gohan and that is to be compassionate towards the living life on Earth and he swore to protect it.

Needless, to say Raditz is disappointed and decides to kidnap Gohan in order to fight a battle against Goku. Both Goku and Piccolo join forces in order to beat Raditz and try to rescue Gohan.

As Goku is killed, Goku continues to train in the afterlife and given a chance to return back to the world of the living.

Meanwhile, Vegeta and Nappa continue to cause destruction on the planet.  Piccolo, Gohan and the other Z-warriors await for Goku’s return and plan to take on the two Saiyans.  But they unleash Cultivars to take on the Z-Warriors, while Nappa tries to take on others in a battle to the death.

But will Goku arrive in time to prevent any further bloodshed caused by Nappa?

Will they succeed?

Suffice to say, this arc would prove to be popular as it would introduce us to Vegeta, a character who would have major part in the entire “Dragon Ball Z” series.

So, for those who want to read the story that first introduces Vegeta, then this is the volume to get.  Especially to know why Goku and Vegeta had this rivalry and essentially reading everything from the beginning without having to buy all three volumes and getting these stories for a great price!

“Dragonball 3-in-1 Omnibus” vol. 6 is highly recommended!


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