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A battle between the abyssal ones takes place in vol. 24 of “Claymore” and once again, another action-packed volume!   For those wanting a storyline that is deep and entertaining will find Norihiro Yagi’s “Claymore” to be a manga series worth reading! Volume 24 of “Claymore” is recommended!

© Claymore image courtesy of Norihiro Yagi, Shueisha Inc., VIZ Media

MANGA TITLE: Claymore 24

STORY AND ART BY: Norihiro Yagi




RELEASE DATE: May 6, 2014

Priscilla, whose monstrous savagery was reawakened in the previous battle, is bent on absorbing the power of those who fell in her wake and destroying the rebel Claymores. Raki and several former top warriors band together with a defensive plan, but even their skills may be no match against Priscilla’s poisoned wrath.

Meanwhile, the terrifying Yoma-based creature coalescing outside of the holy city of Rabona may seek to defeat Priscilla… but it may also be seeking the defeat of the rebel warriors!

As everyone awaits Cassandra the Dusteater, the final abyssal one resurrected by the organization, another abyssal one emerges out of nowhere and the two go into furious battle with one another.

As  the others try to formulate a plan to destroy the abyssal ones, do they have the power to take on two?

Find out in volume 24 of Norihiro Yagi’s “Claymore”!

What is “Claymore”?

In 2001, the manga series “Claymore” debuted on Monthly Shonen Jump. The popular series created by award-winning mangaka Norihiro Yagi (“Undeadman”, “Angel Densetsu”).

The series has remained popular and is still ongoing in Japan via Jump Square. Animation studio Madhouse adapted the first eleven volumes of the manga series in the 26-episode anime series “Claymore” which debuted on NTV in 2007. The DVD’s were released separately in individual volumes and a complete series box set by FUNimation Entertainment in 2009 and in 2010, here we are with a Blu-ray High Definition release of “Claymore: The Complete Series”.

“Claymore” takes place during a time where monsters known as yoma have lived in villages, disguising themselves as human. They feed on humans and when things get to the point where countless murders are happening in a village, a mysterious organization sends a Claymore to dispose of the Yoma.

The Claymore are humans that are half-human and half-yoma. They are the only ones that are capable of defeating yoma and are primarily female, blonde and have silver eyes. They carry with them a sword and some have supernatural abilities.

Upon defeating the yoma, someone in black collects the money for them. If a village does not pay, a Claymore will no longer defend the city. Claymore also have a rule that they can not kill any humans and also, as a Claymore tries to keep their humanity, by using their supernatural talent, they unleash their own personal yoma but each time they do that, they lose part of their humanity.

The animated series focuses on the Claymore known as Clare. She comes to a village who has been terrorized by a yoma and defeats it. But a boy named Raki becomes attached to Clare and will follow her everywhere to become close to her.

Clare is warned not to have a human close to her but for some reason, she allows him to be close to her and also feels protective over him. Over the course of the series, we learn about Clare’s history and why she is protective of Raki. We also learn what happens to Claymore who overuse their yoma energy and when they become the “awakened” and much, much more.

In volume 23 of “Claymore”, Clare has been gone for several years but an attempt by the Claymores along with Raki in order to save her, will be their ultimate task.

Claymores who have revolted have been on the hunt against the Organization. Who will find who first?

As the truth of the Yoma was finally revealed in volume 23 of “Claymore”, volume 24 begins the battle between the abyssal ones.

The rebels are planning their attack against the abyssal ones but as they watch the two fight against each other, they are evenly matched and they are of immense power and only if the rebels work together, they may be able to defeat them.  But can everyone work together?

The main characters of “Claymore” are:

Clare – The protagonist of the story. A Claymore who may be low-ranked Claymore but she is more powerful than most. At times, reserved and emotionless, her life is changed when she meets a human named Raki.

Raki – A boy who’s family was murdered by the yoma. When he first meets Clare, he is the first and only person to welcome her and now wants to be by her side.

Teresa – A woman important in Clare’s life. Known as “Teresa with the Faint Smile”, once was the #1 Claymore and is the most powerful Claymore who is emotionless but that was until she came across a human girl named Clare.

Priscilla – A true believer of the laws of the Organization, she has a tremendous amount of power but has not been trained to utilize it quite well. Priscilla uses a lot of her yoma energy that changes her life completely.

Miria – Phantom Miria known for her tremendous speed. Suspects that the Organization is up to no good and although a Claymore, uses her position to investigate the Organization of any wrongdoing.

Ilena – A Claymore from Clare’s past who is known for her “Quick Sword Technique” and returns back to Clare’s life to give her another chance in achieving her goal.

With the release of “Claymore” 24, the U.S. is now behind by one volume from the Japanese release.

With this latest volume, I would have thought the rebels would begin their attack on the abyssal ones but instead, what we get is a fierce battle between both abyssal ones.  And the battle is very violent, fierce and would instantly wipe out any of the rebel Claymore but somehow, as the rebels watch, they know that they must team up in order to fight these two powerful foes.  As waiting for them to off each other is not succeeding.

While the storyline is primarily action-based and you can go through this latest volume quite quickly, you do get a small story that revolves around Priscilla and her hatred towards yoma.

So, I expect to see much more in plot development with volume 25 but to see these abyssal ones take on each other, it’s a very exciting, action-packed battle.

As for the manga series, I’ve been captivated by Norihiro Yagi’s character designs. From the eyes to the hair, especially how his shading patterns are, much different from other series as they are literally cross hatching and line art and a style that is very much unique and a style, quite personally his own.

So far, “Claymore” has been a complex but yet entertaining series. It goes beyond the anime series and for those wanting a storyline that is deep and entertaining will find Norihiro Yagi’s “Claymore” to be a manga series worth reading!

Volume 24 of “Claymore” is recommended!

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