The One About the Casio G-Shock Rescue Red G7900A-4 (Metro Media Complex/a J!-ENT Watch Review)

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Note: This photo of my Casio G-Shock Rescue Red G7900A-4

The G7900’s may not be one of the flagship G-Shocks for Casio but in terms of style, comfort and most importantly, features…the G7900A-4 is awesome.  If you are looking for a red G-Shock, this “G” is highly recommended!

WATCH TITLE: Casio G-Shock Rescue Red G7900A-4

DIAL TYPE: Mineral

DISPLAY: Digital

BAND: Red Resin Strap

CASE MATERIAL: Resin/Stainless Steel



MOVEMENT: Japanese Quartz



G-Shock is the ultimate tough watch. It was born from a developer’s dream of “creating a watch that never breaks.” Guided by a “Triple 10” development concept, the design teams sought a watch with 10-meter free-fall endurance, 10-bar water resistance and a 10-year battery life.

At a time when it was commonly believed that watches were breakable items, G-Shock’s development represented a challenge to common sense. The number of experimental prototypes built for endurance testing reached over 200. And the structural development and parts improvement took approximately two years. After a long, hard process of trial and error, G-Shock was finally launched. A shock resistant structure that overturned conventional thinking about watches was realized thorough breakthrough thinking, including the ideas of a hollow- structured case, all-directional protective covering and the use of cushioning material to protect critical parts.

These were the fruits of technological development that insisted on “toughness” and a revolution in watch design. Since its launched, G-Shock has continued to evolve for 25 long years, carrying on the toughness of spirit and uncompromising passion that led its developers to persist in their unshakable belief.

Watch Information

From G-Shock, the watch that delivers unmatched toughness, comes a collection of new models that deliver a new level of protection.  These watches are designed and engineered for rough and rugged activities.

Major features include four large bezel screws and protruding surfaces that divide the bezel & case of watch into four sections for a functional four point protection.  The buttons are among some of the largest in the G-Shock line-up for easy operation.  Low-temperature resistance allows operation even under very cold conditions, while moon and tide graphs provide essential information for marine professionals & enthusiasts.  The large LCD, which is divided into sections, makes information easy to locate and read whenever you need

  • New Four Point Design Protection
  • Large Buttons & Display Format
  • Tide & Moon Data

G-Shock Display Size Comparison

I have been eye-ing the Casio G-Shocking Rescue Red G7900 for some quite time.  Casio has released several colors of this G-Shock, one being a limited edition negative display of the red version, but other colors such as white, olive green, black, and another black but with yellow display.

But what caught my attention is the moon and tide graph.  I have a Gulfman and G-Lide and the tide and moon display for the G7900 was one of the best I have seen out from Casio thus far.  The display is nice and clear, not many obstructions as you get a circular moon tide graph on the upper left, tide graph on top and on the right, you get stop watch modes (for stopwatch 1 & 2).  The larger display is the time and date.

Of course, aside from the cool display and what really pulled me in was its red color.  The red bezel and band really pops and love the black highlights throughout the watch.  Unlike other G-Shock red watches that have orange, this one is red and black and really enhances an outfit (especially if you were a lot of dark colors, especially black and blue).  This watch definitely compliments an outfit.

As for the back case, it is stainless steel and you get the usual G-Shock Resist on the back.

The battery used for the G7900A-4 is one lithium battery (CR2025) which lasts approximately 2 years (normal usage). Accuracy at normal temperature is +/- 15 seconds a month.

Now, the band for the Rescue Red is also awesome looking! It doesn’t have a shiny look but more of a matted resin look, which I like.  The band is quite comfortable, but while not as perfect like the Mudman strap, it still fits comfortably on your wrist and at the base of the strap which connects to the case, there is a black guard that goes over the bumps of the band.  Some people complained that watches with those ridges near the base hurt their wrist, so I felt that it was smart for Casio to include those black plastic guards on the back.


The G-7900A-4 features the moon and tide display on top.  Day indicator on top and at the bottom is the time, seconds and date.

Pressing the illumination button on the front gives you an aqua light which is the blue and blue/green illumination that many G-Shocks do come with. This G7900A-4 has two EL (electro-luminescent) panels that cause the entire display to glow for easy reading in the dark and also comes with an auto-light switch, if set, by a slight angle movement will make the light turn on. I have this turned off because I want my batteries to last long! You can set illumination from 3 to 5 seconds.

The modes that come with the Casio G-Shock Rescue Red G7900A-4 is:

  • Timekeeping Mode
  • Tide/Moon Data Mode
  • Stopwatch Mode (ST1)
  • Stopwatch Mode (ST2)
  • Countdown Timer Mode
  • Alarm Mode
  • World Time Mode (48 Cities/29 Time Zones)

The stopwatch modes have a display range of 999 hours, 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds and there is auto-start. As for alarm mode, is good and audible. You can also mute the tones as well.


The buttons are black and flat and not steel and have a feel similar to the Mudman’s but of course, where the Mudman’s are designed to keep mud out and takes much more pressure (and for some people, much harder to press), the buttons are easy to press on the G7900.  There are four buttons and for the most part, one should not have problems with selections.


The Casio G-Shock Rescue Red G7900A-4 is marked at 20 Bar which means and this means you can go scuba diving and snorkeling with it.


The Casio G-Shock Rescue Red G7900A-4 features a circular moon graph on the top left of the display.  The moon phase indicator indicates the current phases of the moon as viewed at noon from a position in the Northern Hemisphere looking south.  The watch performs a rough calculation of the current moon age from day 0 of the moon age cycle and the margin of error of the displayed moon age is +/- 1 day.

The tide graph has six graphic segments, each of which indicates tide level.  The tide graph displayed on the watch is based on the current moon age.  The greater the error in a particular moon age, the greater the error in the resulting tide graph.


I absolutely love this watch! It scores high on style (looks great if you wear a lot of black or darker clothing), high on comfort and the display, is stylishly cool, especially if you are looking for a larger tide display on a chunkier watch. The functions are awesome and you really get a lot for your money for the 7900 (I paid $64.99 during the holidaysfor the Rescue Red but they typically sell for under $90) and you can often find various versions on sale on Amazon by Amazon or third party fulfilled by Amazon as well.

It’s important to note that some people have received their G7900’s in the tin G-Shock cases, I did not. Mine came in a black standard G-Shock cardboard box.  The manual as usual with Casio G-Shock releases are quite thick, especially for this watch.

There is really nothing negative that can be said about this watch.  It’s simple to set (if you are used to G-Shocks), otherwise you get a nice thick manual in various languages to peruse.   The watch looks great, it is comfortable and Casio went all out in making sure that those who care about moon and tide displays get a cool watch.  Also, the fact that you get the guards on the base of the straps is a plus.  I have to say that while the Gulfman was created for the sea and has a pretty cool tide display, I prefer the Rescue Red over the Casio Gulfman in terms of aesthetics and also, it’s a 20 bar watch, so you can go deep sea diving with it.

I do recommend purchasing Vinylex Quick Wipes (or spray) to keep your G-Shocks protected (since Resin does tend to harden or crack if not cared for).

But in the end, I have to give the Casio G-Shock Rescue Red G7900A-4 a pretty solid rating.  For those looking for a red G-Shock, this is the best out there in my opinion.  It’s not too flash, it’s stylish and cool.  But most importantly, it has a lot of the features that make it a pretty awesome G-Shock.

Highly recommended!

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  • Grant

    Hey, thanks a lot for your review. I just ordered it. Do you know by chance if this red will match the red in any fitted caps? I’d love to accent this with some new era hats and I’m hoping this red isn’t too outrageous that I couldn’t match it with anything.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Grant, it might. It depends what kind of red cap you are wearing but I do feel the red watch compliments the clothing, especially if you are wearing black or blues, even lighter colors like white. My favorite G-Shock in my collection!