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November 6, 2011, Jo Koy returns to deliver one of the most exciting comedy shows at the William Saroyan Theatre. This new and acclaimed comedian can be on shows “Chelsey Lately” and “Comedy Central”. Born in Washington and living in Las Vegas, Jo Koy proclaims that much of his comedic material is unearthed by living in an American home and a Filipino mother. With early influences such as Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor, Jo Koy has come a long way of small time comedy shows in Las Vegas bars to nation-wide spotlights on prime time television.

Born of an American mother and Filipino mother, Jo Koy is very excited to share hilarious stories of his upbringing. He often introduces his mother through his monologue by saying “Josep!” which is the way his mother says his real name, “Joseph”. One of his most popular skits includes a story of Jo Koy competing with his mother on the Nintendo Wii.

Aside from his Filipino humor, Jo Koy brings up topics about being a man and sexuality, making fun of different social issues, celebrity impersonations, and about being a father. Needless to say, Jo Koy has a wide range of comedic material to entertain a huge and diverse audience.

We at APR ask some members of the audience, which part of this show did they enjoy most?
Ritchie Rosario of Clovis describes the show as, “…having so many good parts. I would tell you my favorite part, but there are so many. If I can choose, it would be about him talking about his Mom, making fun of people in Fresno, and the end-part where he starts singing his favorite R&B music.”
Ryan Valdeabella of Lemoore says that his favorite parts would be of him being a YMCA dancer and singing 90’s music.

Jetson Andres of Fresno explains, “My favorite parts of the show, would be the jokes about a chick with floppy breasts, Snooki glasses, and dancing to YMCA. “

Melvin Macaraeg of Clovis describes his favorite parts of the show, “It was funny hearing him make fun of Fresno people. It was also hilarious how he made fun of the people who wanted a free shirt. The part with Jo Koy making fun of the DJ was so good too!”

A night with Jo Koy would not seem complete without his music. Members of the audience were able to relax from their laughter, as Jo Koy started bringing up and singing some of his most memoriable “slow jams”. As one of the most anticipated up and coming comedians of this time, audience members around the nation are enjoying the insightfully hysterical ways of Jo Koy.

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