LEGO minifigures: Character Encyclopedia by Daniel Lipkowitz (a J!-ENT LEGO Book Review)

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LEGO BOOK: LEGO minifigures: Character Encyclopedia

Written byDaniel Lipkowitz


PRICE: $18.99

AGES: 6+

EXTRAS: Hardcover book.  Comes with a LEGO Minifigure: Toy Soldier

Every several months, LEGO has released mystery bagged LEGO figures, known as minifigures (a distinction given to the bagged mystery LEGO figures, the name is in lowercase).

For longtime fans, these minifigures have been not only addictive but also quite a headache as one can easily purchase the same figure several times or look unusual to a person passing by as you are holding a bag and trying to feel the contents in hopes you can identify a hat or a weapon.

But for those who are getting into LEGO minifgures and want to start collecting them (and also willing to pay quite a bit of money on eBay to get them), will want to check out “LEGO minifigures CHARACTER ENCYCLOPEDIA” by Daniel Lipkowitz.

LEGO minifigures began back in 2010 and each line contains an original character not seen in other sets. Each line contains 16 different mini figures, while series 10 featured a limited golden figure (5,000 made) for a total of 17.

As of the end of 2015, a total of 15 series have been released, and for “LEGO MINIFIGURES CHARACTER ENCYCLOPEDIA”, the book covers series 1-10.

The book is actually well-done as it contains information of the LEGO minifigure, minifacts and more.

For example, for the Nurse minifigure, the name Dawes is on the nurses chart. The page has a fun fact that Dawes is actually the name of LEGO minifigures designer Laurence Dawes.
Another reason why people want to buy this book is the exclusive Toy Soldier LEGO Minifigure which comes with it.

Personally, I have found this book to be very useful in my research as I tend to like to create LEGO settings that can utilize a certain character and their look.

If I want to create a sports-themed setting, a cinema setting, a space setting or something creative or unusual, I have used this book to identify which LEGO minifigure to purchase and it has turned out to be a useful book.

For the most part, “LEGO minifigures CHARACTER ENCYCLOPEDIA” is a magnificent and safe book for children but also a great resource book for the fellow AFOL’s (Adult Fan of LEGOS), who are collectors and simply love LEGO’s in general.


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