J!-ENT ANNUAL SPECIAL FEATURE 2012: Anime/Manga/Cosplay/Video Games/J-Pop

As we cover a lot of pop culture worldwide, especially mainstream pop culture, we still support other industries.  Industries which J!-ENT actually originally started from.  From covering Asian cinema, Japanese animation, comic books, video games, we covered them since 1993.  And while we may not be a website that specializes solely on Asian cinema, anime, manga, video games, etc.  We still try to cover it the best we can.  And one a year, we try to show our love by creating a special feature dedicated to anime, manga, cosplay, video games and J-Pop.

And in 2012, we have created our largest annual special feature on those topics for you, FOR FREE.

You can download the following PDF and view it on your iPad, Table or computer. It’s about 280-pages and about 62MB.  We will consider a hi-res version of this annual feature if people request it but, we present to you our J!-ENT annual “Anime/Manga/Cosplay/Video Games/J-Pop” (wow…that was long!) special feature.  And it showcases our recent interviews with cosplayers, our coverage from various events this past summer including E3, San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Ani-Jam and so much more!  Enjoy!

J!-ENT ANNUAL SPECIAL FEATURE 2012: Anime/Manga/Cosplay/Video Games/J-Pop (66MB PDF): DOWNLOAD HERE!