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New York, NY ­– September 1, 2016 – Kino Lorber is proud to announce the acquisition of all US rights to the internationally acclaimed documentary HOMELAND: IRAQ YEAR ZERO by acclaimed Iraqi-French filmmaker, screenwriter and film critic, Abbas Fahdel.

This two-part, five-hour plus chronicle of everyday life in Iraq before and after the U.S. invasion in 2003, had its US premiere at last year’s New York Film Festival and has won dozens of international film festival awards, including the Best International Feature and the People’s Choice awards at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), the International Feature Film Grand Prix award at Visions du Réel in Nyon, Switzerland, and the Best Documentary award at the Carthage Film Festival – among many others.

The film is now scheduled to premiere theatrically in New York City at Anthology Film Archives, starting October 6, and will play in select theatrical and non-theatrical venues during the coming months. Mr. Abbas Fahdel is scheduled to attend the film’s New York theatrical run at Anthology and will be available for interviews during that time. A VOD and physical home media release is expected for 2017.

This deal was negotiated between Kino Lorber’s CEO Richard Lorber, the company’s VP of Marketing and PR Rodrigo Brandão, and Mr. Fahdel himself. “HOMELAND: IRAQ YEAR ZERO is a towering cinematic achievement: a film that demanded both courage and an incredibly sophisticated eye,” wrote Brandão. “As Mr. Fahdel films his family and friends before and after the US invasion, he invites us to bear witness to their humanity and strength. This is a moving and transformative viewing experience that should be available to all Americans this year.”

In February 2002, about a year before the U.S. invasion, Iraqi filmmaker Abbas Fahdel traveled home from France to capture everyday life as his country prepared for war. He spent time with family and friends, including his 12-year-old nephew, Haider, as they went about their daily lives, which had come to include planning for shortages of food, water and power. No strangers to war, the Iraqis thought they understood what was coming, and could even manage to be grimly humorous about what they felt would likely be a major and lengthy inconvenience. And then, the war began.
When Fahdel resumed filming in 2003, two weeks after the invasion, daily activities had come to a near standstill, the city was overrun with foreign soldiers, and many areas of Baghdad had been closed off to ordinary citizens.

Fahdel’s epic yet intimate film paints a compelling portrait of people struggling to survive while their civilization, dating back to ancient times, is destroyed around them.

Written and directed by Abbas Fahdel
Part 1: 160 minutes
Part II: 174 minutes

With a library of more than 1,500 titles, Kino Lorber Inc. has been a leader in independent art house distribution for over 30 years, releasing 25 films per year theatrically under its Kino Lorber, Kino Classics, and Alive Mind Cinema banners, including five Academy Award® nominated films in the last eight years. In addition, the company brings over 200 narrative and documentary titles each year to the home entertainment, educational and digital markets with in-house DVD and Blu-ray distribution and direct sales to all major platforms digital platforms.


GARNiDELiA releases new single! Makes their return to the U.S. next month!

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GARNiDELiA releases new single “Yakusoku -Promise Code-”

Returns to the U.S. next month for a concert at Anime Weekend Atlanta!

“Yakusoku -Promise Code-“, the latest single from GARNiDELiA is now available worldwide!
The new song will is now being featured as the ending theme song for the anime series, Qualidea Code.

GARNiDELiA will also be making their return to the states for a concert at Anime Weekend Atlanta!
The duo will also be making appearances throughout the convention including a panel and autograph sessions.
Anime Weekend Atlanta takes place from Sept 29- Oct 2 in Atanta, GA, with over 25,000 attendees expected.
For more info:

“Yakusoku -Promise Code-” (ED for anime Qualidea Code)

Track list
1. Yakusoku -Promise Code-
2. Gokurakujoudo
3. Shion
4. Yakusoku –Promise Code- (Instrumental)

Smart URL

Amazon US–Garnidelia/dp/B01IR8EQ4W/

Amazon UK–Garnidelia/dp/B01IRHPI90/

Amazon Germany–Garnidelia/dp/B01IR9VREI/

Amazon Italy–Garnidelia/dp/B01IR9QJH8/

Amazon Spain–Garnidelia/dp/B01IRBRGW8/

*Check out the full version of the music video here (VEVO):

Official Links




SMAP confirms that they are breaking up

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Earlier in the year, when news hit that SMAP were on the verge of breaking up, many fans were relieved that they weren’t.

But Johnny’s Agency has now confirmed that the group will be breaking up with their final day on New Year’s Eve. According to the statement from their agency, “Some members have expressed their wish to disband, rather than to suspend activities as SMAP.  It was a very difficult decision, but we have judged it would be difficult for (SMAP) to continue their activities as a group, although it was not a unanimous choice by the members.”

There are no details if there will be a farewell concert or farewell “SMAP x SMAP” episode.  But judging by the comments by each of the members, the group are not on the same page and have no choice but to break up.

Kimura Takuya has released the statement, “In regards to us breaking up, I honestly have nothing but regret. But a 25th anniversary live and group activities just can’t happen if all of us are not on the same page, so I have no choice but to accept this situation. Despite all of the support from all of our fans and staff, we’ve come to a pathetic resolution like ‘disbanding’. I can’t really find the right words to say right now.”

Nakai Masahiro released the following statement, “Dear fans and everyone involved with SMAP, I am informing you that SMAP will be disbanding. We’ve caused a lot of trouble, we’ve made you all worry, and you’ve supported us for so long. Please forgive us for ending up with this result. We are truly… Very sorry.”

Inagaki Goro released the following statement, “To all of our fans and all of our staff, I apologize for making you all worry. We thought it would be hard for the five of us to continue together in this situation, so we’ve come to the very painful decision to disband. We ask you to please understand our decision. Thank you very much for the last 28 years.”

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi released the following statement, “SMAP has chosen the path to disband. To all of the fans who cheered us on and all of the staff who have supported us the last 28 years, thank you. We’re still going to diligently continue on, so if you could continue to kindly look over us, it would make me very happy.”

Katori Shingo released the following statement, “To all of our fans and all of our staff, we, SMAP, are going to disband. I thank all of those who have supported us from the bottom of my heart. And I am deeply sorry for the very sudden announcement.”

Translation by Michelle Tymon, J!-ENT



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The San Francisco Bay Area’s Premiere Japanese Pop Culture Celebration Was Another Smashing Success With The Most Diverse Program Of Live Events Ever Presented

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

San Francisco, CA, July 28, 2016 – J-POP SUMMIT 2016, returned to the Bay Area for its 8th annual all-sensory celebration of vibrant Japanese pop culture. This year, the Festival drew more than 20,000 attendees to historic the Fort Mason Center located in San Francisco’s Marina district.

Recognized internationally as a preeminent platform for showcasing the vivacious and cutting edge latest trends in Japanese pop and rock music, fashion, film, popular art, and pop culture, the J-POP SUMMIT 2016 also added special focused attractions this year that highlighted Ramen, Sake and Travel. An Interactive Summit also featured a display of innovative new Japanese consumer tech products and was complemented by a conference and idea-thon led by a vanguard of visionary entrepreneurs and tech visionaries from Japan and the Bay Area.

“J-POP SUMMIT 2016 was the most successful Festival we have staged to-date in terms of the sheer diversity of programming and the wide range of different attractions,” says Seiji Horibuchi, Chairman of the J-POP SUMMIT Committee. “Each year we strive to present a unique and memorable Festival and we are very gratified that J-POP SUMMIT has continued to evolve and grow and has remained such a vital part of the Bay Area’s annual summertime calendar. We look forward to 2017!!”

Japan’s princess of pop, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, returned for her second headlining appearance at J-POP SUMMIT and kicked off this year’s festival with a frenzied, dance-driven concert for a sold out crowd at The Regency Ballroom. The singer delivered many hits from her newest Best of KPP anthology release.
Continuing throughout the weekend at Ft. Mason, additional J-POP SUMMIT 2016 live music performances were held by the electronic dance group, WORLD ORDER, all-female pop rock band, Silent Siren, pop house unit, Wednesday Campanella, idol dance troupe, Tokyo Performance Doll, kimono cosplay duo, YANAKIKU, and the ani-pop duo, GARNiDELiA.

The J-POP SUMMIT 2016 also gathered a colorful vanguard of edgy and unique Japanese fashion labels and purveyors. Highlights of this year’s programming included workshops, exhibits, apparel items and accessories from modern Japanese style clothing brand, SOU•SOU, along with a variety of other handpicked items and brands from Japan in the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON area. The Festival also celebrated the return of Guest of Honor and fashion visionary, Sebastian Masuda, art director and an extremely influential artist for Harajuku kawaii culture, for a special series of events and attendee meet-and-greet sessions, as well as rising pop star and fashion model, UNA, for a special live performance.

Other Guests of Honor from Japan
A diverse range of Japanese pop personalities, artists and celebrities also appeared as special Guests of Honor. In addition to the aforementioned musical artists, special guests included the pop art creator, Kaori Wakamatsu, visual pop artist Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashi, artist Ken Hamazaki a.k.a. “The Red Man”, renowned Japanese chef Tasuo Saito and Japanese celebrity Yu Hayami. Japan’s drag royalty and singer, Mitz Mangrove, along with Domo, the mascot for network NHK, and Japan’s favorite Go-Torch Characters also made live appearances.

Ramen Summit
The Ramen Summit was curated by Yoshiyuki Maruyama, Executive Chef of San Francisco’s own Orenchi Beyond.Five top-rated ramen makers from the Bay Area, New York and Japan joined – Hinodeya Ramen Bar from Japan (and opening in San Francisco this summer in Japantown), Naruto Ramen from New York, Iza Ramen, Orenchi Beyond and Ramen Taka from Bay Area. Plans are being made for an even larger Ramen Fest next year at J-POP SUMMIT 2017.

Sake Summit
The Sake Summit area was the most extensive yet presented at any J-POP SUMMIT and added a festive libation to the weekend’s events and also gave attendees the opportunity to learn about the world of sake from a variety of premier sake purveyors that included Kikusui; Otokoyama; Hakushika; Kurosawa; Katana; Hakutsuru; Fukuju; Sequoia Sake and Takara Sake USA.

Travel Pavilion
This year, J-POP SUMMIT 2016 debuted an extensive “VIRTUAL TRIP TO JAPAN” attraction from JAPANKURU, a travel organization encouraging millennial tourism to Japan. Guests dove deep into Japanese culture and “visited” three Zones that featured interactive experiences fusing the past, present and future and showcasing what makes Japan a travelers’ delight. Highlights included the debut of KURUKI, Japankuru’s new kawaii (cute) blue dog character that made live appearances on the stage. A visit to “Tokyo Daijingu,” a mock-up of a major Shinto shrine in Tokyo was the most popular experience, and guests prayed for good fortune in the “Shrine” and received fortunes and prizes. The Kawaii Station highlighted “Harajuku,” the world-renowned mecca of “kawaii (cute)” culture and legions of attendees and fashion devotees donned colorful and fancy pop-inspired ensembles and accessories.

J-POP Drag Queen Contest
The first-ever J-POP SUMMIT Drag Contest was held on the Main Stage with local celebrity drag hosts D’Arcy Drollinger and Heklina, and J-POP SUMMIT’s Guest of Honor Mitz Mangrove as a special celebrity judge. Five contestants competed, displaying anime, manga, and cherry blossom motifs and making the event one of the highlights of the Sunday stage activities.

Interactive Summit
J-POP SUMMIT 2016 marked the second annual Interactive Summit, bringing Japanese and Japanese-American tech along for the ride. Startups and worldwide corporations alike debuted the latest in Japanese innovation, from Yamaha’s autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot “Motobot,” to MESH’s network of buttons that make any device smart, to INUPATHY’s dog collar that lights up different colors based on your pup’s emotions.

Mazda zoomed in at full speed with displays of its new CX-3 and MX-5 MIATA cars. But guests didn’t have to wait to drive them: Mazda used Sony’s Gran Turismo to let attendees sit behind a real wheel and drive laps in Mazda’s latest vehicles on a professional raceway without even leaving the venue. Likewise, TOTO brought its A100 Washlet, a toilet seat fit for 2016 with its bidet pump, heating, automatic seat opener and push-button controls to adjust the whole experience.

Meanwhile, the Sessions at Gallery 308 buzzed with the combined entrepreneurial spirit of Japan and San Francisco/Silicon Valley’s unique symbiotic bi-national relationship that is driven by technological innovation. Featuring panels on Designed IoT and Robotics, the event began with a startup pitch contest, “Innovation Weekend SF 2016,” where founders presented their businesses to a wide range of professional attendees. The winner was Velo Lab for its smart key lock called Skylock. The runner-up was to Butterfly. Both teams will be invited to Tokyo at the end of this year for the Innovation Weekend Grand Finale 2016 to compete with other winners and runners-up from all over the world.

J-POP SUMMIT is one of the world’s biggest Japanese pop culture events, held every summer in San Francisco, CA. By introducing the latest in Japanese music, fashion, film, art, games, tech-innovations, anime, food, as well as niche subcultures, the festival has become a landing platform for new trends from Japan.

Official website:
Official YouTube:


Aniplex of America to Begin Ticket Sales for Yuki Kajiura LIVE ~featuring SWORD ART ONLINE~ Ticket Sales

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Aniplex of America to Begin Ticket Sales for
Yuki Kajiura LIVE ~featuring SWORD ART ONLINE~
Ticket Sales for the Mega-Hit Show to Begin July 23

SANTA MONICA, CA (July 20, 2016) –Aniplex of America announced today that ticket sales for the
“Yuki Kajiura LIVE ~featuring SWORD ART ONLINE~” concert will begin this Saturday (July 23,
2016) at 12PM (PDT) through Ticketmaster. The concert will take place at the world-famous Dolby
Theatre in Hollywood, California on January 14, 2017. Aniplex of America also announced that there
will be VIP tickets which include an autograph session with Kajiura and some of the other performers
available for purchase.

Direct link to the Ticketmaster event page:

About “Yuki Kajiura LIVE ~featuring SWORD ART ONLINE~”
The multi-talented music composer, song-writer, and music producer, Yuki Kajiura, is debuting her
mega-hit live show, “Yuki Kajiura LIVE ~featuring SWORD ART ONLINE~” in Hollywood at the
world-famous Dolby Theatre!

Kajiura’s unique style which fuses the essence of both European and East Asian sounds has gained a
global following and is now known to many as the “Kajiura Sound.” In addition to serving as the music
producer for the popular vocal trio, “Kalafina,” she is also known as the composer of the hit animated
series “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and “Fate/Zero.”

This January, Kajiura will present this exclusive event with an all-star ensemble of over ten musicians
including Koichi Korenaga and singers Remi, Kaori, Wakana, and Yuriko Kaida. They are coming all
the way from Japan to perform your favorite songs from Sword Art Online.

Fans can definitely “log in” to the beautiful world of Sword Art Online through this musical celebration.

About Aniplex of America Inc.
Aniplex of America Inc. (Santa Monica, California) is a subsidiary of Aniplex Inc. (headquartered in
Tokyo, Japan) – a Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) group. Aniplex Inc. is a leading provider of anime
content, along with music production and distribution in Japan. Aniplex of America has launched
fan-favorite Blu-ray and DVD titles including the Sword Art Online series, Your lie in April, KILL la
KILL, Bakemonogatari, Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Blue Exorcist, NISEKOI, OREIMO 2,
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, Expelled From Paradise, The irregular at magic high school,
ALDNOAH.ZERO, Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] and DURARARA!!×2. The company’s
ever-growing line-up of shows includes our most recent titles such as: ERASED, The Asterisk War,
(High School Fleet).


Aimer releases new double A-side single “insane dream / us”

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A collaboration project with Taka (ONE OK ROCK) and TK (Ling toshite sigure)

Releasing her previous EP “ninelie” this May, the single ranked in the top 10 of the Oricon Music Chart in Japan, making this Aimer’s 5th straight single to do so.
In no time, Aimer has released a new double A-side single which is a special collaborative project, featuring the talents of ONE OK ROCK vocalist Taka and TK, the vocals & guitarist of Ling toshite sigure.

The first title song, “insane dream” was written/produced by Taka and recorded in Los Angeles, CA.
Taka also took part in the chorus, that results in a deeply emotional song that combines the synchronized vocals of Taka and Aimer.

The second single titled “us” was written and produced by TK.
The basic recording was completed in Berlin, Germany with TK handling engineering responsibilities with drummer BOBO and musician Jin contributing to the project as well.

“insane dream / us”





Aniplex of America Announces AkibaFest™, A New Animation and Technology Festival Taking Place October 15th & 16th In Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

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Aniplex of America Announces AkibaFest™, A New Animation and Technology Festival Taking Place October 15th & 16th In Little Tokyo, Los Angeles Los Angeles-based publisher of anime hit franchises like Sword Art Online announces 2-day animation and Japanese pop culture festival


Aniplex of America, a Los Angeles-based publisher of many of today’s most popular anime franchises today announced their plan to bring AkibaFest™ –a new type of anime convention to Southern California– inspired by the most popular aspects of Akihabara, aka the Japanese pop culture capital of the world. AkibaFest™ will take place on October 15th and 16th in 2016 in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles.

Fans of anime, manga, games, cosplay, and more can register for updates on the AkibaFest™ website now. The full site will launch in late-July, with updates on performers, activities, participating anime and game publishers, as well as ticket and pricing details. For fans of animation and everything related to Akihabara, AkibaFest™ promises to be the ultimate fan event of the year.

Aniplex of America President, Hideki Goto, said “It’s clear from the passion exhibited by anime fans, cosplayers, manga collectors, tech enthusiasts and gamers that there is still a thirst for new experiences. However, it is only with the support of the fans that we can make AkibaFest a successful event. Only with their enthusiastic participation can we turn Little Tokyo into ‘Little Akiba’ on the weekend of October 15th and 16th.”

John Inada, Aniplex of America’s Director of Business Development said “A lot of events offer different facets of Japanese culture, but there hasn’t been an event that really brings it all together. Our goal for AkibaFest is to fill this void in as authentic manner as possible. We’re going to transform Little Tokyo into the closest thing to ‘Akiba’ as possible. If we can’t bring you to Akihabara, we’re going to bring Akihabara to you.”

AkibaFest™ is a cooperative venture between Aniplex of America, other notable anime and video game publishers, technology partners, and the Little Tokyo business community. Fans will be able to enjoy exclusive film screenings, expert panels and workshops, playable video game demos, technology demos, cosplay contests, themed cafés, exclusive merchandise offers, Japanese food and beverages, and much more.

For more information please visit the ANIPLEX USA website:

About Aniplex of America Inc.
Aniplex of America Inc. (Santa Monica, California) is a subsidiary of Aniplex Inc. (headquartered in
Tokyo, Japan) – a Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) group. Aniplex Inc. is a leading provider of anime content, along with music production and distribution in Japan. Aniplex of America has launched fan-favorite Blu-ray and DVD titles including the Sword Art Online series, Your lie in April, KILL la KILL, Bakemonogatari, Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Blue Exorcist, NISEKOI, OREIMO 2, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, Expelled From Paradise, The irregular at magic high school, ALDNOAH.ZERO, Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] and DURARARA!!×2. The company’s ever-growing line-up of shows includes our most recent titles such as: ERASED, The Asterisk War, OWARIMONOGATARI, Charlotte, Classroom Crisis, WAGNARIA!!3, GOD EATER and HAIFURI (High School Fleet).



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On Sunday June 5th, El Dasa, lead actor of hit series “El Vato” offered a free concert at Universal CityWalk™ presented by NBC UNIVERSO where fans of all ages came to see their idol. Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo, popular radio host from Súper Estrella 107.1 FM acted as MC and presented the talented and charismatic singer from Sonora, Mexico. To download images of the highlights of El Dasa’s concert, click here; and to see the video, go here.

El Dasa kicked off his performance singing “Perdí el Sombrero,” the theme song from “El Vato”, NBC UNIVERSO’s first original scripted series created for the Hispanic market in the United States. Then he followed with “Alegre y Enamorado,” a song that pays tribute to all the states of Mexico, and the excitement of the audience grew as he mentioned each home state. The evening spiced up when El Dasa started dancing his sensual hip movements while singing “Mentirosa.” However, the moment that provoked most effusive cries was when he dedicated “Por ser Bonita” to all the ladies. In addition to enjoying El Dasa’s hits and other classic songs, attendees got an exclusive early listen to his new single “Ya me vi,” from his new album, to be released this summer.

“I want thank NBC UNIVERSO for trusting me unconditionally and for betting on my talent to carry out the great project of “El Vato,” said El Dasa.

El Dasa also acknowledged the audience and stated: “This is why we are here tonight, because NBC UNIVERSO wanted to thank you all for supporting the series. Thanks to your support we are going to have a second season. None of this would’ve been possible without you,” he added.

That night El Dasa poured his heart on stage and literally gave it his all as he tossed his hat, boots and jacket to the audience. Before going on stage, El Dasa spent some time with a group of fans, radio listeners of “El Show del Piolín,” who entered a contest for the chance to meet him backstage. After his powerful performance, with the simplicity and humility that characterizes him, El Dasa took the time to please a long line of fans that chanted his name and waited eagerly to take pictures and get his autograph.

Fans can interact on social media using #ElVato #EnTuRanch on Twitter and Instagram. For more information about “El Vato” and its cast, please visit:

To catch up with previous episodes of “El Vato”, please visit

NBC UNIVERSO is currently available to 40 million households across the U.S. The network is telecast in HD nationwide on DirecTV; Western U.S. markets served by Comcast Xfinity TV; throughout Bright House Networks’ cable television footprint; and select Cox Communications markets.

To find NBC UNIVERSO on your satellite, telco or cable TV channel lineup, go to Channel 410 on DIRECTV; Channel 838 on DISH Network; Channel 3009 or 3010 on AT&T U-verse; and visit for the NBC UNIVERSO channel number on your local cable TV listings.

# # #

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NBC UNIVERSO ( is a modern entertainment and sports cable channel for Latinos, bringing the world’s top sports franchises and edgy, emotional programming to more than 40 million households in the U.S. As one of the most widely available modern cable channels for U.S. Latinos, NBC UNIVERSO delivers a thrilling mix of exclusive sports action – including FIFA World Cup™, NASCAR Mexico Series, NFL, Premier League and The 2016 Rio Olympics – along with signature series, blockbuster movies, music, must-see live events and strategic acquisitions, on TV, online and mobile devices. NBC UNIVERSO is part of NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, a division of NBCUniversal (, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. NBCUniversal is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation (

More information about Universal CityWalk is available at Regular updates also can be found on CityWalk’s Twitter @CityWalkLA, Facebook page Universal CityWalk Hollywood and Instagram @CityWalkLA.

Universal Studios Hollywood is The Entertainment Capital of L.A. and includes a full-day, movie-based theme park and Studio Tour. As a leading global entertainment destination, Universal Studios Hollywood delivers highly themed immersive lands that translate to real-life interpretations of iconic movie and television shows. Recent additions include “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter TM” which features a bustling Hogsmeade village and such critically-acclaimed rides as “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” and “Flight of the Hippogriff™,” Universal Studios Hollywood’s first outdoor rollercoaster. Other immersive lands include “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” and “Super Silly Fun Land” as well as “Springfield,” hometown of America’s favorite TV family, located adjacent to the award-winning “The Simpsons RideTM.” The world-renowned Studio Tour is Universal Studios Hollywood’s flagship attraction, inviting guests behind-the-scenes of the world’s biggest and busiest movie and television studio where they can also experience such authentic and immersive thrill rides as “Fast & Furious—Supercharged.” The destination also features the Universal CityWalk entertainment, shopping and dining complex, including the Universal CityWalk Cinemas and the “5 Towers” state-of-the-art outdoor concert venue.


‘WE DO IT TOGETHER’ featuring Robin Wright, Freida Pinto and Juliette Binoche

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Luminaries in Film including Robin Wright, Freida Pinto, Juliette Binoche, Catherine Hardwicke, Patricia Riggen, Haifaa Al Mansour, and Melina Matsoukas amongst those collaborating on first project

CANNES, FR (May 15, 2016) – WE DO IT TOGETHER, the non-profit production company dedicated to finance and produce female driven films, documentaries, TV and other forms of media has announced its first feature film entitled: Together Now – a omnibus of short films created by internationally renowned luminaries. Each segment will pair a female director with a prominent actress in a lead role to tell an inspiring story.

Golden Globe® Winner Robin Wright (House of Cards, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Catherine Hardwicke (Miss You Already, Twilight, Thirteen), Katia Lund (City of God, All The Invisible Children), Patricia Riggen (Miracles From Heaven, The 33), Haifaa Al Mansour (Wadjda), Malgorzata Szumowska (Elles, In the Name Of) and Melina Matsoukas (Rihanna’s We Found Love, Beyoncé’s Formation) are confirmed to each direct a short in Together Now. Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) and Academy Award® Winner Juliette Binoche (The English Patient, Chocolat) will each star in one of the seven shorts. Carol Polakoff, Shelby Stone and Chiara Tilesi will produce the film.

Production of the film is set to begin in July this year with principal photography taking place in various international locations. All profits generated through the film’s release will be reinvested back to the non-profit production company.

The goal of Together Now is to empower women both creatively in front and behind the camera and to implement a clear action plan that will contribute towards closing down the gender gap in a male dominated industry.

“We are so privileged and excited to have some of the most intelligent and creative artists be part of the first WE DO IT TOGETHER feature film project” said founder Chiara Tilesi. “The goal is to take immediate steps to generate fresh new content that is both insightful and entertaining in order to tell our own stories in our own ways. If we dream it together, we do it together.”

“I am honored to join We Do It Together as they build a platform for women to create and share stories.” adds director Robin Wright. “The amount of knowledge and ideas are endless. I am thrilled to witness this movement and watch them bring their goals into fruition. It is with great pleasure to announce I will be collaborating with WDIT on my own short on subject that I am deeply passionate about. I look forward to making a mark for women in film.”

As part of the new announcement, the following industry leaders will join the previously announced WE DO IT TOGETHER advisory board: Golden Globe® Winner Robin Wright, Academy Award® Winner Jodie Foster, Grammy Award Winning songwriter Diane Warren, director-actress Valeria Golino (Rain Main), Marvel’s EVP Victoria Alonso, producer Keri Selig, actress Leonor Varela, producer Lucas Akoskin, CAA talent agent Cameron Mitchell, producer Paula Vaccaro, and entertainment attorney Orly Ravid.

# # #


WE DO IT TOGETHER is a non-profit organization created to finance and produce films, documentaries, TV and other forms of media uniquely dedicated to the empowerment of women. With a mission to create content that provides women in entertainment a slate to be creatively recognized, WE DO IT TOGETHER strives to change perceptions of female stereotypes within a male-dominated industry.

The WE DO IT TOGETHER Board of Directors is comprised of: Academy Award®-nominated producer Albert Berger; DDA Partner Dana Archer; The Gersh Agency’s Sandra Lucchesi; Mosaic manager Paul Nelson; Producer-Director Carol Polakoff; Primetime Emmy-winning producer Shelby Stone; Producer and Founder Chiara Tilesi; and Septembers of Shiraz writer and producer Hanna Weg. Adding their voices to the Advisory Board will be: Hany Abu-Assad, Lucas Akoskin, Haifaa Al Mansour, Victoria Alonso, Len Amato, Amma Asante, Juliette Binoche, Jessica Chastain, Antonio S. Coco, Amira Diab, Jodie Foster, Éric Garandeau, Henry Louis Gates, Mark Gill, Valeria Golino, Mike Goodridge, Catherine Hardwicke, Marielle Heller, Avy Kaufman, Queen Latifah, Philip A. Lord, Katia Lund, Sasha Markova, Cameron Mitchell, Michele Mulroney, Jennifer Naughton, Evelyn O’Neill, Freida Pinto, Hylda Queally, Orly Ravid, Alysia Reiner, Patricia Riggen, Janet C. Salazar, Michelle Satter, Keri Selig, Nina L. Shaw, Stacey Sher, Marianne Slot, Małgorzata Szumowska, Paula Vaccaro, Leonor Varela, Diane Warren, Alesia Weston, Robin Wright, Paul Zaentz, Ziyi Zhang.

For more information please visit:


Clé de Peau Beauté announces its AW 2016 Press Conference in Shanghai, featuring Amanda Seyfried

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© Getty Images for Clé de Peau Beauté

The SHISEIDO Group’s high-prestige brand Clé de Peau Beauté (CPB), will host a global press conference with the theme of Fearless Beauty, to be held at Shanghai’s Fairmont Peace Hotel on June 16, 2016. Amanda Seyfried, the brand’s muse and official spokesperson, will visit China for the event, where CPB’s new 2016 autumn/winter collection will be unveiled.

The inspiration for CPB’s 2016 Autumn / Winter Collection
The Fearless Beauty theme, conceived by Lucia Pieroni, Makeup Creative Director for Clé de Peau Beauté, was inspired by Tamara de Lempicka. One of the most memorable artists of the Art Deco period, de Lempicka was not afraid to bend the rules that 1920’s society placed on women, and lived a vibrant, adventurous, life on her own terms.
Part of the artistic scene in Paris during the legendary roaring twenties, de Lempicka was a member of an international community of creative people who thrived on cultural awareness and activity. Her work and lifestyle influenced many avant-garde artists, fashion designers and intellectuals of the era, and still fascinates people today, as more women use imagination, audacity, and creativity to transform the times in which they live.

CPB’s 2016 AW collection celebrates the beauty of unrestrained, alluring, and provocative women like Tamara de Lempicka, encouraging them to take on new challenges, venture into the unknown, and enjoy every moment of life without worrying about societal expectations, or previously set limits.


A location that transcends time and place
Known in the 1920s as the “Paris of the Orient,” Shanghai is a perfectly appropriate place to debut this bold makeup collection, and the Art Deco-style Fairmont Peace Hotel is the perfect venue. First opened in 1929, this iconic landmark was a social hub attracting affluent and cultured members of the society to many splendid parties held there. The presentation of CPB’s 2016 AW Makeup Collection, including the Holiday Collection, will take place in a specially reserved gallery space, where one can imagine the women who once danced there in their rebellious flapper skirts and bobbed hair, embodying the concept of Fearless Beauty, and inspiring women of today to embrace it.

About the Holiday Collection
Since 2013, CPB’s Holiday Collection has come from collaboration with young designers who exemplify the ideals of CPB, as well as the values of the emerging age. For 2016, the collaboration is with Ashley Longshore, a contemporary artist whose vivid colors, bold compositions and focus on images of women lend a fearlessly original quality to the package design. Ms. Longshore created six original paintings of extraordinary women from “les Années Folles” (the roaring twenties) for this project, and they will be on display in the gallery space during the event, and for a limited time afterward.

New skincare products to celebrate the brand’s 15th year in China
The Shanghai event will also mark a decade and a half since CPB first debuted in China. To commemorate this important anniversary, CPB will launch its new skin care products, based on an innovation that’s been in development for five years. This advancement represents excellent progress in skincare science, and the new products will be marketed worldwide in 2016.

About Clé de Peau Beauté
Originally introduced in 1982 and relaunched in 1996, Clé de Peau Beauté never stops evolving. Constantly incorporating the latest technologies, the brand is solidly established among elite prestige consumers in Japan, and marketed in 12 other countries and regions around the world: China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, the U.S.A., Canada, and Russia.
About Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried was named CPB’s “Brand Muse” in 2011. An American actress from the state of Pennsylvania, she began her career as a model at the age of 11. Amanda has worked alongside entertainment industry greats in many notable films, including the Academy Award® nominated Les Misérables. She has also appeared in a variety of TV shows and stage productions, to critical acclaim. The more she works, the more widely she is acknowledged as a young actress with real talent. She costars with Shirley MacLaine in the soon-to-be-released American drama The Last Word.

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