SCANDAL: Digital Single KOISURU UNIVERSE Available online Sunday, October 22!

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First time digital-only single release

In conjunction with their Battle of the Bands tour in October, the girls of SCANDAL are releasing a digital-only single, “Koisuru Universe” is a definite killer-tune for their live performances.  The single will feature four songs in total including two new songs, and a live audio fromStorytellers: SCANDAL, the band’s 11th anniversary show held at Billboard Live Osaka on August 21.


  1. Koisuru Universe (new single 1)
  2. Futari (new single 2)
  3. Kimi to Yoru to Namida

(Billboard Live OSAKA, Aug. 21, 2017)

  1. Koe

(Billboard Live OSAKA, Aug. 21, 2017)


*Tie-in project

“Koisuru Universe”: Used for “Bourbon x SCANDAL” web anime movie


*Now available for iTunes pre-order.

“Koisuru Universe” sample audio is available for listening online.




In August, SCANDAL was formed by four junior high/high school girls who went to a dance & vocal school in Osaka.  Soon after, the four started training camps and performing at Shiroten, an outdoor performance space in Osaka Castle Park, as well as local clubs within the Kansai region.


-SCANDAL went on to release three Tower Records-only indie singles in the span of three months.  The first single, “Space Ranger”became #2 on Tower Records’ indie chart.  Their 2nd single “Koimoyou” and 3rd single“Kagerou” rose to #1.

-Their major debut single “Doll” released in October, and became a power play in 40 FM, AM, and CS radio stations.


-The band’s 1st album BESTSCANDAL debuted at #5 on Oricon chart.

-This was a first in 7.5 years for a girl band to rank in the top 5 of Oricon chart with a first album.

-SCANDAL wins the Best New Artist category of the 51st annual Japan Record Awards.


-2nd album TEMPTATION BOX debuted at #3 on Oricon chart; a career high for them.


-3rd album BABY ACTION debuted at #4 on Oricon chart.

SCANDAL becomes the first girl band in 20 years since PINK SAPPHIRE to send their first three albums in a row to the top 5.


-After only 5 years and 7 month since their formation, SCANDAL played at the famous Budokan; it is an extraordinary success for a girl band to perform after such a short amount of time.  Tickets for the performance sold out in minutes.

-Single “Taiyo Scandalous” becomes a smash hit and rises at #2 on the Oricon chart.

-In October, SCANDAL became the first Japanese artist to be used in the famous TV commercial of Microsoft Windows 8.  The girls were asked directly from the Microsoft headquarters in the US.  Superstar rock artists like Lenny Kravitz and Rolling Stones have been used in the same TV commercial in the past.

-4th album Queens are trumps debuted at #4 on Oricon chart.  They made a novel success by becoming the first band girl to send four consecutive albums to the top 5.


-Special collection album ENCORE SHOW marked #1 on Oricon daily chart.

-March 3: SCANDAL performed a solo show at Osaka Castle Hall, which was their dream venue since their indie days.  The tickets sold out in 5 minutes.  The show mobilized 10,000 and ended on a high note.

-5th album Standard debuted at #3 on Oricon chart; achieving a new record for them.


-June: SCANDAL becomes the first girl band since Princess Princess and second in history to perform an East/West arena tour, i.e. a 2-day stint at Yokohama Arena and Osaka Castle Hall (second time to perform at their dream venue).  They intrigued a total audience of 35,000.

– SCANDAL’s 6th album HELLO WORLD debuted at #3 on the Oricon chart, renewing the accomplishment of having all albums in the Oricon top 5.


-January: SCANDAL has a successful world tour, SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015 HELLO WORLD performing in 9 countries (Japan, France, UK, Germany, USA, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong)/41 shows, drawing an audience of 80,000.

-December: SCANDAL announces a Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka arena tour, SCANDAL ARENA TOUR 2015 PERFECT WORLD.  Total audience exceeds 40,000 for the first time.


-7th album YELLOW marked #2 on the Oricon Weekly chart and #1 on iTunes daily album chart.

-Aug. 21: Celebrated 10th anniversary with an outdoor show, a triumphant return to Osaka, followed by the first single-bill European tour in September.


-Their 10th anniversary greatest hits album SCANDAL marks #2 on the Oricon Weekly chart.

-In support of the greatest hits album, the band goes on a 53-show tour performing at all 47 prefectures!



Utada Hikaru “Anata” New Single Release 09/25/2017

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Utada Hikaru has been showing great sales in 2017 with her 1st single, “Oozora de Dakishimete” (Suntory Tennen-Sui commercial tie-in song), and her 2nd single, “Forevermore” (main theme to TBS Network Nichiyou Gekijou drama series, Gomen, Aishiteru).

While the emotions from the finale of the drama series is still lingering about, it has been announced that her new single, “Anata” will be the main theme for a major feature adventure fantasy film, DESTINY Kamakura Monogatari (starring Masato Sakai, Mitsuki Takahata, etc.); in theaters December 9th (Sat).  It has been a while since Utada Hikaru’s music had been matched up with films; 5 years since Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo(♪”Sakura Nagashi”) in 2012, and 7 years for a live action film; Ashita no Joe (♪”Show Me Love (Not A Dream)”) in 2010.  An official teaser trailer featuring the track has already been posted on the film’s official website. It will soon be screened in theaters nationwide.


※FILM DESTINY Kamakura Monogatari teaser trailer on YouTube


Utada Hikaru comments on the track as below in an interview:

“Since I had known ahead of time that the original story was about how a parallel world filled with monsters was linked within our everyday life, I had inspirations to use Buddhism-related words when I was creating the song. I am looking forward to see how the listeners will take the song.”


The world-wide digital release of the new song, “Anata” will be December 8th (Fri), a day before the film release.  Also, Utada Hikaru’s new artist photo and cover photo taken by Polish photographer, Maciej Kucia can now be viewed on Utada Hikaru’s official website.

Please look forward to the film release and the song release in December.


Owarimonogatari Anime Ending 18th Single “SHIORI” 0929.2017 DIGITAL RELEASE

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Japanese girl duo ClariS is digitally releasing their 18th Single, “SHIORI” on September 29th, 2017!  The single is the ending theme to the anime Owarimonogatari, the latest in the Monogatari Series. 

The single will also feature ClariS covers of past ending themes of the Monogatari Series anime; “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” by Supercell and “Ai wo Utae” by Luna Haruna.  It will also feature a 2017 version of their hit single “Naisho no Hanashi” featuring Karen, ending theme to Nisemonogatari, along with a remix of Tsukimonogatari ending theme “border”, by the up and coming music creator TeddyLoid.

Also, after two very successful video concerts of the Blu-ray “ClariS Meets NIPPON BUDOKAN Two Masks and The Lost Sun “at Anime Expo 2017 and Crunchyroll Expo 2017, it is back for another showing at Anime Weekend Atlanta for the first time in the South. Join the excitement, and receive a free set of ClariS glowsticks.

Schedule details will be updated on:

The Blu-ray, “ClariS Meets NIPPON BUDOKAN Two Masks and The Lost Sun” ,which features ClariS’ first Budokan concert is available for purchase on Crunchyroll.  The First Edition copy includes the concert recording on two CDs.



ClariS is a duo of Japanese girls, Clara and Karen.

Attention was caught by the producer of the anime Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai  when ClariS put together a CD to include in copies of Japanese anime-music magazine LisAni!.  Although they were still newly signed, they were chosen to sing the opening theme for the anime as their debut.

They created their duo name “ClariS” and released the single “irony” as their major debut on October 20th, 2010.  “irony” debuted at #7 on Oricon’s weekly singles chart.

ClariS then went on to release their second single, “Connect”, which was used for the opening theme of acclaimed animePuella Magi Madoka Magica.  “Connect” debuted at #5 on Oricon’s weekly singles chart.  Their third single, “nexus”, debuted at #5, dispite it not having any anime tie-ups.  The fourth single, written by ryo (supercell), was used for the ending theme of the popular anime series Nisemonogatari, and debuted at #5 on Oricon’s weekly chart.

ClariS later released their awaited first album, BIRTHDAY, which sold over 100,000 copies.  It debuted at #2 on Oricon’s weekly chart, and remains to stay a long-seller.

After the release of their first album, ClariS continued to release hit singles, such as their fifth single “Wake Up” (Opening theme for Moyashimon Returns, which aired on Fuji TV’s Noitamina program block), sixth single “Luminous”, which was the opening theme for the movies Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Beginings and Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Eternal., and their seventh single, “reunion”, the opening theme for the anime series Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. . These singles were included in their hit second album, SECOND STORY.

Their eighth single, “Colorful” was the opening theme for the renowned movie Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion and became a huge hit.

On January 5th, 2014, ClariS had their first event “2014 New Year’s Festival Hajimari no Yokan” at Zepp Tokyo.  The event was covered widely, due to the fact that ClariS came out to the public for the first time as siluettes.

Their 9th single, “CLICK” was the opening theme for the first-half of the anime series Nisekoi, and their 10th single “STEP” was the opening theme for the  second-half of the anime series.  The third album including both singles, PARTY TIME, debuted  at #3 on Oricon’s weekly chart.  Starting member Alice departed on June 4th, 2014, following the release of PARTY TIME.

In LisAni! Vol. 19, released on November 8th, 2014, it was announced that ClariS had welcomed a new member, Karen, marking the birth of a new ClariS.

The newly formed ClariS’ first single released on January 7th, 2015.  This single, “border”, was the ending theme to the animeTsukimonogatari, which aired on December 31st, 2014.

On January 25th, ClariS performed at “LisAni! LIVE-5” at Budokan.

Their first greatest hits album, ClariS –SINGLE BEST 1st released on April 15th, and was a huge commercial success.

For ClariS’ 5th anniversary, they released the single “Prism” to celebrate a “double anniversary” along with Sanrio’s widely known charcter, “Little Twin Stars” (Kiki & Lala).

In April of 2016, ClariS released their first conceptual mini album, SPRING TRACKS-Haru no Uta-, which was created on the theme of “Spring”.

They had a successful tour in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka supporting the mini album, which is followed by this long awaited new single.

The name “ClariS” carries the meaning of “bright” or “clear” in Latin.  (originally spelled “clarus”)

The duo is only revealed as illustrations by famous artists.


In Japan, “SHIORI” has physically released in three editions; Standard Edition, Limited First Edition, and Limited Anime Edition.  The two limited editions both includes DVDs as well.


(includes DVD with “SHIORI” Music video)


(includes DVD with non-credit ending visual of Owarimonogatari)



  2. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari
  3. Ai wo Utae
  4. Naisho no Hanashi -2017-
  5. Border -TeddyLoid remix-
  6. SHIORI -Instrumental-

*Limited Anime Edition will include “SHIORI-TV size mix-“


” src=”cid:image006.jpg@01D33208.5CB04760″ alt=”claris-meets-nippon-budokan-two-masks-and-the-lost-sun” align=”left” hspace=”12″ v:shapes=”Picture_x0020_1″ class=”Apple-web-attachment Singleton”>ClariS Meets NIPPON BUDOKANTwo Masks and The Lost Sun LIMITED FIRST EDITION

Purchase a Blu-ray copy of “ClariS Meets NIPPON BUDOKAN Two Masks and The Lost Sun on Crunchyroll to see ClariS’ first performance at Budokan.  The Limited First Edition copy will include two concert recording CDs.

Blu-ray +2CD Set (North American Region)

Japanese Audio







Border; Hologram


Pastel; blossom; Nemurihime


CLICK; Connect; luminous; colorful


Mizuirokurage; konoaiwakyosuu;


Anemone; usotsuki; Gravity; DROP (kz remix); irony; Clear Sky; STEP; recall


Nexus ~instrumental~




M1. again/M2. YUMENOKI/M3. RESTART/M4. border/M5. Hologram/M6. pastel M7. blossom/M8. Nemurihime/

M9. CLICK/M10. Connect/M11. luminous/M12. Colorful


M1. Mizuirokurage/M2. konoaiwakyosuu/M3. Anemone/M4. usotsuki/M5. Gravity M6. irony/M7. Clear Sky/M8. STEP/

M9. recall




Utada Hikaru – New Single Releases

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Japanese singer-songwriter, Utada Hikaru will release her first single, “Oozora de Dakishimete” from Epic Records Japan, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, on Monday, July 10th 2017.

Her second single, “forevermore” will follow its release on Friday, july 20th 2017.

Her last record with Universal, Fantome, sold approx. 1.05 million copies worldwide.

(#23 on IFPI’s top selling albums chart from Global Music Report.)


Utada Hikaru’s first single at EPIC Records Japan, “Oozora de Dakishimete” aired in Japan in a TV commercial for Suntory’s natural mineral water (Suntory Tennensui).  Since it’s airing, Utada Hikaru has been in such a spotlight that her commercial had over 1 million views on YouTube within 10 days of its release.


In a behind the scenes interview, she explains about filming the commercial and the featured track as follows:

“Last time, I was already working on the track [‘michi’] for my album release when I received the offer to feature in a commercial.  But this time, we had gotten an offer before working on the song, so I kept imagining how the commercial might look as I wrote the song.  In “Oozora de Dakishimete”, the lyrics talk about being “reunited by someone you thought you’d never see”, in a “place in the clouds”, “in the big sky”, “in the blue skies”.  When I went to go film the actual commercial, the setting was actually on a mountaintop and was surrounded by fog.  So I felt really immersed in the lyrics.”


Utada Hikaru’s first single is still trending, but her second single release has already been announced!  “Forevermore” is going to be used as the theme song for TBS Networks’ Nichijyou Gekijyou (Sunday Theater) drama series, “Gomen, Aishiteru” (I’m sorry, I love you).  Its digital release will be on July 28th.


Her song, “Hanataba wo Kimini” was used as the main theme for NHK (Japanese national public broadcasting)’s renzoku TV shosetsu (a morning drama series), “Toto-Neechan” in 2016.  But it has been 9 years since her song was last used in a private broadcasting show.  (Last used was “eternally –drama mix-“in Fuji TV Network’s drama series, “Innocent Love”.)


Worldly acclaimed drummer, Chris Dave has worked on both singles, making both songs a must hear!





Born in Houston, Texas

Chris Dave started his drumming career when he met Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in college.  His extraordinary drum techniques has achieved praises from top artists like Robert Glasper, D’Angelo, Adele, Justin Bieber, etc.

In 2016, he was chosen in “100 Greatest Drummers of All Time” in Rolling Stone magazine.






<Utada Hikaru PROFILE>

Born in New York, NY

Utada Hikaru released her debut single, “Automatic/Time Will Tell” on December 9th, 1998 at the young age of 16.  It sold more than two million copies; instantly making her one of Japan’s top artists.

Just a few months later, she released her first album “First Love”, which made record CD sales in Japan, which still remains unbroken.  Every album she has released since then has topped charts, and in 2007, her single “Flavor of Life” set the world record in its number of downloads.

In 2010, Utada Hikaru decided to take a break from her music career to focus on her personal life.  In April 2016, she restarted her music career by releasing singles “Hanataba wo Kimini” and “Manatsu no Tooriame”.

Her sixth studio album, “Fantome”, released in Sepember 2016.  It achieved critical success worldwide, and her album stayed #1 on Oricon charts for four consecutive weeks; a first for Utada Hikaru.   The album also ranked 3rd on the US iTunes chart.  “Fantome” sold over a million copies, combining CD sales and digital sale.

In March 2017, Utada Hikaru signed with EPIC Records Japan, a Sony Music label.








First Single:”Oozora de Dakishimete”

(Used in “Suntory Tennensui” commercial)

Monday, July 10th 2017 (DIGITAL RELEASE)


Second Single: “Forevermore”

Main theme for TBS Network Nichijyou Gekijyou “Gomen, Aishiteru

Friday, July 28th (DIGITAL RELEASE)









Japan Now: Muses of Japanese Cinema 30th TIFF to Celebrate Four Iconic Actresses: Sakura ANDO, Yu AOI, Hikari MITSUSHIMA, Aoi MIYAZAKI

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Japan Now: Muses of Japanese Cinema

30th TIFF to Celebrate Four Iconic Actresses: 
Also: Artist and Director Mika NINAGAWA Creates 30th TIFF Visuals

The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is pleased to announce that we will be highlighting the work of four iconic actresses in this year’s Japan Now section. This is one of the special programs planned to celebrate our 30th anniversary.  Sakura ANDO, Yu AOI, Hikari MITSUSHIMA and Aoi MIYAZAKI have been chosen as the Muses of Japanese Cinema in honor of the powerful sparks they generate on screen, their collaborations with renowned directors and their increasing international stature.In addition to the Muses of Japanese Cinema screenings, panel sessions with special guests will also be held.

TIFF is also pleased to unveil striking anniversary visuals by creative director Hiroshi SASAKI and art director Akihiro HAMABE — who served as the creative supervisor and chief art director, respectively, of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics performance at the Rio closing ceremony — in collaboration with acclaimed photographer and film director Mika NINAGAWA, known for her brightly colored photographs.

TIFF is dedicated to discovering and cultivating new filmmakers from around the world, whose work is highlighted in our Competition section, as well as to presenting internationally acclaimed titles during our 10-day festival.The 30th TIFF will take place from October 25 – November 3, 2017 at Roppongi Hills and other venues in Tokyo.


X Japan Shuts Down London For HMV Signing Event, Takes Top Spot On UK Rock Chart

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On Saturday, March 4, X Japan performed their first major show of 2017 on #XDAY at SSE Arena, Wembley, following the release of their feature film documentary We Are X in theaters across the UK. The We Are X Soundtrack (featuring the theme song “La Venus”) was released worldwide on March 3 on Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings, taking the Number 1 spot in 9 countries on iTunes as well as the #1 position on the UK Rock And Metal Chart, Top 30 on the UK Albums Chart, and Number 3 on the UK Soundtrack Chart.

UK Official Charts (link):

The award-winning We Are X made its UK premiere to a sold-out audience at Piccadilly’s Picture House in London on February 28 before launching in UK theaters across the country on March 2, adding to the excitement of the band’s upcoming show 2 days later at Wembley Arena. Fulfilling the band’s promise to return to the UK after last year’s concert had been abruptly cancelled by guitarist Pata’s serious illness, the band held a special CD-signing event at HMV in London on March 3, forcing the shut-down of Oxford Street as over 1000 fans gathered to meet the members of X Japan in person.
[Check out HMV’s photo album of the record-breaking event]

X Japan has created a buzz among UK fans and critics alike with last week’s back-to-back concert, film, and soundtrack events, promising more announcements later this year.
“Their show proves eye-poppingly captivating” — METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE
“Intoxicatingly triumphant” — METAL TALK
“Fervently mesmeric” — RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE
“X JAPAN deliver a unique, moving experience.” — MY GLOBAL MIND
“Mesmerising, they hover around a magical musical sweet spot” — MUSIC-NEWS

The We Are X Soundtrack is available now worldwide on Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings
1. La Venus (Acoustic Version)*
2. Kurenai (from The Last Live)
3. Forever Love
4. A Piano String in Es Dur
5. Dahlia
6. Crucify My Love
7. Xclamation
8. Standing Sex (from X Japan Returns)
9. Tears
10. Longing ~Setsubou no Yoru~
11. Art of Life (3rd Movement)
12. Endless Rain (from The Last Live)
13. X (from The Last Live)
14. Without You (Unplugged)*
* New Recording.
Disc 2 – Japan Edition bonus tracks:
1. Rusty Nail (from DAHLIA TOUR FINAL ~Mubou na Yoru~)
2. Forever Love (from The Last Live)


Charan-Po-Rantan returns to New York City!

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After a spectacular sold out performance in New York in 2015, Charan-Po-Rantan returns stateside again for two shows! The first will take place at the notable venue, Joe’s Pub at the Public, presented in association with Japan Society, for their solo performance on April 24.
Then later in the week, the duo will be part of the ‘Godzilla Legend – Music of Akira Ifukube’ event, which will be an evening filled with music from the Japanese cult classic ‘Godzilla!’ The event will take place on April 28 at Japan Society.
Don’t miss this rare chance to see Charan-Po-Rantan’s amazing live performances in New York!

Charan-Po-Rantan @ Joe’s Pub at the Public
Presented in association with Japan Society.
April 24, 2017 (Monday)
Doors 6PM
Show 7:30PM


ARIGATO Award to Four Remarkable Contributors to the Film Industry

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Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) today announced that it has selected four recipients for its 2nd ARIGATŌ (Thank You) Award, honoring remarkable contributions to the Japanese film industry. Through this award, TIFF expects these four stalwarts of Japanese film to continue their successful careers and to make further contributions to the industry, as well as to increase their international recognition. We have called the award “Arigato” because the word is recognized globally.

He appeared like a comet in the anime film industry, and his latest film, your name., became the biggest hit of this year, as well as a social phenomenon.

Born in 1973, Shinkai’s theatrical film debut, Voices of a Distant Star (02), for which he did nearly everything himself, sent shock waves through the anime community with its unique vision of the world. He then increased his staff to put out the critically acclaimed The Place Promised in Our Early Days (04) and 5 Centimeters Per Second (07), before scoring a smash hit with The Garden of Words (13).

Charming audiences with her outstanding talent as an actress, her success in the future will bring bright hope to cinema.

Mitsuki Takahata was born in Osaka in 1991. At the age of 13, she debuted in the starring role of theater production “Playback Part 2: Okujo no Tenshi” (05). She went on to star in the stage musical “Peter Pan” for six years (07-12). In 2013, she earned accolades for her role as the stepsister of the heroine on NHK’s drama series “Gochisosan.” She starred in this year’s romantic megahit, Evergreen Love (16), and appeared in both Rage (16) and Japanese Girls Never Die (16), which was selected for the 29th TIFF Competition section. She is currently starring in the NHK series “Toto Nee-Chan: Fatherly Sister,” playing Tsuneko Kohashi. She will soon be seen in the play “My Name is Shingo” (December,
16) and “Elektra” (April, 17), and will be voicing the main character in the anime film Napping Princess: The Story of the Unknown Me (March, 17).

Honoring his acting achievements in a wide variety of films, he plays an indispensable role representing the film industry.

Satoshi Tsumabuki was born in Fukuoka in 1980. He made his film debut in Waterboys (01), for which he earned both a Best Actor and Newcomer of the Year Award at the 25th Japan Academy Prizes. He has continued to receive awards for his work, including a Kinema Junpo Best Actor Award for Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (03), and a Japan Academy Prize for Best Actor and a Blue Ribbon Award for Best Actor for for Villain (10/directed by Sang-il Lee). He starred in NHK’s Taiga Drama “Tenchijin” in 2009. Other film highlights include My Back Page (11), Tokyo Family (13), The Little House (13), The Vancouver Asahi (14), The Assassin (15), What a Wonderful Family! (16), The Magnificent Nine (16) and Rage (16). He will be seen in Museum (16), Okuda Tamio ni Naritai Boy and Deau Otoko Subete Kuruwaseru Girl (17) and Traces of Sin (17), among others.

One of the world’s best-known characters for over 60 years, this Japan-born phenomenon will continue his ascent both locally and internationally.

An iconic character that first appeared in Godzilla (released November 3, 1954), it continued to star in a total of 29 Toho produced films, garnering an audience of over 100 million in Japan. After 12 years of dormancy since the last Toho production, it returned in Shin Godzilla (released on July 29, 2016) bringing more than 5 million audience members s to the theatre, to record the largest number of admissions in the Heisei series. While the size, expression and powers may differ according to film, it remains the most indestructible monster. Known as “King of the Monsters” internationally, its recent Hollywood reboot has multiple sequels being planned. The franchise has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the longest continuously running film series in the world and its name had been engraved in Hollywood Walk of Fame, the first and only character from Japan.


Yoshiki Announces New York Concert with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

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Yoshiki — songwriter, drummer/percussionist, classically-trained pianist and the creative force of the rock group X Japan — has announced a special concert event presented by Knitting Factory, “Yoshiki Classical Special Featuring Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra”.

The special classical performance will take place on January 12 and 13, 2017, at Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage in New York City. Tickets, priced at $105/ $85/ $75/ $65/ $55/ $40, will be available at 11am (EST) on September 29th at the Carnegie Hall Box Office, 154 West 57th Street, or can be charged to major credit cards by calling Carnegie Charge at 212-247-7800 and Carnegie Hall website,

“I began taking piano lessons and music theory at age four, and became interested in classical works by Beethoven and Schubert,” explains Yoshiki. “In elementary school, I played the trumpet in the brass band, and around age ten started composing songs for piano. I’ve been writing classical music ever since. Needless to say, classical music has been a major influence in my musical career, including X Japan. I was fortunate enough to play Madison Square Garden 2 years ago with my band X Japan. Now I’m playing Carnegie Hall as a pianist with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, which was another dream of mine. Words can’t describe how honored I am to be performing at such a prestigious venue with an amazing orchestra.”

For the Carnegie Hall concert, Yoshiki will perform his original compositions alongside the world-renowned Tokyo Philharmonic; he will also play several traditional classical pieces. The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra was named one of the Top 10 greatest orchestras in the world by CNN in 2015. This classical concert will also take place in Japan and Hong Kong.

Japan -Presented By UDO Artists, Inc.-
DEC 5TH (Mon): OSAKA Castle Hall
DEC 6th (Tue): Tokyo International Forum
DEC 7th (Wed): Tokyo International Forum
DEC 8 (Thu): Tokyo International Forum
For Tickets and information, please visit
Hong Kong -Presented By Big Honor Entertainment-
DEC 29th (Thu) Hong Kong Asia World Expo

For Tickets and information, please visit:

Yoshiki composed a piano concerto and performed it with a 77-piece orchestra to celebrate the tenth year of the Emperor of Japan’s reign in 1999. In 2015, he composed the theme song and conducted the Super World Orchestra at the opening ceremony of the World Expo. In 2012, Yoshiki composed the official theme song for the Golden Globes®. His classical concerts in 2014 captivated crowds earning him standing ovations and sold out shows in over 10 countries as he performed classical versions of X Japan songs and popular rock tracks with a string sextet live on stage, as well as some traditional Classical pieces. His album,Yoshiki Classical, debuted at #1 on the iTunes Classical Music chart in 10 countries around the world. Pianist Magazine raved Yoshiki Classical “is a true labor of love from a talented artist who’s made an impressive mark within the classical and rock genres.” The album featured performances by Yoshiki as both the composer and pianist with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra. Produced by Yoshiki, the album included two songs produced by the legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin.
In film news, the new music documentary about Yoshiki’s rock group X Japan titled We Are X, from Passion Pictures, will be released by Drafthouse Films in New York and Los Angeles on October 21, 2016, followed by nationwide expansion. Since its premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival — where it was awarded the Special Jury Prize for editing — the film has continued to garner critical acclaim due to its remarkably candid portrayal of its enigmatic subject, Yoshiki, leader of the Japanese band X Japan.
Chronicling the band’s exhilarating, tumultuous and unimaginable history over the past three decades–persevering through personal, physical and spiritual heartache–the film culminates with preparations for their breathtaking concert at New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden. Directed by acclaimed documentarian Stephen Kijak (Stones in Exile, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man), We Are X is an astonishingly intimate portrait of a deeply haunted–but truly unstoppable–virtuoso and the music that has enthralled legions of the world’s most devoted fans.
X Japan has sold over 30 million singles and albums combined — captivating such a wide range of admirers as Sir George Martin, KISS, Stan Lee, and even the Japanese Emperor — and pioneered a spectacle-driven style of visual rock, creating a one-of-a-kind cultural phenomenon. The group is currently laying down tracks in a Los Angeles studio for their as-yet-untitled album, which is due for a worldwide release in early 2017.
For more information about the Yoshiki Classical album, visit: Yoshiki is a Kawai Artist.
Yoshiki Official Website:

About Yoshiki
Yoshiki is a songwriter, drummer, and a classically-trained pianist. His rock group X Japan has sold 30-million singles and albums combined, and filled the 55,000-seat Toyko Dome a record 18 times. Now the band’s popularity is spreading throughout the world, having recently completed a sold-out World Tour, performing in North America, Europe, Latin America, and South East Asia. In 1999, Yoshiki composed a piano concerto and performed it with a 77-piece orchestra to celebrate the tenth year of the Emperor of Japan’s reign. In 2005, Yoshiki composed the theme song and conducted the Super World Orchestra at the opening ceremony of the World Expo. Previously, Yoshiki also recorded a classical album co-produced and arranged by acclaimed Beatles producer Sir George Martin and performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Beyond music, Yoshiki has his own Visa Card and MasterCard issued by one of the largest Japanese banks. Recently, the legendary Stan Lee created a Super Hero based on him, and for the first time, a Hello Kitty product line is named after a person – “Yoshikitty”. In 2010, he launched his non-profit organization Yoshiki Foundation America (, a 501©(3) organization, which continues to donate to various charitable organizations, including supporting Japanese Earthquake victims. In 2012, Yoshiki composed the official theme song for the Golden Globes®, which airs in 167 countries. The Golden Globe® Theme was released through iTunes in Jan 2013, available in 111 countries worldwide. In 2014, Yoshiki completed his Yoshiki Classical World Tour, which took place in 10 different countries (US, Mexico, Russia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan). In 2016, Yoshiki was asked to be an advisor to Japan House, which will open in Los Angeles, London and Sao Paulo. These offices are being set up in the interest of promoting Japanese culture and technologies.

About X JAPAN:

X Japan is the most successful rock band in Japanese history, and that is not a statement made lightly. The band has sold more than 30 million albums; singles and videos combined, sold out Japan’s 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome 18 times – so far – and have played to tens of thousands of fans outside of Japan. In the band’s early days their look and sound sparked a global interest in entertainment, especially with the Japanese cultural rock phenomenon, “Visual-Kei,” a movement X Japan pioneered that spread globally. X Japan formed in 1982 (calling themselves X) by Yoshiki and Toshi while they were still teenagers. Over the next 13 years, the band released five studio albums – Vanishing Vision (1988), Blue Blood (1989), Jealousy (1991), Art of Life (1993) and Dahlia (1996), as well as six live albums, ten best hits albums and 20 DVD releases. X Japan was the first Japanese band to achieve mainstream success while signed to an independent label. The band was so popular they became a cultural phenomenon.
In the fall of 1997, at the height of their success, the band broke up. Four months later, Hide, X Japan’s original lead guitarist, was found dead in his Tokyo apartment. At his funeral, more than 50,000 fans came to mourn his passing. In early 2007 Yoshiki and Toshi resumed communication and later that year X Japan officially reformed. The band launched its reunion in 2008 with 3 nights at the Tokyo Dome. 2 years later, X Japan filmed a music video on the rooftop of Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre with a throng of some 8,000 U.S. fans taking part in the shoot on Hollywood Blvd. But it was on August 8, 2010 that X Japan performed in front of a mainstream American crowd for the first time at Lollapalooza. Immediately following the festival, X Japan played the biggest concert in its history, selling out two consecutive shows at Japan’s Nissan Stadium, filling 140,000 seats. The band’s first North American tour wrapped with a monumental New York date selling out The Roseland Ballroom on Oct. 11, 2010. In June 2011, X Japan kicked off a European Tour at London’s Shepherd’s Bush (selling -out the venue in 30 minutes). The tour continued to Paris and Utrecht wrapping in Berlin before the band traveled back to Japan to play the famed Summer Sonic Festival. That same year the world tour took them to South America where they sold out shows playing to massive crowds in Santiago, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Lima and Mexico City. X Japan then returned to Asia playing arena shows in Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and Bangkok. In 2012 X Japan was the first Japanese band to take home the prize for “Best International Band” at the Golden Gods Awards held in the U.S. In 2014 X Japan headlined a colossal show at New York’s famed Madison Square Garden in the U.S. “We Are X” is a documentary film that chronicles the history of X Japan. In January 2016 the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival as a part of the World Cinema Documentary and won the special jury award for Best Editing. It then went to the SXSW Film Festival and won the audience award for Excellence in Title Design. The band will perform at a concert event at SSE Wembley Arena on March 4, 2017. The Current line up of X Japan is Yoshiki/drums, piano; Toshi/vocals; Pata/guitars; Heath/bass; and Sugizo/guitars, violin.

In 2011, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra celebrated its 100th anniversary as Japan’s first symphony orchestra. With about 130 musicians, TPO performs both symphonies and operas regularly. TPO is proud to have appointed Maestro Myung-Whun Chung, who has been conducting TPO since 2001, as Honorary Music Director, Maestro Mikhail Pletnev as Special Guest Conductor and Maestro Andrea Battistoni as Principal Guest Conductor.

TPO has established its world-class reputation through its subscription concert series, regular opera and ballet assignment at the New National Theatre, and a full, ever in-demand agenda around Japan and the world, including broadcasting with NHK Broadcasting Corporation, various educational programs, and tours abroad. In March 2014, TPO became a global sensation in its centennial world tour of six major cities: New York, Madrid, Paris, London, Singapore and Bangkok. In December 2015, TPO held Beethoven’s 9th symphony concerts in Seoul and Tokyo with Maestro Myung-Whun Chung, with Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra combined into one orchestra. TPO has partnerships with Bunkamura Orchard Hall, the Bunkyo Ward in Tokyo, Chiba City, Karuizawa Cho in Nagano and Nagaoka City in Niigata.


29th TIFF to Open with Florence Foster Jenkins and Close with Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow

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Welcoming Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, Kenichi Matsuyama, Masahiro Higashide and more stars to the red carpet!

Tokyo International Film Festival(TIFF) is pleased to announce this year’s Opening and Closing Films. Florence Foster Jenkins, directed by Stephen Frears, and starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant, will open the festival on October 25, and Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow directed by Yoshitaka Mori and starring Kenichi Matsuyama and Masahiro Higashide, will close on November 3.
The 29th TIFF will take place October 25 – November 3, 2016 at Roppongi Hills, the EX Theater Roppongi and other venues in Tokyo.


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