Ani-Me POP Summit 2016 by Derek Orchard (J!-ENT Interviews and Articles)

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Ani-me POP Summit is the first cultural convention dedicated  to J-pop and K-pop in the Central Valley and is always striving to give the Central Valley new, refreshing and exciting entertainment.

The event was held at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 18, 2016 and this convention is dedicated to bringing Asian pop music, fashion, film, dance, art, games, interactive workshops, stimulating panels, Anime, movies and import car shows.


Ani-me POP summit had a huge lineup of guests including five singing performances, five live band performances, two comedy acts, five dancing performances, cosplay contest, fashion show, not to mention, gaming tournaments, panels and a Rave plus DJs.

Kinu Cafe was there and they had a vendor’s hall, with stuff ranging from Anime, Sci-Fi and comics and Bushiroad showed their upcoming releases.

I thought this event was pretty well set up. You could walk around the vendor’s hall, get something to eat, the sit back and listen to some music.

Then you could play some games, head back to the vendor’s hall make some purchases and then go back and listen to some music or watch some of the dance routines.

There was plenty of room you didn’t have to worry about feeling like you are  being shoved into one spot.



Akai Sky, Coast in the Clouds, Light of Mine, Outside the Wire were some of the bands performing later in the day. Some of the Highlights I experienced feaetured Paprika Mari.  She is the lead vocalist for Candy Bomber, a multi-genre pop band based in Los Angeles, California.

Her roots in both the U.S. and Japan helped to shape her musical sensibility and OkitaSemi cosplayer and Vocalist from California, USA.  Paprika Mari’s goal is to recreate scenes from anime/manga as much as possible.

Paprika Mari & OkitaSemi did a set of music covers from different Anime. I was really impressed with the quality of their performances and their song choices.


“Candy Bomber” is a J-rock inspired band/project formed by five musicians of various musical backgrounds with a burning passion of music and providing endless entertainment to the people.

Like the idea of AKB48 joining forces with Visual-Kei then leaping through an adventurous journey with Polysics and The Clash at Demonhead, Candy Bomber takes the standard “Rock Band” and fuses it together with styles and instruments from different genres of music – the Uke, Sax, and at times the Kazoo.

The audience is sure to hear their familiar favorites tunes from Anime and J-Rock, combined with a mixture of Jazz, Pop and METAL. I really enjoyed Candy bomber’s performance, it was nice seeing a full band with a saxophone player.

I had a lot of fun listening of them perform and I will be looking forward to seeing them perform in the future.


Tiffany Fujii is a Bay Area idol dancer/singer/performer whose credits include dozens of anime conventions and events.

She’s been producing and uploading odottemita videos since 2008 and was the winner of the first ever Vocaloid Dance Contest at San Francisco’s JPop Summit in 2011!

Besides performing solo she is also a member of several Bay Area idol groups such as Ti@Mi, T…radmark, Hello! Musume, as well as many others.

As a lover of Japanese pop music, especially idols. This girl had so much energy!

She was singing and she was dancing, spinning around. She sang a full set of songs. She also sat in on the panel with Roli Angels.



RÖLI ANGELS includes 4 women artists which consists of SHAKE (green), LEMON (yellow), APRI (red), and GRAPE (purple) with a “costume play party Rock” as a concept.

Roli Angels came directly from Japan and originally, they were an Indie idol J-pop group, and now ARE rock!

Performing all their songs in English, having copies of their latest CD in English for their American fans, new and old.

If you knew Roli Angels before,  you might have been surprised to see the new direction they are going with their music.

This isn’t their first trip to the states, but it is as a rock group and with this lineup, Apri and Grape are new members of Roli Angels.

They put on a really great show, they were really personal with fans at their booth and as well as the panel before the show.


There was a full venue of stuff to do here, there a lot of things that happened that I have haven’t even mention.

If you came at the beginning of the day or the end of the day, there was a lot to see and do. this was a full one day event.

If you like Japanese music, fashion, art, games, anime, food, Cosplay, as well as niche subcultures. then this is something you should check out.

See more photos from Ani-Me Con at:

Photos by Derek Orchard



AnimeJapan 2016 attracts 135,323 attendees

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A few years ago, it was often discussed among industry and press about the two competing anime events in Japan. The two events… Tokyo International Anime Fair and Anime Contents Expo would each bring in anime fans to their event for two weekends straight. Most often was the case, one would have to pick one event over the other.

But all that has changed in 2015. This time, both events have come together and united to form AnimeJapan 2015, with a goal to become “the biggest anime event on Earth”.

Held at Tokyo Big Sight (East Hall 1-6 and 1F Reception Hall), from March 26-27, the event would bring all anime fans, local and international, all license holders and business practioners to showcase upcoming anime titles and other areas of Japanese pop culture.

A total of 135,323 attendees, an 11% increase from 2015 which brought in 121,540 attendees (the first event in 2014 brought in 111,252 attendees).

AnimeJapan 2016 featured 468 companies (409 from Japan and 59 from overseas).  While, Family Animation Festa would bring out 10,325 people.

J!-ENT arrived to the event an hour before opening and as we were able to check out the setup of the booths and teams preparing for the attendees waiting to get inside. We also had the opportunity to also see the large crowds develop outside of the venue. But then to later see how efficient and quick Japanese event registration was despite the large lines.

But it was an amazing sight to behold as many thousands upon many thousands of people entered and filled up both halls, some trying to get their hands on limited edition goods but many who were there primarily to get information on the latest anime series and obtain the many swag (primarily clear files and bags) that were given out.

For more information on AnimeJapan, please click here.

For more J!-ENT photos from AnimeJapan 2016 by Antonio Airoso, please click here.


Ani-Me Con 2016 by Derek Orchard (J!-ENT Interviews and Articles)

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704b7f2    Ani-Me Con 2016 took place at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds in Fresno, California February 20 and 21st. Ani-Me Con is one of the biggest Anime/gaming events in the Central Valley. This event had over a 100 vendors, artist, exhibitors and fan club’s, also had a live entertainment, Tournament gaming and a cosplay contest on both days.


               This is my 2nd year attending Ani-Me Con. So much has changed from last year, the first thing easy to notice different venue and with a different venue comes ticket sales. Before Ani-me Con, was a free event and the venue was very small and they did the best with what they could now that they’ve opened up to a much larger venue, So this little show is growing up. Now I seen some other shows start to grow and try to expand, the event coordinators are doing a good job growing with the purpose in mind. A lot of their vendors had a lot of things that was reasonably priced for someone who may have not had a lot of money to go to an event like this, this is a very accessible show.

Ani-Me Con

               One of the things I really liked about this show is that it wasn’t just all about the commercial side of the conventions. There was enough other things, there that you actually can learn more about voice acting, costume making an what was happen the next. You could go and learn about something that you’re very interested in and you don’t have someone to talk to in person about it. You could a shown up early and stayed late for the after-hours party. This just a wasn’t a Anime show or a trading card gaming show. If you took the time and walk by the Cosplay area, a lot of the Cosplay artist had their props out and they were there willing to talk about how they made their equipment, what materials they used and the whole process of making costumes.

Ani-me con

               The voice actor guests were Erika Harlacher, Sarah Anne Williams and Erik Keimerer. Some of the live entertainment, Kinu Cafe, Lolita fashion show, Terra wars fighting exhibition, heart of otaku culture import car club.  Singing performances of Lovely Rushers and Band performances by Akai Sky, Iwanaga, Light of mine. This is just some of the things that they had, There is much more to see.

Ani-me con

               I could spent a lot more time talking about how much more they had to offer than they had from the year previous,  The venue is bigger and they were working really hard to fill the space they had. Some shows just have console gaming for you to take a break and play, Ani-Me Con had that and Gaming Tournaments. Everything was very current Street Fighter 5 tournaments, They were having smashed brothers too.   also they had retro-gaming going on.

ani me con

               They have made so many changes from last year’s show to this one, they seem to have a really good handle on what was going on. Now not soon of that there weren’t any mistakes or anything like that of the wasn’t something that’s up to the cracks, but I never heard anyone complaining about anything that wasn’t happening like they thought it should. It kind of feels that Ani-Me Con has really come into its own this year. They moved into a big your area and they filled it with more vendors and vendors, that have a variety of things. There have been some shows in this area. That move into a big your venue but they didn’t have any more vendors to add to their show. So they had a bigger space, but they were filling it with anything. That was not a problem at this show. From what I saw you got a lot for what you paid for to get into the event. I think that if they can keep growing with a lot of thought that they put into this show and they build on it, this show, shall continue to grow and be an amazing show to attend.

 See more photos from Ani-Me Con at:

Photos by Derek Orchard

 And By Antonio Airoso


J!-ENT INTERVIEW: Singer-guitarist from Japan, Rei prepares for her US live debut at SXSW

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J!-ENT Interview with Rei by Dennis A. Amith

Inspired by blues music in the United States at the age of five, Rei, a singer-guitarist from Hyogo, Japan will be performing at SXSW and live performances slated for March in Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California.

J!-ENT recently had the chance to interview Rei about her music before her US live debut at Japan Nite at SXSW on March 18th.

J!-ENT: You learned how to play the guitar at the age of four, but I’m curious how you became fascinated with blues music at a young age. Was it through your parents? And what was the first blues song you ever learned to sing and play on you guitar completely?

REI: I met blues music through joining the school’s big band when I was living in New York during kindergarten. I had started classical guitar, but did not know how to improvise. My music teacher who recognized me playing guitar, invited me into playing contemporary music styles through classic jazz blues tunes such as “Freddie Freeloader” by Miles Davis, which answers the question to my first blues song that I learned how to play.  Making up the melody at the very moment, was exciting since I had only known how to read pre-written music.


J!-ENT: Having grown up in New York, before moving back to Japan, because of your interest in blues music, did you try to inspire friends in Japan to listen to blues music? Or did you feel your interest in blues music made you a bit different in terms of your musical tastes with Japanese you grew up with?

REI: Because I went to an international school with kids from various cultures, it was natural for us to embrace the differences we had in musical tastes. Everyone was weird in his or her own little way, as I recall. Either way, I was a shy kid and didn’t like forcing things on people, so I’d be happy talking about 2000’s Pop Punk bands at school with my peers while enjoying my time at home alone with Blind Blake.


J!-ENT: You released your first mini album “BLU” and several months ago, released “UNO”.  What is the primary difference between both albums musically and production-wise?

REI: “BLU” was my debut album, so it was important for me to introduce who I was; as a person, and as a musician. It’s more like “the country where I’m from” type of thing, whereas “UNO” is more adventurous. A kid from the countryside glittering her eyes to the night lights of the city. I tried to express a more humorous, quirky side of myself through the instrumentation and the lyrics.


J!-ENT: Having grown up in America, is it a dream come true to perform at such a major event such as SXSW and also at a well-known music store such as Amoeba San Francisco?

REI: I haven’t lived long enough to say, “I’ve grown up in America”… but was heavily influenced by the western culture and of course the music. It is an honor to have the opportunity to join in such an event and I’d like to make it a meaningful experience.


J!-ENT: You are sure to have new fans of your musical work after this performance in America.  What words would you like to leave with your new American fans?

REI: I’m excited to see you at the shows in America! Please listen to my music and share it! Blues on!

Rei’s Live Performance US Schedule (March 2016):

Rei @ Elephant Room
WHEN: Wednesday, 16 March, 2016 Show: 18:00 (CST)

Japan Preview Day Show
WHEN: Thursday, 17 March, 2016 Show: TBA

SXSW Japan Nite @SXSW
WHEN: Friday, 18 March, 2016 Show: 23:00 (CST)

Amoeba Music in-store @ Amoeba San Francisco
WHEN: Sunday, 20 March, 2016 Show: 14:00



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Our yearly J!-ENT Annual for 2015 is now available for download.

And this time, J!-ENT GOES TO JAPAN!  But also many other awesome events in such as Anime Japan and Tokyo Outdoor Expo.  And in the U.S. like San Diego Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, Anime Expo, J-Pop Summit, Comikaze, ZAPPCON and many more.

Featuring over a thousand pages which includes interviews with Eir Aoi (our second interview), Little Glee Monster, Ken Ishii, GARNiDELiA, FES ☆ TIVE , Gacharic Spin, Jeanist, Amiaya,Kanako Ito, Musubizm, Jaru Jaru, photo gallery featuring Momoiro Clover Z, LinkStar’s, Cheeky Parade, Faint☆Star, Gouhou Shojou Shoukougun, FEMM, Rio Hiiragi, Ayumi Seto, YuRi, Hiko Achiha, RinRin and more!

For this year’s cosplay interviews, we interview Riki “Riddle” Lecotey, Valerie Perez, Giada Robin and Holly Brooke.

For voice talent, we interview legendary voice actress (Ghibli animated films) Sumi Shimamoto, Haruka Terui and English dub voice talents Cristina Vee, Christine Cabanos, Kyle Hebert and Erika Harlacher.

We interview “BlazBlue” creator Toshimichi Mori and voice actresses Kanako Kondo and Kana Ueda.

We also interview artists and animators Hiromi Kato, Osamu Kobayashi and also figma toy founders Max Watanabe and Masaki Apsy.

You can download our J!-ENT 2015 annual here (Note: You will need Adobe Reader to read our Annual):

LOW-RES (Single Page Version)

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View on PDF Archive


(For the Two-Page View Version – Please note that in order for us to do this, we had to insert a page right after the cover, so table of contents will be off by one page)

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PDF (2.7GB) | Download from Google Drive (2.8GB)

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Stan Lee’s ComiKaze Expo 2015 by Derek Orchard (J!-ENT Interviews and Articles)

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Article and Photos by Derek Orchard

                Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo was held October 30 through November 1, 2015. At the Los Angeles convention Center in California.


                This is Comikaze’s 5th year. I was looking at it as a another young convention. I wasn’t expecting a big set up. I know it’s got Stan Lee name on it, I had been hearing more and more about the show and I knew it was growing. I was not prepared for what I saw at the show. It was huge! they have broken it up into two separate halls.


                They had so many guests, I really don’t know who I should mention I mean, of course, they had Stan Lee, Elvira, Carrie Fisher, Grant Morrison, Summer Glau and not to mention Costume makers Vampy BitMe, Riki Lecotey(Riddle), Genevieve Marie, LeAnna Vamp. And we can’t forget the artist like Art Adams, Ashley Riot, Francesco!, Joyce Chen, Mike Mignola, Crystal Graziano, Todd McFarland, Tom Hodges, Camilla D’Errico.

ckaze-7 ckaze-5

                In all the different panels they had here. I mean they had stuff, ranging from how to write what writing methods you should use. Panels on cosplay making costumes, how to think about the costumes you’re making and how you should feel about wearing your costume. There is all sorts of sci-fi panels, on Star Trek, on Star Wars, there was panel for Babylon 5, Spartacus. they had panels on drawing, in voice acting, 8 bit video gaming and of course Horror.

ckaze-6 ckaze-17

                Comikaze introduced on the main stage, Stan Lee and Yoshiki’s “Blood Red Dragon” which is a motion graphic novel, later we have the two main actors from the movie, “2001: a Space Odyssey”. They had a lot of fun talking about different things that happened during the making of the movie and some of the adventures in their lives. William Shatner also made an appearance with his “Man O’War: Cinematic graphic novel” talked about the changes that were coming in season two, what they were doing to make it better and they really wanted feedback from the audience of what they should be doing next to improve the experience. DMC was they are on the main stage talking about his impact on music his career and his current endeavor, “Darryl makes comics”.  And more than $10,000 cash and prizes was up for grabs as in the best cosplayers in the country come for the Cosplay National Championships. Stan Lee’s, ComiKaze was proud to launch the Prop Making National Championship which also had a 2nd category for fans choice that you were able to vote on the props. That were on display until the last day of the show.

Genevieve Marie

                Those are just some of the few highlights of the show. My small little review of this convention cannot convey the size of this show. The crowds they had on Saturday and Sunday were comparable to San Diego comic con. Personally this is a show that I have been trying to go to for the last 5 years for one reason or another, I have not been able to go, but this year I finally made it and this was an amazing show. It seemed like this show was centered around the fans. Seem like everything was made really accessible to everyone, even though you may end of standing in the line for a while. You had a really good chance of getting what you wanted.

ckaze-13 ckaze-10

                ComiKaze Expo, is an accessible show, you can still buy tickets during the show. So even at the last minute. If you want to go to the show, you can. it’s not one of those shows that you have to plan months, years in advance to get tickets to go. I really like the fact that a young fan just discovering conventions can make a to a show like this. To be able to meet his or hers heroes, whether they be fictional or real, A show like this allows them to have the opportunity to have that moment where the line between fantasy and reality can meet for a moment.

ckaze-4 ckaze-11

Check back for more photos from Stan Lee’s ComiKaze Expo 2015 in our J!-ENT 2015 Annual scheduled for November 2015


Zappcon 2015 by Derek Orchard (J!-ENT Interviews and Articles)

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Article and Photos by Derek Orchard


ZappCon , took place on October 17 and 18th, 2015. At the Convention Center in Fresno, California.

                After spending the last year seeing what some of the San Joaquin Valley of California has to offer in ways of Anime/Sci-Fi/Comic conventions. It seems that I’m ending it with ZappCon. What a way to end it, I have really been looking for a traditional comic con that felt like, San Diego comic con felt when I first started to go. This is ZappCon’s 2nd year and is not a small as I thought it was going to be. The fact was very large.

zapp-6 zapp-2-2

                A few of the guests were voice actress Andrea Libman. TV and movie actress, Gigi Edgley. Illustrator for wizards of the Coast, RK Post. Webb artist Drew Green. Periscope studios from Portland, Oregon. Actor Joey Oglesby, of law and order:SVU and NCIS. The guest cosplayers they had of the show was Loki hate you, ThorTV, Christine Sprankle and that’s just naming a few of everyone who was here at this show.


                What I found the show is what I expect to find when I go to a well run comic convention, I expect to find everything that I want there and to me, they had at all, they had Anime, they had comics, they had steampunk, they had sci-fi/Star Wars. Videogames both current and classic. Vendors were selling all the main stream stuff that you’re looking for, a couple of vendors were selling stuff, they had picked up from Japan and were selling at the show.

zapp-10 zapp-9

                If you’re on a budget they had gaming areas for both card and table top games. They had games there that you could try out to see if you do even would like plainly game later on. So you do even need to know anything about the game before you were there to play it. An upstairs they had video gaming on all the major consoles And also had RPG gaming. Outside, Terra wars, Iron gate sword fighting and Sunspear Belegarth. They also had a kids zone, which offered  activities for kids, seem like everyone was Entertained.

zapp-4 zapp-17

                Let’s talk panels! The 501st Legion had a panel on making costumes from the Star Wars universe and they also talked about how to joined the ranks of the 501st. they had a panel on farscape with Gigi Edgley. A on panel how to be successful on YouTube, a game design Roundtable, tip and tricks for cosplay, working at Jim Hanson Studios, voice acting, making as independent artist, how to set up a kickstarter and be successful, that is just a few of the panels They had at zappcon.

zapp-11 zapp-7

                They were also showing off Artemis spaceship bridge simulator which is a game that allows you and your friends to be the bridge crew of a spaceship. Just think rock band, Star Trek flavored. But allows you to network 5 computers together play on a server where you are the crew of one ship all in one room. This is the first time, I have seen it in action and they had a set up. So you could play for a while but then’s a will allow another group players to come in and play the games there wasn’t anyone monopolizing the game play on it.

zapp-12 zapp-4-2

At ZappCon, each day they had a Cosplay contest, the first day was the all age contest, which I think they had at least 30 cosplayers and on the 2nd day they had a kids only contest, which I think they had just as many kids’s cosplayers as they did in the all age group.

zapp-3 zapp-1

                The thing That surprised me the most about this show. Was the amount of people that attended the show, there was another event going on across town. I did not expect to see A lot of people showing up on the first day. But There was not a shortage of attendee’s so they had done a good job of getting the word out about the show and when it was happening.  on the 2nd day which is a Sunday, and at most shows, it is a slower day at any convention. It started off slow but then people started showing up. I know a lot of these people must have come the day before. And for them to come back a 2nd day says they had a lot of fun and that they brought more people with them, I didn’t talk to anyone that had anything really bad to say about the show. Everyone was really happy and they all seem to have a really good time. I hope they can continue the momentum that they have an do the same or an even better show next year.

Check back for more photos from Zappcon 2015 in our J!-ENT 2015 Annual scheduled for November 2015


Long Beach Comic Con 2015 by Derek Orchard (J!-ENT Interviews and Articles)

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Article and Photos by Derek Orchard

Long Beach comic con, took place on September 12th & 13th, 2015 at the Long Beach convention Center.


           This is my first year attending Long Beach comic con and I had a fantastic time, I would say it’s grown into a midsize convention plenty of people attending, plenty of small vendors, cosplay , variety of panels and my personal favorite lots and lots of artist and independently created comics.  Some of the guests they had there at the show was comic book artist, Arthur Adams, Kris Anka, Chuck BB, Joe Benitez, writers, such as Sandy King Carpenter, Dennis Culver, Dean DeBlois, Jeff King, Jim Krueger, Sarah Kuhn and on the list of voice actors, they had Rikki Simons, Neill Ross, Bill Ratner, Alan Oppenheimer, Samantha Newark, Mary McDonnell Lewis. That just to names a few. they had so many guest there it was hard to see everybody, but there were something there, for everyone. Chloe Bennet from agents of shield was there for a photo op and to present the Girl Scouts with badges. John Barrowman was there for a Q&A.


                    It was announced at Long Beach comic con that the Columbia Memorial space Center are working together for space Expo 2015. Space Expo was a part of Long Beach comic con and they have all sorts of different activities, they were doing 3-D printing, remote-controlled robots and a lot of different activities. Therefore, for the family and for kids and they also had a space suit that you could climb into get your picture taken. They had a lot of different panels, ranging from Star Wars Steampunk, Indi creators, animated films to Marvel comics. Buffy the vampire slayer panel. There was just a Star Wars panel. There even was a “Drawing at comic con” where you were able to get instruction on drawing, you brought your own material to work with, but there were people there to help review what you are doing give you some pointers on how to improve. So you could actually go to this comic con and learn something before you went home.

                       They also had a costume contest or cosplay contest. Now this wasn’t a masquerade, doing a little performance or something was not a part of it, it was as mainly showing the costume, but that didn’t stop some from doing a short little thing to show how much they are in character. I believe they had something around 50 entries of singles or doubles or groups in costume. It didn’t take the very long to get through it, it ran very smoothly. They had 3 cosplay judges and they were Vegas power girl, Raychul Moore and Giada Robin.

jent!-19 jent!-17

                 Long Beach comic con was a well run show tickets were available each day at the window and people were lining up to come to the show. Everyone was having a good time and there at the convention Center is not far from other attractions to the area of Long Beach and there’s a nice little shopping center across the convention Center, where there were different places to eat, a movie theater. Now outside of the convention hall there was a Starbucks and there is eateries inside for people to have the traditional “con food” but outside. They had food trucks, they had like for different food trucks with a variety of selections to to choose from. And also outside. They had a lineup of cars from different TV shows and movies, Magnum PI’s Ferrari the original Knight rider Kitt and the new Kitt, back to the future DeLorean, a Jurassic Park SUV.


            On top of everything else I’ve already mentioned, they had a kids play area. So you can have your kids playing around get them right of all the excess energy giving you a chance to catch your breath. Table top game mean card game mean all could be found here at Long Beach, con they had a huge area with I want to say at least 6 Row of tables 10 or 15 seats deep double-sided so you go buy cards and play a game right away.

jent!-15 jent!-8

                Yes. This is a comic book convention, but you could also find Anime, Manga, videogames toys statues from all the different genre’s. Some vendors were selling material to make costumes from, this is a very well-rounded show. I mean, you can go there and find everything you’re looking for just about. There was even a group promoting their roller derby team. There are quite a few people to come to the show but I never really felt like the room was overly crowded with people sure there were certain time. Something would be happy not more people would be in one area at one given time, but it didn’t stay like that indefinitely you could go and come back and then be less people and you could see an you can look at things and you can really have some fun.jent!-11

                   I sure would like to return next year, it not too loud, so you still think while you’re there, really pull in the feel. the show as a really Exciting, really friendly Vibe, inviting; Doesn’t feel like it’s overwhelming or that you’re going to just get sucked into this thing and just be lost for couple  hours. I do think you if you have young ones and you want to go you can take them with you to this show and you all can have a good day together!jent!-10

                    The odds are, this show is going to grow and it has grown. There’s no reason for it not to grow. No two Shows are the same, they change year to year. it is not like a Theme park. So I will tell you to go now and become a part of the fun, part of the legacy and share the joy that a show like this can bring.

Check back for more photos from Long Beach Comic 2015 in our J!-ENT 2015 Annual scheduled for November 2015



J!-EVENT COVERAGE: The 13th Korea Times Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl (May 2, 2015)

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J!-ENT’s Dennis and Charles traveled to Los Angeles for the Korea Times Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl on May 2, 2015.

Check out their event coverage on Mecha Punch!


Big WOW! Comicfest 2015 By Derek Orchard (J!-ENT Interviews and Articles)

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Article and Photos by Derek Orchard

Big WOW! Comic fest was held in San Jose, California on April 18 and 19th of 2015. At the San Jose Convention Center.



I want to start this by saying I had a great time at big wow. Some may say that big wow is a small show, maybe it is; you don’t have to stand in a Digital line and in the first 5 minutes, If you’re not getting your tickets,  you are NOT  getting A ticket. Big Bow, still a very accessible show, for fans, families and it brings is a lot of big name guest, both international and domestic.



I wanted to go to Big Wow for quite a few years but something is always come up. So this was my first year attending Big WOW! Comic fest. When I have attended, comic book conventions “Comic Cons” it is usually been the big ones like, San Diego comic con and WonderCon in Anaheim  and as I watch those shows growing bigger and bigger.  I think they have lost some of the heart of why these thing started in the first place. It’s not supposed to matter , if your boy or girl or if you’re black or your white or your pink and green or young and old, any of those type of things. Were there because we want to be a part is something that we all like that we all find a common interest in and  we think its FUN.  Big Bow is that type of show, where it is just about what is brought us all there, our fandom.



They had areas set up for kids so they had coloring activities reading activities. games for kids. They had a they had a gaming area where people were able to play rock band and another videogame area set up to play a lot of the 3-D fighting games like street fighter 4 or dead or alive 5. They even had a mechanical bull, You could ride and if you hang on for the amount of time you got a prized. They had an art exhibit for Vampirella and the swamp thing. Then you have all the panels!!  too many to go though And also the coveted free stuff table.


Big wow was celebrating the 45th anniversary of Vampirella with a art book, you could purchase it at the big wow table and they were also selling to different big wow T-shirts and with the announcement for next year the Silicon Valley, con they were selling the a T-shirt for that convention for next year for 2016. They had a lot of different vendors stuff for props for sci-fi comics artist tables both big name celebrity artist table little name artist and craft makers and I mean if just about assume. I just about any toy, they had their you they had their you could get, and if you were really smarting a really looking for a good deal you can to save money on buying stuff there.


Some of the international guess they had their they had Dave Givens, the Co. creator a Watchman and Kingsman: the Secret Service and International best-selling French artist Claire Wendling. Adi Granov concept designer and illustrator on all 3 iron man films, Toshio Meada of Urotsukidoji and La blue girl. Some of their domestic guest some the new ones  first time at big wow this year was of the swamp thing creators, Steve Bissette, John totleben and Rick Veitch.  Some of the returning guest were Arthur Adams, that has worked on Books like Batman, Superman, X men Vampirella ,danger girl, Monkey man and O’Brien. Frank Cho best known for his work in liberty Meadows, jungle girl, Mighty Avengers. Adam Hughes,  worked on Wonder Woman, Before Watchman: Manhattan, Fairest, Ghost, Star Wars legacy. Don Rosa an artist for scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, the Son and the Sun and the life and times of scrooge McDuck.


Cosplay, I that they had a lot of people in costume there. They did a special photo shoots on both days where they had everyone together. group shoot of  marvel and DC United where they had everyone dressed up in costumes altogether standing together for photo opportunities, then into just Marvel, just DC and then  groups of deadpool , just Batman groups  or  avengers groups. alot of people show up. They did everything to get everyone involved, I think for those who dressed up feel like they were part of the show. They had a cosplay contest, which in the in the end, there was barely standing room only for people wanting to watch the show. They had a with the called “Cosplay Row” and for the first time you would find Ani-Mia, Marie Claude Bourbonnais, Holly Brooke, Danquish, Bill Doran, Kit Quinn and many others. Some of the returning cosplayers from years previous was Riddle, Valerie Perez, Kelly Delcambre , Vegas Power Girl and many more.



I know I spent a lot of time here, naming names and trying to wet your appetitive what is going on at this show. There’s a lot going on here. If you haven’t heard about this show, you should have it is pulling people from all over the United States and its even bringing in people in from overseas. I know you may be saying, “I want to go to the really big show’s were lots of things are happening”, There IS a lot to see and there is a lot to do here. Maybe, you just want to go to a smaller show smaller than the show that’s okay too, this show is small enough that you won’t be overwhelmed with people . you will get to see some of the big time stuff here, that normally at small shows you don’t get to see. I’m just saying that if there is A show, should be on list to check out, this is one.  if you’re making the trip from some far off land, it be worth your time to come and see Big Wow Comic Fest.



Check back for more photos from Big WOW! Comic Fest 2015 in our J!-ENT 2015 Annual scheduled for October 2015


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