classic hollywood: The Maltese Falcon (1941)

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Another photo with Humphrey Bogard that I do have ala 8×11 is this still from the 1941 film “The Maltese Falcon”.  In the photo are Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, Mary Astor and Sydney Greenstreet.

“The Maltese Falcon” (1941)  is actually a remake of a film of the same name from 1931 which starred Bebe Daniels and Ricardo Cortez.   With the 1941 version being written and directed by John Huston.

The film is considered one of the greatest American films of all time, considered as the first film to inspire film noir and was selected for inclusion in the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry back in 1989.


classic hollywood: Errol Flynn in “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938)

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Another 8×11 photo I have in my collection of Errol Flynn is from the film “The Adventures of Robin Hood” from 1938.  The film was originally planned for James Cagney, but he walked out and the role was given to Flynn and it would be a blessing for the actor as it was the second highest earning film of 1938 and it led to two more Warner Bros. color epics featuring Flynn.

Also, the film would win three of its four nominated Academy Awards and has appeared in various rankings as one of America’s top films of all time, as well as making AFI’s #18 heroes on “AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Heroes and Villains” list and #11 on AFI’s “100 Years of Film Scores” list.


classic hollywood: Our Gang (Unknown Photo – 1930’s)

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One of the few “Little Rascals” 8×11’s that I have.    This one appears to be somewhere from the 1930’s as Spanky McFarland, Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer, Willie “Buckwheat” Thomas and Darla Hood are not that old.  In my mind, I have seen so many “Little Rascals” images that I know I’ve seen this scene before but I just can’t put my finger on it at the moment.  If anyone knows, please let me know!


Classic Hollywood: Ava Gardner (Image year unknown)

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An image I own in my Classic Hollywood photo collection of Ava Gardner (Dec. 24, 1922-January 25, 1990) is the following picture above.  I’m not sure what date this image was taken but I would  guess that it is anywhere between 1953-1964.

Ava Gardner is listed in AFI’s “Greatest Female Stars” at #25 and she is best known for her Academy Award nominated (Best Actress) performance in the film “Mogambo” (1953).  She is known for her work in “The Killers” (1946), Bhowanji Junction (1956), “On the Beach” (1959), “The Night of the Iguana (1964), “Earthquake” (1974) and “The Cassandra Crossing” (1976).

Ava was married to Mickey Rooney (her first), then to Howard Hughes, Artie Shaw, Frank Sinatra and Luis Miguel Dominguin.

Ava who smoked all her life, passed away from pneumonia in 1967.


Classic Hollywood: Elizabeth Taylor in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” (1958)

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I have a few photos of Elizabeth Taylor in my collection and one of my favorites is of her from the 1958 film “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, which she appeared with Paul Newman and Burl Ives.  There are actually a good number of awesome photos (non-still) from this film featuring Dame Elizabeth and Paul Newman.


Classic Hollywood: Clark Gable and Jeanette MacDonald in “San Francisco” (1936)

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Clark Gable and Jeanette MacDonald in the 1936 film “San Francisco”.

Definitely one of the more memorable moments in the film. I absolutely love Jeanette MacDonald and its one of the few Jeanette MacDonald photos I have in my collection. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything during her Lubitsch years though.  But still, an awesome still featuring both Gable and MacDonald.


classic hollywood: William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) and Robert Mitchum in “Hoppy Serves a Writ” (1943)

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The following photo is of William Boyd (playing Hopalong Cassidy) and Robert Mitchum in the film “Hoppy Serves a Writ” (1943).    Thanks to Jim Reid and R. Michael Pyle for identifying the photo in my collection.


classic hollywood: Tom Mix (date of photo: unknown)

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Tom Mix is an American actor who was a star in many early Western movies.  He made 336 films between 1910 and 1935, with the majority of all films being silent films.  He is known for being Hollywood’s first Western star and opening the gates for other cowboy actors and is known as “The King of Cowboys”.

Tom died on October 12, 1940 when he was driving his 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton on Arizona State Route 1979.  While driving, he came upon a construction barrier ona bridge which was washed away by a flash flood and work crew watched as Mix was unable to brake in time and swerved and rolled into a gully.  According to reports, an aluminum case he had in the car flew and hit him behind the head and shattered his skull and broke his neck and was killed instantly.

I have the following photo of Tom Mix but have been unable to identify what date the photo was taken and where.

If anyone knows, please contact me or post a comment below!  Thank you!!!


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