LEARN TO SURF the Fundamentals with 3x World Champion Andy Irons (a J!-ENT Surfing DVD Review)

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“A fun and enjoyable surfing fundamental film featuring three time surfing World Champion Andy Irons and Chris Cote.  A fun volume in the ‘Learn to Surf’ series!”

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DVD:  LEARN TO SURF The Fundamentals with 3x World Champion Andy Irons

COMPANY: Billabong and Transworld SURF Magazine


DURATION: 31:57 minutes



Andy Irons, Chris Cote and friends

THREE-TIME WORLD CHAMPION ANDY IRONS hosts this revolutionary, fun and hilarious instructional DVD on the fundamentals of learning how to surf.  Volume 001 in this collector’s series focuses on the basics while all skill levels will find helpful tips on surfing better.  Filmed in Hawai’i and bro-hosted by TransWorld SURF magazine’s Chris Cote.  Learn to Surf: The Fundamentals is sure to make you think, laugh and paddle out today.

There are not too many “learn to surf” DVD’s in the market.  Well, I’ll take that back… More like, there are not too many well-produced and cool “learn to surf” DVD’s in the market.

For the first volume of the “Learn to Surf: The Fundamentals” series from Surfwear company Billabong and Transworld SURF magazine comes a cool DVD starring three time world champion Andy Irons and Transworld SURF magazine’s Chris Cote in a fun (and short) DVD on pretty much the basic fundamentals.

Join Andy Irons and Chris Cote as they go to a surf shop and show you how to select a surfboard, the accessories you’ll need, knowing about safety.  Then you get to watch how to do your stance, standing on the board and learning to paddle.

Then you get to learn how to surf, learning wave physics, attaching a leash, waxing your board and catching waves.

All in all, it’s a pretty much self-explanatory DVD that features the basic fundamentals.  What makes the DVD quite entertaining is that Chris Cote clowns around and makes the video fun.


Audio is pretty much all dialogue but it can be heard quite well through the speakers.  The video seems to be shot on DV.  Pretty cool cuts cenes of Andy and Chris driving through Hawaii.


Featured is the “Making of LEARN TO SURF the Fundamentals with 3x World Champion Andy Irons” and also trailers for five surf films and promo for the Billabong Surf Camp.

The “Making Of” is about six minutes long and features the staff involved in the making of the DVD.

Again, this is one of the better, well-produced DVD’s on “Learning to Surf”.  It’s a bit short at 30-minutes long but it’s pretty much teaching the basic fundamentals and for that, the DVD does its job.

If anything, it’s well-done because there are quite a bit of cut scenes, showcasing the beauty of Hawaii and just learning how to surf.  Makes it even more entertaining because of the comedy interaction between Cote and Irons.

All in all, a pretty cool DVD and you can find it for a great price these days online!  Check it out!

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