Supernatural Activity (a J!-ENT DVD Review)

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“Supernatural Activity” is a passable film that may interest those interested in seeing a spoof about paranormal films.  Don’t expect anything too audacious or even hilarious…you may chuckle a few times but in the end, you’ll probably be disappointed by its bland, senseless characters and story.   “Supernatural Activity” is not a good film at all.

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DVD TITLE: Supernatural Activity


DURATION: 90 Minutes

DVD INFORMATION: 16:9 Widescreen, Stereo 5.1 Surround Sound, Dolby Digital


RATED: Not Rated

RELEASE DATE: November 6, 2012

Directed by Derek Lee Nixon

Written by Andrew Pozza

Produced by Pat Cassidy, Philip Marlatt, Karina Medellin, Derek Lee Nixon

Executive Producer: Kurt Wehner

Music by Nate Rendon

Cinematography by Michael Cano

Edited by Brett Houston

Casting by Andrew Aguilar

Production Design by Pat Marlatt

Art Direction by Rick Marlatt

Set Decoration by Danny Brough-Stevenson

Costume Design by Alicia Garcia Ragaller


Andrew Pozza as Damon Dealer

Liddy Bisanz as Blair Woods

Joey Oglesby as Pepper

Donny Boaz as Brock

Devin Bonnee as Doug

Philip Marlatt as Tuck Thomas

Tim Ogletree as Dewey

Liz Walters as Mitzy

Conley Michelle Wehner as Emily Sunflower

Kurt Wehner as Kurt Sunflower

Austin James as Isaac Sunflower

Brett Houston as Editor Brett

In the realms of reality TV, ghost hunting is big business. And the Supernatural Activity team is at the top of their game, debunking myths, ghouls, and spooky places, for freaked-out viewers everywhere. The world’s most beloved illusionist, accompanied by a crack team of paranormal investigators, embark on what might be their most terrifying assignment yet which works out great, since it s the last episode of the season.  Besides, everyone knows there s not really such a thing as ghosts. What could go wrong? Terrorized at every turn, this witch-hunting, ghost-busting, creature-questing supernatural spoof-tacular is the funniest footage ever found! Turn the lights out.  Watch with a friend you trust. Keep your eyes on the screen. Order me a sandwich. I m sorry what was I talking about?

From director Derek Lee Nixon (“Mary-Kate & Ashley’s When in Rome”) and  writer/actor Andrew Pozza comes a spoof on films such as “Paranormal Activity”, “Blair Witch Project” and also paranormal investigation reality TV series.

The spoof is titled “Supernatural Activity” which revolves around footage of famous and now missing illusionists Damon Dealer (portrayed by Andrew Pozza) who is the main star of his own reality paranormal investigation TV series.

Damon is being interviewed for a documentary of how he became this famous personality and it is revealed that a lot of the things he does is fake.  He doesn’t believe in ghosts and thinks they are all demons.   And he really hasn’t had a case that involved the paranormal.  He and his staff just fake it.

But one day he receives a call from his girlfriend Blair Woods (portrayed by Liddy Bisanz) to take on a case involving a couple who had some sightings of a hairy like Big Foot/Sasquatch, but much smaller near their home.  And that the case would be an excellent season finale.

Accompanied by a crew which includes a redneck Christian who uses a rifle to fend off the paranormal; a guy who is more interested in being on television and constantly taking off his shirt to show off his his muscular figure; an editor who is probably BS’ing with Damon; a camera person who is more interested in aiming the camera at Blair’s cleavage and a few others.

But on arrival to the property, he is greeted by Dewey (portrayed by Tim Ogletree) and his girlfriend Mitzy (portrayed by Liz Walters) who are afraid that their property may be invaded by demons.  So, Damon and his team of investigators investigate the property and the wooded areas near the home.

But what happens when the non-believing demon hunter/personality Damon Dealer finds out that Mitzy is a bit psychotic and that the Sunflower family living nearby, deals with a demon possession of Emily Sunflower.

Will the man who didn’t believe, eventually become a believer?


“Supernatural Activity” is presented in 16:9, Stereo/5.1 surround sound.  Picture quality tries to use various film sources to make the mockumentary feel as if footage came from various sources.  Some scenes that are filmed outdoors, looks very good, especially internal shots which are well-lit.  But on DVD, picture quality is good, while audio is primarily dialogue-driven.


“Supernatural Activity” comes with a trailer.

As a fan of the paranormal films and reality TV series, I was fascinated when I heard there will be a spoof mockumentary titled “Supernatural Activity”.

An independent film that tries to spoof on films such as “Blair Witch Project”, “Paranormal Activity” and paranormal investigation reality TV series, in someway, the main protagonist reminded me of a cross between magician Chris Angel and the older Ben Stiller film “Zoolander”.

While the film had very few jokes that were funny, “Supernatural Activity” suffers by a story that tries to force jokes on the paranormal films and reality TV series with no efficacy.

The film would have been better if it parodied the films or reality TV shows with characters that seem like investigators.  By having a redneck Christian that purchases a rifle to take on demons/ghosts, is just dumb.  Having another investigator taking off his shirt and showcasing his abs to entice the ladies in the home, is another character that is meaningless.

The only characters that really made any sense is your video and audio editor, the camera crew and the unusual relationship between Damon and Blair, as they try to engage in phone sex with ridiculous communicating banter.

The family they meet and stay at their home is a couple with issues as the girlfriend keeps beating her boyfriend (or husband?) severely but he won’t die.

Meanwhile, you have a a backwoods family where the mother (or daughter) gets possessed.

There is just ridiculous scenery such as a “Paranormal Activity” spoof as Damon sleeps with the couple and is unable to sleep so he goes to the bathroom and does exercises.  When he lays down with them, we see Mitzy trying to suffocate her significant other with a pillow and even see her inflicting so much on her boyfriend…and you ask, why do they keep up this repetition that was surprising  and funny the first time they did it, but then they keep doing it over.

The worst offender in its storyline is the ending.   Without spoiling the story, the ending makes no sense.  To the point that it cuts to gay narrators trying to make sense of the film and then begin engaging sexual acts they want to do to each other on top of a hot stove.

It’s hard to call this film hilarious or fun because in reality, it’s just a film that produces very few laughs and producing more thoughts for the viewer of how badly this film truly is.

I suppose there are ways that the film could have capitalized with the spoofs on the horror or paranormal genre, but where films such as “Scary Movie” are funny, hilarious and all-out crazy, “Supernatural Activity” tries to be funny, tries to be hilarious but the truth is that the film doesn’t even try to make sense.  It expects the viewer to laugh at its incredibly kitschy plot and then flake out on making an ending that would be believable.  The ending narration goes into how the people have no idea what the heck is going on with this film or how it’s ending.

As for the DVD, while picture quality is good, audio is pretty much front-channel driven while special features are limited to just a trailer.

Overall, “Supernatural Activity” is a passable film that may interest those interested in seeing a spoof about paranormal films.  Don’t expect anything too audacious or even hilarious…you may chuckle a few times but in the end, you’ll probably be disappointed by its bland, senseless characters and story.   “Supernatural Activity” is not a good film at all.

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  • aceldama

    Spoiler ahead:

    The ending might not be good, but it makes perfect sense: Damon & Blair faked their own disappearance to go live on the island that is 1) described by Blair to the cameraman and 2) shown in the painting on the wall at the end (in the footage from Damon & Blairs past, before Damon went Emo, when they came up with the idea for the show.). Ultimately the whole thing is a scam, even the movie of them filming the movie of the scam. This is shown with the top being spun by Nixon at the start of the flim and then shown again being spun in the footage at the end of the film. Linking Damon and Nixon as on it together the whole time. 

    Not saying it is a good ending, and it surely isn’t a good movie, but it is explainable. The irony is havng to explain that ending, since the gay guys made jokes about how some people might have to have it explained. 

    Also, with the Sunflower family, it helps a lot of you have seen The Last Exorcism.