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It’s hard to resist an anime series when you have an all-star creative team such as Haruhiko Mikimoto (“Macross”, “Gunbuster”) and Noboru Ishiguro (“Macross, “Megazone 23”) behind-the-scenes of this sci-fi epic. Especially, when it is based on a novel by well-known sci-fi/adventure novelist Yoshiki Tanaka (“Legend of the Galactic Heroes”). Overall, “Tytania” was enjoyable from beginning to end and is a wonderful sci-fi anime series worth owning!  Recommended!

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DVD TITLE: Tytania – Collection 2


DURATION: Episodes 14-26 (325 Minutes)

DVD INFORMATION: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen, Japanese Audio 2.0, Subtitles: English

COMPANY: Sentai Filmworks


Release Date: October 12, 2010

Originally Created by Yoshiki Tanaka

Directed by Noburo Ishiguro

Music by Hiroshi Takaki

Original Character Design by Haruhiko Mikimoto

Character Design by Noboru Sugimitsu

Art Director: Yasutoshi Kawai

Mechanical Design by Kazutaka Miyatake, Koji Ito

Sound Director: Susumu Aketagawa

Anime Production by Artland

Featuring the following voice talent:

Daisuke Kishio as Jouslain Tytania

Anri Shiono as Kallen

Atsushi Ono as Michael Valenkov

Hiroshi Kamiya as Louis Edmond Pages

Hiroyuki Yoshino as Idris Tytania

Kaori Nazuka as Lydia

Katsuyuki Konishi as Fan Hyulick

Kenta Miyake as Ajman Tytania

Kenyuu Horiuchi as Doctor Lee Zhang-Chen

Shigenori Sôya as Estrades Tytania

Souichiro Hoshi as Bal’ami Tytania

Takashi Kondo as Ariabart Tytania

Takashi Oohara as Alan Mahdi

Taketora as Salisch Tytania

Tetsu Inada as Doorman

Tora Take as Zarlish Tytania

Yuki Makishima as Francia

Hideyuki Umezu as Salaam Amzekahl

Junko Minagawa as Miranda

Kana Ueda as Laetitia

Keiko Han as narrator

Sayuri Yahagi as Lira Floren

Souichirou Tanaka as Lancaster

Takahiro Mizushima as Erwin Reiser

Takeshi Kusao as Alses Tytania

The rulers of the Empire of Valdana have repeatedly failed to capture Fan Hyurlick, but now they’ve succeeded in doing something far worse by striking down the ones closest to him. Unfortunately for the surviving members of the Tytania dynasty, by changing their greatest enemy from an interstellar fugitive into a man driven by anger and vengeance, all they’ve really accomplished is signing their own death warrants!

If that wasn’t enough trouble, the internal divisions among the Empire are coming apart at the seams and suddenly none of the Landless Lords are safe from a knife in the back! The body count will climb as brother turns on brother and one man’s fight for justice becomes a vendetta!

From 1988 through 1991, Yoshiki Tanaka had been working on his novel “Tytania”. Well-known for his work on epics such as “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” and “The Heroic Legend of Arsland”, Tanaka has created three other novels that have not yet seen completion: “Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings” (created in 1987 and is still ongoing), “Tytania” (created in 1988 and is still ongoing) and “Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo” (createed in 1996 and is still ongoing) and although not completed, each of Tanaka’s work has received anime adaptations.

For “Tytania”, there has not been a novel released since 1991, but in 2008, an anime adaptation of the first three novels went into production and premiered on NHK’s BS2 satellite channel.

With a new Yoshiki Tanaka anime series, what best than to have someone who is familiar with Tanaka’s works direct this sci-fi epic and what best than one of the most well-known sci-fi anime directors of all-time, Noboru Ishiguro (“Legend of the Galactic Heroes”, “Megazone 23”, “Super Dimension Century Orguss”, “Super Dimension Fortress Macross”) to lead the project.

Others joining Ishiguro include composer Hiroshi Takaki (“Dragonaut-The Resonance”, “Beet the Vandel Buster”, “Sky Girls”), legendary character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto (“Super Dimension Fortress Macross”, “Megazone 23”, “Macross 7”, “Gunbuster”) who designed the original character designs and character designer Noboru Sugmitsu (“Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino”, “Legend of Condor Hero”) who based his work of Mikimoto’s original character designs, art director Yasutoshi Kawai (“Suzuka”, “Pokemon” movies) and legendary mechanical designer Kazutaka Miyatake (“Macross” series, “Gunbuster”, “Dirty Pair Flash” OAV’s) and Koji Ito (“Full Metal Panic!”, “Cybuster”).

A total of 26 episodes were aired on television and now the complete series will be released in two installments (13-episodes each) in the US courtesy of Sentai Filmworks.

“Tytania” takes place in a galaxy far, far away where a clan known as Tytania has ruled the empire of Valdana and uses its power and intimidation to put planets and countries in fear. No one likes to be ruled by Tytania but because of the power of the clan, no one dares fight them.

Ajman Tytania is the head of the Tytania Clan and one of the four dukes are expected to succeed him. The dukes are Jouslain Tytania (the strategist), Idris Tytania (who loves to instill fear into the galaxy), Ariabert Tytania (very good in battle but is disliked by Idris) and Zarlisch Tytania (who loves to go in battle).

One day, Tytania sends a large fleet to seize a new piece of technology from the city-state of Euriya. Led by Ariabert Tytania, the duke goes into a battle against a Admiral Fan Hyulick. And what was expected as an easy battle ends in a loss as Fan Hyulick uses a strategy that leads to the first loss of Tytania in 200 years.

This sends Tytania reeling but most of all, it has given hope to planets that Tytania can be beaten and hope that one day they can live a life without Tytania rule. But what people don’t know is that Euriya chose Fan Hyulick because he had no experience and a group of normal people were chosen to confront Tytania for the purpose of losing and not winning.

Because Fan won, Euriya wants to distance themselves from them (feeling their will be retribution against them from Tytania) and now Fan Hyulick has become Tytania’s #1 wanted man, meanwhile in other planets, Admiral Fan Hyulick has become a hero and known as the man who defeated Tytania.

“Tytania” is a space opera that features a story about power, corruption and also hope. Tytania is a clan that wants to rule by power and also putting fear into everyone across the universe but within the nobility is a power struggle as the duke’s and other Tytania descendants want to be the replacement of Ajman Tytania. As for Fan Hyulick, he goes on the beat of his own drum but finds himself joining the resistance (against his will), while other states vie for the wealth and power that comes with defeating Tytania.

Note: If you haven’t seen “Tytania – Collection 1” do not read further as this summary will contain spoilers for the first half of the season.

For “Tytania – Collection 2”, After the death of Lira Florenz, Fan is depressed and not sure what to do.  So, he takes off and leaves Miranda and the group behind as he tries to collect his thoughts before he takes on any more Tytania forces.

Meanwhile, after the death of Zarlisch’s younger brother Alses, his mother wants Zarlisch to bring back Fan Hyulick, so he can receive torture and punishment.    While this is going on, a power play of mind games goes on between Idris Tytania and Jouslain Tytania as Idris will do all he can to get control of Tytania and rule the world.

With Zarlisch doing all he can to catch Fan, can he and his group of rebels hide out or will they be captured by the Tytanian army?


“Tytania – Collection 2” is presented in 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen. The animation is nicely done and for the most part, I felt that character designer Noboru Sugimitsu did a good job in bringing life into Haruhiko Mikimoto’s original concept art and the artistic backgrounds are really well done as colors are vibrant and a good amount of shading and detail.

I will say though, that my feeling for the CG is somewhat split. Sometimes the CG looks great, especially during the space battles and combination of CG and animation works very well. But there are some scenes, in which vehicles look a bit dated for CG. In fact, the opening flag flying towards the screen during the opening theme looks as if it was created in early 2000 but not 2008. But overall, the animation and character designs for “Tytania” is well done.

I saw no major compression issues, nor did I see major edge enhancement issues with this release.  I actually hope Sentai Filmworks considers “Tytania” for a Blu-ray release considering it has been released on Blu-ray in Japan.


“Tytania – Collection 2” is presented in Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo. For a more immersive soundtrack, I chose to set my receiver on stereo on all channels. Overall, voice acting is well-done and sound is clear. The music by Hiroshi Takaki is well done, although I found it interesting to have the more operatic opening theme and then the more rockish theme by Psychic Lover playing at the end. I was expecting to see things a bit more consistent with the music. But overall, audio is clear, understandable and hear no hiss.

Subtitles are in English.


Tytania – Collection 2″ comes with the following special features:

  • Clean Opening and Closing Animation
  • Also Available from Sentai Filmworks – Trailers for currently released Sentai Filmworks titles.
  • DVD Credits – Production credits

When it comes to space opera’s and sci-fi epics, I absolutely love them. From the ongoing Macross series, to the different timelines of “Mobile Suit Gundam”, “Space Battleship Yamato” to “Banner of the Stars”, I typically enjoy films that focus on the underdogs of a planet versus the tyranny of another alien race and although some may find the banality of sci-fi anime series to tedious, for me, it’s all about the characters and how well the storyline is conceived.

“Tytania” is a bit interesting. You have a series in which we can see the Tytania Empire having its own power struggles as people vie for the top position. We see how the Dukes almost have contempt on how each other reacts to various squabbles from other countries. Some who believe bloodshed is necessary to scare people and others who feel that negotiating is all you need.

But without getting to wrapped up in the power struggles of the tyranny of the Tytania clan, we have this other story about a underachiever named Fan Hyulick that does the impossible, he serves Tytania’s first major defeat and that defeat sets up a chain reaction, giving hope to other countries/states who are against Tytania and their rule over their country and the galaxy. Hyulick, reminds of the inept hero Tylor from “Irresponsible Captain Tylor” (well, not that bad) but while not inept, he’s more of a guy that walks on the beat of his own drum. Whatever he feels like, he does and people get the wrong idea about him. Call him lucky, call him cool, but really, it’s that element of surprise because he is so aloof, that you wonder if this guy really cares about anything (aside from money and women).

While the first half of the “Tytania” series seemed fun as we see how Fan was aloof and just wanting to have fun, the death of Lira definitely had an effect on him and things become more dire for Fan and his crew as Zarlisch is intent in getting his hands on Fan, so his mother can torture and punish him for the death of Alses.

While the second half does feature storyline focusing on Fan and friends trying to outrun and hide from Tytania, we get a few episodes that focus on Idris Tytania and his drive to take control of Tytania and the galaxy but also see a humanitarian side of Jouslain Tytania and how he is an excellent strategist.  Obviously there is a power struggle and Idris is very jealous of Jouslain and the attention he gets from Ajman Tytania.

But there is no doubt that this latest volume is action-packed and is literally a cat-and-mouse game for Zarlisch, as he tries to do whatever he can to catch Fan Hyulick and seeing if Fan is able to outwit him.

If there is one thing that will appease any sci-fi anime fans is that you have an all-star creative team with those who worked on the original “Macross”, “Megazone 23” and “Gunbuser” series” working on “Tytania”, also it is based on the novel by Yoshiki Tanaka, who’s previous works puts him on the upper echelon of sci-fi writing in Japan. So, you know you are getting quality. But at the same time, it’s important to note that Tanaka hasn’t completed “Tytania”. In fact, his last novel was in 1991 and he hasn’t come back to it since. So, unfortunately, “Tytania” is a story that has not received any type of closure and this series focuses on the first three novels and hoping that maybe one day, there will be some type of conclusion to the novel or more novels released, so there can be a continuation of this anime series.

But for now, we have the first anime series that will keep any sci-fi anime fan, let alone Mikimioto or Ishiguro fans salivating as the first collection has finally been released in the US. And as a fan, I’m always excited whenever these two are working together especially for the fact they are working together on a series based on a Yoshiki Tanaka novel. How awesome is that?

The DVD is a bit slim when it comes to special features and unfortunately, for those who are wanting an English dub, this DVD release is only in Japanese with English subtitles. Hopefully, Sentai Filmworks considers this series for English dub sometime in the near future.

Overall, “Tytania” was a solid series and I can only hope that the storyline receives a second season.  But anime viewers will no doubt be waiting for Yoshiki Tanaka to come back to the manga series first and hoping he continues the “Tytania” storyline.  But once again, the last time he had released anything Tytania related for the manga was back in 1991.

Still, the writers and director managed to create an addictive series and because it has been released on Blu-ray in Japan, one can only hope that Sentai Filmworks considers a Blu-ray release in the US.  For now, the “Tytania” collections are a a worthy addition to sci-fi anime fans and definitely a series worth owning!

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